Google ranked as world’s most valuable brand

Google has beaten out competitors Microsoft and Apple to claim the top spot as the world's most valuable brand.

Iran accused of attempted cyber-attack on Google, Yahoo, Skype

Internet security company Comodo Group says a recent round of failed attacks on major websites of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Mozilla and Skype were most likely the work of the Iranian government.

MSI GX680 gamer notebook packs Core i7, Nvidia graphics

MSI's new MSI GX680 gamer notebook packs a second-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 55M graphics, and room for ample memory and storage.

AT&T vows to improve ‘inaccurate’ broadband metering

AT&T Internet customers say the company's broadband meter readings are completely inaccurate. But the company has promised to improve their system before data caps go into effect on May 2.

Microsoft pays a premium for Nortel IPv4 addresses

The Internet handed out the last IPv4 addresses earlier this year...and now Microsoft is paying a premium for IPv4 addresses from bankrupt Nortel Networks.

Incase Courier Collection for spring offers bike-conscious designs

The new Courier Collection from Incase focuses on cycling convenience and bright colors.

New YouTube tools make anyone an animator

We feel a surge of viral videos in the making! YouTube puts animation controls at your fingertips with newly integrated apps.

Oxford English Dictionary welcomes LOL, OMG, and FYI

When the Oxford English Dictionaries recognizes "OMG," you know Web-speak has taken over.

Google launches UK-based online magazine ‘Think Quarterly’

Google still insists it's not a media producer, but has launched a business-driven magazine for UK partners.

Acronym Laptop Tote Bag stays upright with center laptop sleeve

This high-end laptop bag boasts a sleek black design and a central laptop sleeve for protection and balance.
Android Army

Rumor: Signs point to in-house Motorola OS development

Speculation has come to a head that Motorola is creating its own Web-based OS, all while the company confirms its commitment to Android.

NPD: Fewer than 1 in 10 Americans get music via P2P

The demise of LimeWire seems to have had an impact: according to NPD, just 9 percent of Americans used P2P file sharing to download music in the fourth quarter of 2010.