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MSI GX70 Review

MSI GX70 review.

Forget the Steam Box, meet Valve’s ‘Steam Machines’

Following the debut of the SteamOS, in the second of three planned announcements this week Valve has announced a line of Steam-friendly devices designed for the living room.

Hacker thieves steal a million Social Security Numbers

Now would be a good time to check your credit history for anything fishy. ID thieves have infiltrated the networks of three major data brokers, according to a seven-month investigation by security researcher Brian Krebs.
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Samsung Xpress M2825DW Review

Samsung Xpress M2825DW review.
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Nobody panic! Facebook’s artificial intelligence just wants to know how you’re feeling

Facebook is undertaking an ambitious artificial intelligence project, one that could improve the hated News Feed as well as learn your feelings better. Should we be scared? Here's everything you need to know.

The future of Epson’s inkjet technology lies in a ‘chip’ that’s thin as a razor blade

Epson unveiled its next-generation inkjet technology with a print head that's small and thin. Called PrecisionCore, the print "chip" will debut in commercial printers, followed by office machines and potentially consumer models.

Apple updates the iMac, adds Haswell processors and 1TB Flash storage (for a price)

Apple has updated its iMac all-in-one PC with new Intel Haswell processors and a number of hardware enhancements, but the look and design remain the same.

Hands On: The Pro 2 is a faster, more powerful Surface (but it’s still a Surface)

We go hands on with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which is an improvement over its predecessor in many ways, but still suffers when it comes to comfort, weight, and price.

Surface 2 vs. iPad Air: Apple and Microsoft Spec Smackdown

Microsoft showed off its Surface 2 tablet today. Given the shots the company has been taking at Apple lately, it's only right the Surface 2 and iPad go head-to-head in a good old fashioned spec showdown.

How does the Surface 2 stack up against the Surface RT?

The Surface 2 is the latest addition to the Microsoft Surface tablet family. How does it do against its brethren? We take a look at the numbers to find out with a spec showdown between the Surface 2 and the Surface RT.

The new Surface tablets succeed at failing to give consumers what they want

Microsoft's has announced the Surface 2 and Surface 2 Pro, its new pair of in-house tablets. After a disastrous launch of their predecessors, this pair has a lot to prove. Does the new Surface do anything that might lure consumers away from…