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Golf being played at night looks awesome. No, really.

Who would have thought that with the right tech and some very clever camerawork, playing golf in the dark would look so cool. See ten of the world's best golfers play after the sun goes down in this cool video.
Cool Tech

The US Army’s new earbuds give soldiers tunable hearing, protection from loud noises

Since 2014, the Army has been deploying a cutting-edge headset called TCAPS that is designed to protect the hearing of its soldiers. The system can deaden loud noises while improving ambient sounds that are necessary for…

Toyota plans solar power system for new Texas HQ

Toyota plans to install a 7.75-megawatt solar power system at its new headquarters in Plano, Texas, with solar panels on the site's parking structures. Installation is expected to begin in 2017.

Olympus' experimental image sensor shoots color and near-infrared simultaneously

Two images, one sensor. A new photo imaging sensor, developed by Olympus in partnership with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, is capable of capturing color and near-infrared images simultaneously.
Cool Tech

Slip into a pair of Adidas shoes made from ocean garbage

Adidas has finally made a wearable, fully functional version of the "ocean garbage" shoe we first set eyes on last year. It's not for sale, but the sports company has 50 pairs up for grabs.
Cool Tech

This proposed drone taxi service just took a big step toward becoming a reality 4:57

EHang's cool 184 passenger drone has just received permission to carry out flight tests in Nevada, bringing the possibility of a drone taxi service another step closer.

Digital dealers: Cadillac considering VR showrooms with headsets instead of cars

According to a new report, Cadillac is strongly considering the addition of virtual reality showrooms to its dealership network. The stores are likely to have no inventory and feature VR headsets where customers can learn about Cadillac…
Cool Tech

Backpaix lets you wear your emotions on your backpack

Backpacks on Kickstarter are a dime a dozen, but Backpaix changes things up a bit with a Smart Badge Display that could open up to more modules later on. Right now, you can attach your GoPro to the shoulder strap, and other…
Cool Tech

FAA warns that GPS on the West Coast may be unreliable due to secret tests this month

While we don't know why the U.S. Navy is doing it, pilots in the Southwest will need to be mindful they may not have GPS service during the day on six days this month due to tests whose purpose has not been revealed.

Clever new wearable stops you from becoming a hunchback while you stare at your phone

Sorting out our own poor posture is one thing, but changing your children's can be just as difficult. Enter the EyeForcer, a gadget that encourages electronics users to sit up straight, or they won't get to keep playing.
Cool Tech

Animation captures the massive scale of what will be the world’s largest telescope

How big will the world's biggest telescope be when completed? A newly released concept animation video shows the massive scale of the telescope as it sits atop the summit of Cerro Armazones in Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Everblume puts your garden in a fridge, and it works

Everblume is a clever concept that takes hydroponic growing and makes it easier, smarter and on a larger scale than many indoor gardens. It combines LED lighting with smartphone integration, for a unique package that fits in your kitchen.