Sonic Acquiring DivX for $300 Million

Roxio publisher (and CinemaNow owner) Sonic is acquiring video codec company DivX in a deal with about $300 million.
Android Army

Dell Streak and Others Could be Competitors to the Apple iPad

Rob Enderle rounds up some possible competitors to the Apple iPad such as the Dell Streak tablet that will be hitting store shelves soon.

Getac E100 Rugged Tablet Gets A Speed Bump

It's not as sexy as an iPad, but it runs Windows apps and it meets MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards for resisting dirt, moisture, vibration, and shock.

Hitachi Slims 7,200 RPM Drives Down to 7mm

Hitachi's new TravelStar Z7K320 hard drive puts up to 320 GB of storage in a slim 7mm form factor...and still spins it up to a speedy 7,200 rpm.

Google Ditching Windows for Macs, Linux?

A report in the Financial Times has Google phasing out Windows on its employees' computers, opting instead for Macs and Linux.

Intel Wants Atoms in the Tablet Game

Intel is touting its forthcoming Oak Tail iteration of the Atom processor will be perfect for tablets...and support either MeeGo, Android, or Windows 7.

HP Cutting 9,000 Jobs in Enterprise Restructuring

Hewlett-Packard has announced it will be cutting about 9,000 jobs as it plows $1 billion into revamping its Enterprise Services business.

Asus Shows Off Eee Pad Tablet with Windows 7

Asus is showing off a Windows 7 tablet at Computex, with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, Nvidia Tegra graphics, and 3G connectivity. Will it matter?

Viacom, YouTube Suit Attracts More Heavyweights

Yahoo!, Facebook and eBay have announced their support for Google, while Paramount, MTV and over 30 TV channels back Viacom.

Oregon Hits Google With Restraining Order

An Oregonian judge has issued a search warrant to prevent private data that Google accidentally collected from being destroyed.

Man Infects Himself With Computer Virus

A scientist with a computer chip implanted in his wrist has deliberately infected himself with a computer virus. Security vendor Sophos calls it "Scaremongering".

Why Apple Passed Microsoft in Market Capitalization

Rob Enderle explains how Microsoft was passed by Apple in market capitalization and wonders if this will be the wake-up Microsoft needs to get back on the right track.