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Best Facebook Apps

Behold the best Facebook apps (applications) ever: We sort through the quizzes and virtual pet apps to bring you Facebook’s top games, utilities, productivity tools and more.

Acer introduces new 4-in-1 hybrid, AIO desktop PCs, and more

As PC sales flag, Acer is looking toward a variety of different devices to prop up its business, including a 4-in-one hybrid, ultra-thin AIO, and Chromebook.

Zinio acquires Audience Media, looks to expand digital magazine lead

The digital magazine industry is still growing fast as more people turn to their tablets to read. Zinio's acquisition of Audience Media enables it to offer white label branded apps for consumers alongside its successful newsstand apps.

Apple MacBook Air laptop gets a little faster — and a little cheaper

Apple just lifted the curtain on their newest MacBook Air notebooks, which got a performance boost as well as a price cut. Learn more about Cupertino's latest laptops here.

AMD has the keys to the Beema…and the Mullins, which are the company’s newest APUs

AMD just took the wraps of a pair of new APUs, code-named Mullins and Beema. You can learn more about AMD's newest processor offerings here.

U.S. govt. advises people to use browsers other than IE after zero-day flaw is revealed

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends that you use Web browsers other than Internet Explorer, after a significant security flaw was discovered in IE. You can learn more here.

AOL announces that some of its user accounts have been compromised

AOL announced today that a notable number of user accounts have fallen prey to "unauthorized access," and that lots of personal information was at risk as a result. Learn more here.

Is a MacBook Air refresh coming tomorrow?

Apple will reportedly reveal a refresh of its MacBook Air notebooks as soon as tomorrow. If that does happen, there's one component in particular that will be the focus of the upgrades. You can learn more here.

How to make a Skype group video call for free

Microsoft announced today that Skype group video calling is free for Windows, Mac and Xbox One-based users. Here, we show you how to make such a call. Don't fret: it's easy to pull off.

Skype group video calls are now free for Windows, Mac and Xbox One users

Skype group video calls are now free of charge for three major platforms, Microsoft announced today. That'll soon extend to additional platforms as well. Learn more here.

Can the inmates run the asylum? The U.S. plan to stop ruling the open Internet

As the United States signals it's ready to relinquish authority over the Internet's core operations, is ICANN ready to step up and take charge?

Windows XP is permanently vulnerable to the newest Internet Explorer zero-day flaw

Microsoft over the weekend warned of a serious security flaw affecting versions 6 through 11 of its Internet Explorer browser. A fix is on the way, though this won't cover those still using XP, as the company ended support for the old OS…