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Sony Vaio Fit E 15 Review

Sony Vaio Fit E 15 Review.

Adobe puts all eggs into one basket, converts Creative Suite to Creative Cloud

At its MAX conference today, Adobe announced that it will abandon Creative Suite boxed software development in favor of its Creative Cloud online apps and subscription-based model. Don't worry, all your favorite apps like Photoshop will…

Asus Chromebooks to hit stores later this year

Asus CEO Jerry Shen confirms his company is finally jumping on the Chromebook bandwagon, now that the Chrome OS is maturing as a platform and gaining momentum in schools and governments - though not (yet) with consumers.

Asus CEO believes 7-inch tablets will be the special sauce Windows 8 needs

Asus CEO Jerry Shen reveals in an earnings call this morning he is "very optimistic" about Windows 8 slates, particularly the 7-inchers that are coming later this year, but is still lukewarm on RT devices.

SNL parodies just how awkward Google Glass truly is

Google Glass has officially gone mainstream. In a recent Saturday Night Live skit, a fictional tech correspondent demonstrates what it's like to take a seemingly cool tech concept and use it in real life.

R.I.P. Hotmail: Outlook has officially taken over

Microsoft's Hotmail email service is no more (well, kind of; it's complicated) after sixteen years, with the company reporting that all of the former Hotmail accounts have been successfully upgraded to Outlook in just six weeks.

Proposed Dutch bill will allow cops to legally install spyware on private computers

New legislation being prepared for the Dutch government may give police the right to hack into computers, install spyware, and delete files without the owner's permission or awareness.

HP’s Probook line gets a design upgrade, still all business

The HP Probook 400 series is made for serious business but looks more like something you should envy. HP brings together slick design with enterprise-level specs and performance to create notebooks that will keep you looking good while you…
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Toshiba Kirabook Review

Toshiba Kirabook Review.

Best wireless printers

Looking to snag a new printer for all your photo or document-producing needs? We've rounded up some of the best wireless printers so you can get the absolute most bang for you buck.

Amazon accidentally outs new 8-inch Acer Windows 8 tablet

Looks like Amazon has spilled the beans on a new tablet release by Acer - the first ever miniature Windows 8 tablet, though likely not the last. The product was posted and quickly removed from the digital retailer's site.

Acer Aspire R7: Everything you need to know

Acer dropped a design first at its event in New York City this morning: a laptop-tablet hybrid with a display that can "float" above the keyboard. The Acer Aspire R7 is certainly unlike any notebook we've seen.