The FAVI Swivel Screen case gives your iPad Air a notebook-esque QWERTY keyboard

Favi's Swivel Screen portfolio case gives your iPad air a physical QWERTY keyboard, and it's pretty affordable as well. However, it does have some stiff competition. Learn more here.

Facebook users among the least loyal Web visitors, Pew study finds

A Pew study finds that people who visit websites directly are more active and engaged on those sites, while non-direct visitors are significantly less engaged. Learn more about the study's findings here.

Amazon Prime subscriptions just rose by 25 percent to $99 a year

Amazon announced that its Prime and Student Prime services will see a price hike to $99 and $49, respectively. This represents a $20 and $10 increase, respectively. Prime Fresh, meanwhile, will stay at the same price point.

With these new notebooks, Razer hopes to pretty much own your bank account

Razer just revealed a pair of ridiculously powerful notebooks, but as you might expect, they won't come cheap. Learn more about the brand new Razer Blade Pro and Razer Blade here.

Maingear’s New Pulse 14 aims to balance power, portability and price

With its new Pulse 14 notebooks, Maingear hopes to give laptop lovers the best of all three worlds: a good price, plenty of power, and a healthy amount of portability. Learn more about the new Maingear Pulse 14 here.

Nvidia throws down the gauntlet with new GeForce GTX 800M-series GPUs

Nvidia just took the wraps of a new series of mobile GPUs, dubbed the 800M series. They'll begin popping up in notebooks starting today. Learn more about Nvidia's new lineup of 800M series graphics chips here.

MSI’s GT Dominator, GE Apache notebooks are armed with brand new Nvidia GPUs

MSI just announced a slew of new notebooks equipped with Nvidia's brand new lineup of mobile GPUs. Learn more here about the company's GT Dominator and GE Apache series of gaming notebooks.

NSA pretended to be Facebook in its effort to infect ‘millions’ of computers

As part of its efforts to install malware on “millions” of computers worldwide, the National Security Agency impersonated Facebook to trick targets into downloading malicious code.

Happy 25th Birthday, World Wide Web! Here’s how you changed the world

Twenty-five years ago Tim Berners-Lee proposed the basics of the World Wide Web to CERN. Though his original ideas are now over two decades old, they remain the foundation on which the modern web is built. Here's how the web has changed the…

Google eyeing Manhattan site for first brick-and-mortar store, report says

A report this week claiming Google is close to signing a lease on a site in Manhattan's swish SoHo district is fueling speculation that the Web giant is gearing up to open its first permanent brick-and-mortar retail store.

Windows XP users should ditch Internet Explorer, says US Dept. of Homeland Security

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) say that Windows XP and Internet Explorer are a bad combination. CERT doesn't really want you to be using XP at all, but if you have to, they recommend that you switch to a browser…