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Waze beta feature reminds parents to take their kids out of the car

Waze aims to help reduce incidences of child fatality and heat stroke from being left in hot cars. Its new feature reminds parents to take their kids out of the car at the end of a trip.
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NASA turns to SpaceX once again for its latest crew mission to ISS

NASA is slowly but surely declaring its independence from Russia when it comes to shuttling astronauts to the International Space Station. On Friday, the agency noted that it had ordered a second SpaceX crew mission to the ISS.
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Weekend Workshop: How to build a DIY wooden gramophone for your iPhone 6S

With summer in full swing, nothing says backyard BBQ quite like a proper smartphone speaker. To make you the envy of your neighborhood, here's how to build your own gramophone-style wooden iPhone 6S speaker.
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If this, then that: A beginner’s guide to the wonderful world of IFTTT

Trying to figure out what IFTTT is and how to properly use it to your advantage? Here's why you should give the service a shot, and a few suggestions for doing so. Automation has never been easier.
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Space Standoff: The next Cold War is already playing out right above our heads

A standoff has been looming for last decade as Russia, the U.S., and China each struggle for dominance in space. But the next generation of weaponized military satellites is already in orbit.
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Meet Danger Drone – a flying computer designed to hack into all your unprotected devices

Security company Bishop Fox has created a flying hacker's laptop called Danger Drone. Built around a Raspberry Pi, it can access networks and short-range signals normally out of reach.

Yes, selfies make your nose look big, but new software could change that

Ever notice how your nose looks bigger in selfies? A research team from Princeton and Adobe just developed an algorithm that could change that, at least in editing anyways.
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Ingenious new CYMK 3D printer blends filaments to create a full spectrum of color 2:26

3D printing company ORD Solutions is back with its third (!) Kickstarter campaign -- and this time bringing additive manufacturing fans the world's first affordable full color 3D printer.
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How BMW’s self-driving car tech will give American swimmers a leg up in Rio

BMW is lending its automotive computer vision expertise to helping Team USA develop cutting-edge technology for improving their swimming. "This tool allows for customized coaching," Peter Falt, director at BMW Designworks, tells Digital…
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High-tech shirts change their pattern and color in response to pollution or radiation

Designer Nikolas Bentel’s new Aerochromics line of shirts each change in some unique way when they come into contact with different environmental factors. They're quite the fashion statement.
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Italian teens’ vending machine turns plastic bottles into cell phone cases

A group of Sicilian teens wanted their peers to recycle their plastic bottles, so they created a vending machine with a 3D printer. Called the MyProGeneration, the machine converts the bottles into cell phone cases.