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Cool Tech

Pizza Hut designed an experimental pizza box that transforms into a projector

In a recently-launched campaign for Pizza Hut, a Hong Kong ad firm has designed the "Blockbuster Box" -- a cardboard pizza box that transforms into a projector once you're done eating the pie inside.

This alarm clock lets you literally wake up and smell the coffee

Waking up is tougher for some people than others, but making it more pleasant is always welcome. The SensorWake alarm, now on Kickstarter, wakes you up with the scent of your choice, from coffee to the ocean, or even money.

Google I/O 2015: All the news, rumors, and the best live sessions to watch

Google I/O 2015 is scheduled to begin at the end of May, and just like other years, will bring with it plenty of news and a few surprises from Google's world. Here's our guide to the event, including our pick of the live sessions not to…

No touching! Aria lets you control your smartwatch without touching the screen

The Aria gesture controller allows you to control your smartwatch without touching it; the idea being that when your other hand is free, you can still utilize your device. The device is compatible with the Pebble Time and Android Wear.

Want your drink hot, iced, or fizzy? This machine makes them all

Whirlpool teamed up with Anheuser-Bush InBev to sell a new appliance for beverage creation, known as B.blend. The $1,150 product makes hot, iced, and carbonated drinks from capsules.

Totally buggin’: A scientist is developing an LED that attracts fewer insects

Researcher Travis Longcore found that he could set the Philips LED bulbs to attract 20 percent fewer insects. Many insects, such as mosquitoes, carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Automated Insights’ WordSmith challenges NPR’s finest to a writing race

Tech company Automated Insights has developed a program called WordSmith that is capable of writing basic news stories at breakneck speeds. Last week, National Public Radio put this new technology to the test.
Cool Tech

U.S. Air Force confirms Boeing’s electromagnetic pulse weapon

The joint U.S. Air Force and Boeing electromagnetic pulse weapon is capable of targeting and destroying electrical systems without the collateral damage often associated with traditional firepower.
Cool Tech

Font power: New panda-inspired font aims to raise awareness about endangered animal

As fonts go, this could be one of the cutest yet. Designed by creative agency Ogilvy & Mather in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, the typeface is aimed at raising awareness about the plight of the panda, of which only 1800 remain…

With 3D printing and drone transport, Audi’s ‘smart factory’ is the workshop of the future

As cars become more and more complex, production techniques will need to evolve as well. Audi envisions a ‘smart factory’ where robots work hand in hand with humans and cars drive themselves off the production line.