Weekly Rewind: 3D-printed baby skulls, YouTube live, a wicked quick Swiss EV

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on, in fact, that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech…

Ford GT Prototype auctioned, and limited to five mph

A prototype of the iconic 2005 Ford GT, titled the CP-1, will be going up for auction. It was previously a part of the Ford museum, but was sold to a collector in 2008, and is now back on the auction block. The car is limited to five mph.

Mark Wahlberg adds support to Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis

Actor Mark Wahlberg teams up with Indian Motorcycle to support the 2016 Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis, a nine-day epic journey from L.A. to South Dakota. The tour will stop in multiple cities and offer "Motorcycle Therapy" to…

Autonomous vehicles that might sacrifice passengers are only OK for the other guy

Survey respondents asked about autonomous vehicle decisions between harming others or sacrificing passengers revealed a difference based on whose car it was. Participants wanted others' cars to self-sacrifice, but not their own.

The world’s deadliest motorcycle race is also Subaru’s rally proving grounds

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, yet riders and fans are as passionate as ever. Since 2011, Subaru has supported the TT even as some purists fight its involvement…but Subaru is gaining…

US Army to begin testing autonomous vehicle tech on Michigan roads

The Army is taking baby steps into self-driving cars, with a test now underway on a 21-mile stretch of highway in southeastern Michigan.

Bentley's Mulsanne Speed is a private jet that just happens to have 4 wheels

The Bentley Mulsanne Speed is a driver-focused limousine. That sounds like an oxymoron, but the flagship is as luxurious as it is fast.

With some help from CGI, the shape-shifting Blackbird can look like any car

The Blackbird is a fully adjustable vehicle rig that can alter its chassis to match the dimensions of nearly any car. The Blackbird can then be re-skinned with CGI to look like just about anything for advertisements.

Lawsuit alleges Chevrolet Cruze Diesel used illegal software on emissions tests

A class-action lawsuit filed this week alleges the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel used a Volkswagen-like "defeat device" to cheat on emissions tests. General Motors denies the suit's claims.

Jeep owners file suit over rollaway recall

Claiming Fiat Chrysler didn't sufficiently warn owners of the danger of a transmission recall, Jeep Grand Cherokee owners filed suit in federal court. The suit was filed four days after actor Anton Yelchin's Grand Cherokee caused his death…

Leaked images show a Porsche Panamera that rights the original model’s wrongs

Porsche is preparing to introduce the new second-generation Panamera. Equal parts evolutionary and revolutionary, the next Panamera will gets a sleeker-looking design, a high-tech cabin, and a new V8 engine.

As an energy infrastructure company that also sells cars, Tesla enters a new phase

Creating a sustainable, clean energy company reflects Tesla CEO's long-term business plan. Tesla cars will spur the e-car market. More electric cars on the road, regardless of brand, will create demand for a convenient home energy source.