Racetrack legends explain why they risk million-dollar vintage Bugattis and Ferraris

Sir Jackie Stewart and David Hobbs talk about the origins of the Rolex Motorsport Reunion at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Buy a Fiat 124 Abarth, get a day at Bondurant Driving School – free

Fiat and Bondurant High Performance Driving School have announced that buyers of the 124 Abarth will get a free day of racing instruction.

Carpooling with strangers didn't work for Lyft

Lyft's Carpool concept sounded good -- Silicon Valley commuters make a few bucks driving others to work and get to use the HOV lanes. But it didn't work. Not enough drivers signed up for the program since March, so now it's on "pause."

Let the battle begin: Uber and Lyft both motivated to win market share

Uber isn't competing with Didi and Lyft isn't going to be bought out, so the two companies now can focus on building their respective market shares. Both are developing self-driving tech, because that's where the big money will be.

Tesla may be able to sell directly to Alabama consumers

Alabama law currently restricts vehicle sales to dealerships. A bill introduced in the state senate allows direct sales of alternative fuel vehicles. The bill has been assigned to a committee.

Uber and Lyft to tip Massachusetts taxi drivers a nickel per trip

A new Massachusetts law requires that Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing companies in the state pay 5-cents per trip to taxi companies. The 20-cent overall law that also pays 5-cents to a state fund and 10-cents to cities and towns.

Keep your ear to the streets with the best police scanner apps

Police scanners are an interesting way to keep up with the daily grind of law enforcement, and thanks to smartphones, you no longer need a bulky radio to listen in. Here are the best police scanner apps available right now.

Aston Martin rips the top off perfection with the Vanquish Zagato Volante

Aston Martin has officially debuted the Vanquish Zagato Volante at Pebble Beach. A follow-up to the striking Vanquish Zagato coupe, the convertible features a 6.0-liter V12 producing 592 horsepower.

Ford plans to introduce all-electric Model E with 200-mile range in spring 2019

Ford Motors is rebirthing a venerated naming convention with Model E, due in the spring of 2019. Hybrid and plug-in hybrid Model E's are planned, but attention will be on the electric-only version with a planned 200-mile range per charge.

Volvo Trucks' Iron Duke is the Veyron of the big-rig world

Volvo Trucks has designed and built a one-off big rig called Iron Duke for the sole purpose of setting speed records. The Iron Duke boasts an upgraded turbodiesel engine, and a lightweight cab made out of fiberglass.

Ohio Turnpike may be used to test driverless vehicles

Authorities say the Ohio Turnpike may be used for testing self-driving vehicles within a year, possibly before the end of 2016. Ohio is one of several states vying to be a test route. The 241-mile highway has wide lanes and moderate…

NASCAR driver Tony Stewart is a big fan of VR, too

When Tony Stewart isn’t tearing up a NASCAR track, he can be found enjoying a game – like iRacing, a racing sim he recently competed in. We spoke with Stewart about gaming, virtual reality, and how it all comes back to being a better…