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Cool Tech

The FAA says it will shoot down your drone if you fly within 36 miles of the Super Bowl 0:22

Flight restrictions are in place from 2:00 PM through 11:59 PM local time on Sunday, and violators could face fines and prosecution for disobeying the order, officials say.
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These wearable mechatronic wings react to stimuli, and you can make them with Legos

Of course, the wings won’t actually let you fly, but Wipprecht does ensure us that if you follow her instructions, the wings will look awesome and interact with your environment

Headlines, traffic, weather: This Google Engineer’s smart mirror keeps you informed

What happens when a Google software engineer wants something that's not on the market yet? He makes it himself. That's how Max Braun created a smart mirror that shows him the time, weather, and news.
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This 3D-printed gun is semiautomatic, untraceable, and totally legal

A man in West Virginia known only as Derwood has successfully printed a fully operational, semi-automatic weapon with 95 percent of its parts 3D-printed. Only the barrel, hammer, firing pins, bolts, and springs were store-bought.

Finally! A wearable that feeds caffeine directly into your blood

Joule is a caffeine wearable designed to take away the discomfort of transdermal patches, while also placing the patch in an area without much fat resistance, allowing the substance to flow faster into your body.

Get a haptic feedback touchscreen in your car with Synaptics

At this point, it seems pretty well accepted that multi-tasking while driving often leads to disaster. But new technology from touchscreen maker Synaptics and supplier Valeo is looking to shake things up with a touchscreen that shakes…
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These smart earplugs will change the way you hear the world 2:43

Doppler Labs’ new Here Active Listening system offers a brilliantly simple way to enhance, augment, and silence the world around you in real time, like augmented reality for your ears.
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NASA’s fly-over images of Ceres suggests the dwarf planet may still be active

NASA compiled images from its Dawn spacecraft mission to create a colorful animation that simulates the dwarf planet Ceres flyover and help identify prominent features of the celestial object.
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Scientists unveil new ‘4D-printing’ technique that produces shape-shifting objects 1:06

This week, scientists from Harvard University unveiled a new 4D printing process which manufactures objects capable of changing shape when submerged in water. The process uses a hydrogel composite filled with fibers of cellulose.
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This new soft robotic gripper can gently pick up objects of practically any shape

Robots aren't exactly known for their delicate touch, but soon, the stereotype of the non-gentle machine may change. Scientists say they have managed to develop a robot with "a new soft gripper" that uses electroadhesion.