Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. iPad Air: Which tablet does it best?

Microsoft announced the all-new Surface 3 today. Microsoft claims that the Surface Pro 3 can replace your laptop, but for those of you looking for a tablet, how does it compare with the iPad Air? See our spec showdown for the winner.
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Amazing: Americans grow even more dissatisfied with cable and ISPs

The ASCI finds consumer satisfaction with cable and ISPs is reaching new lows, while smartphones have a satisfaction new leader. (Hint: it's not Apple.)

Verizon rolls out XLTE, promises faster data speeds in 44 states

Verizon Wireless just rolled out XLTE, its network upgrade that promises to boost peak data speeds and double the bandwidth for 4G LTE users. The update, which goes out to 44 states, adds capacity in high-demand areas.

Google, Apple, and Amazon under fire over freemium app sales model

Italy's Antitrust and Competition Authority launched an investigation that looks at the popular freemium app sales model currently in use in Google's Play Store, Apple's App Store, and Amazon's Appstore.
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Apple and Samsung could soon call a cease fire on the lawsuits

According to a report by The Korea Times, Apple and Samsung have begun settlement talks that could finally put the two companies' patent disputes to rest.

Apple signs with old school, colorful logo will be auctioned off, starting at $10K each

Got thousands of bucks lying around? You could own a piece of computing history. Learn more here.

Apple and Motorola agree to dismiss all patent litigation

Apple and Google's Motorola Mobility have agreed to drop all ongoing patent litigation between the two companies. The agreement doesn't include any patent cross-licensing, though.

How to use FaceTime

Streamlined face-to-face video calling is no longer stuck in the realm of science fiction courtesy of Apple's video conferencing software. Learn how to use FaceTime whether you're on iOS, an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod.

Punchr is a set of eyes always watching the Web for you (when it works)

Need to keep an eye on a website but don't want to hit refresh every couple seconds? Punchr is a page monitor app that will alert you if a change occurs on a website you want to watch.

Should you pay for an extended warranty or insurance for your iPhone?

Are extended warranty deals or insurance cover worth getting for your iPhone? What does the standard warranty cover? What are the best deals and policies to go for? We take a look at what’s on offer and weigh up your options.

The Boyfriend Log app wants to dissect your relationship, but will probably destroy it

The Boyfriend Log is a new app for your smartphone, which lets you track and assess how your relationship is going, and whether the two of you are destined for a life of happiness. However, in the wrong hands, it's a tool of pure evil to…

Are you in trouble, but can’t ‘call’ 911? You can now text them instead

The FCC has announced the rollout of the text-to-911 service in the United States, though it's on a limited basis. The FCC expects the service to be available everywhere by the end of 2014.