Amazon experiencing troubles with cloud servers, Reddit and Quora among affected sites

An ongoing outage in Amazon's cloud computing infrastructure has crippled several popular social media sites.

Apple profits soar in the second quarter

Apple's financial results for the second quarter ending March 2011 show that profits have soared.
Android Army

Facebook and Android under increased security threats

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that spamming popular platforms like Facebook and Android is on the rise, but the steep jump should increase your caution.

Alienware touts new gaming notebooks

Alienware is teasing new 11-, 14-, and 18-inch gaming notebooks, all with HDMI 1.4 and top-notch performance...but little pricing or availability information.

Sold! Auction king eBay nabs location-aware ad service Where

Online auction leader eBay is getting into the location-aware ads and offers business, buying Boston-based Where for an undisclosed amount.

Google Toolbar 7 further Chrome-ifies IE9

Google delivers many of Chrome's best features to Internet Explorer 9 with the release of Toolbar 7.

Upcoming Toshiba laptop delivers simultaneous 2D and 3D display

Toshiba reveals its Qosmio T851 laptop, which uses an integrated web camera and face tracking to deliver uninterrupted glasses-free 3D displayed simultaneously alongside 2D content.

YouTube to live stream UK royal wedding

The UK's forthcoming royal wedding will be live streamed by YouTube, the video sharing giant has announced.

T-Mobile brings free voice calls to Facebook

In spite of a pending sale to AT&T, T-Mobile is forging ahead by launching a new VoIP service that lets Facebook users place free calls.

Study: One in five EU kids aged 9-12 are on Facebook

Facebook requires members be 13 years old to join, but a study finds one in five EU kids aged 9-12 are on the site - and double that rate in some countries.

Netflix mulling support for multiple streams?

Netflix is famously a one-stream-at-a-time streaming-only service...but there are hints that may change.

Yahoo to retain search data for 18 months

Backtracking from previous commitments, Yahoo now says it will retain users' Internet search records for 18 months - a dramatic increase from 90 days.