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HP Spectre 13t x2 Review

HP Spectre 13t x2 review.

Don’t miss a text: Pushbullet syncs Android notifications to your PC

Ever feel completely out of the loop without your phone in hand? Pushbullet mirrors notifications from your phone and puts them right on your computer screen so even when your phone isn't near by, you won't miss a thing.

Google scoops up audio password startup SlickLogin

You could soon be using sound waves to log in to your Google apps and services — the company has picked up fledging startup SlickLogin, which makes it easier to verify your identity with your mobile phone.

Kickstarter hacked, user data stolen, credit cards safe

Potentially cause for concern if you are a frequent Kickstarter user or occasional project backer, the crowdfunding site experienced a data breach of user information earlier this week.

Common Windows XP problems and how to fix them

Microsoft has announced that it will soon put Windows XP out to pasture, which means less support for users with problems. Here's some of the most common issues XP users still experience - and how to fix them.

Top 15 Flash games to play on your night off

There will come a time when killing time on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and the like just isn't enough to enjoyably pass the day. Check out our top picks for the best Flash games available directly within your favorite Web browser.

Will Microsoft Office arrive on iPads before Windows tablets?

Insider sources suggest that Microsoft Office for iPad is far from dead, and could in fact be arriving earlier than the Windows 8-optimized edition — read the latest from the rumor mill here.

Lian Li’s PC-A51 mid-tower takes a different approach to internal airflow

Though most PC cases suck in air from the front panel and blow it out the back, Lian Li's newest case kinda goes in the other direction. Read on to learn more here.

Microsoft delays death of PCs with Windows 7 Pro pre-installed

Despite the fact that Microsoft noted an initial end-of-sale date for PCs that ship with Windows 7 Profession pre-installed, they will continue to be sold for the time being. Read on to learn more here.

Hackers use Internet Explorer 10 hole to launch attack on US military veterans

An Internet Explorer 10 vulnerability was exploited by hackers this week, and some of those harmed by the attack were likely U.S. veterans. Read on to learn more here.
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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Review

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon review.

AMD reveals $150 Radeon R7 265, lowers price on R7 260X

AMD added another mid-range graphics card to its lineup, in an effort to keep up with Nvidia's roster of similarly priced cards. Read on to learn more about the Radeon R7 265 here.