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Cool Tech

4 strange, fun tech exhibits that blew us away at ComplexCon

The inaugural ComplexCon event featured a myriad of tech too big and exclusive for the average home. Room-sized sound synthesizers, massive balls that emit animations, and augmented reality dressing rooms are a few examples.

Planning your next flight? Let Lufthansa's friendly new chatbot help out

Meet Mildred, a new tool from Lufthansa searches for the cheapest flights departing in the next nine months. So whether you're looking for a spontaneous getaway or hoping to plan that next big group vacation, let Mildred help you out.

When silent mode isn’t enough, seal your phone in the signal-killing Pause box

The creators of a small container called Pause want to shut your smartphone down, and they don't think you have the willpower to do it yourself. The truth is, they’re probably right.
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3D printing will correct your smile from the comfort of your own home

The world’s “first digital brand for your smile” is offering custom-made invisible aligners you can be fitted for from the comfort of your own home. And they're up to 70 percent cheaper, too.
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Disney looks like it’s about to launch its first-ever drone show

Disney is teasing some aerial entertainment at one of its parks in the run up to Christmas. Details are scant, but it looks like it's about to launch a dazzling drone display to light up the night sky.
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Watch this robot solve a Rubik’s Cube in a fraction of a second

While there are a few humans who can solve a Rubik's Cube in little more than four seconds, robots, as you might expect, can do it even faster. Take the Sub1 – this amazing machine can analyze it AND complete it in a mere 0.637…
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A drone-delivered sausage could cost one Aussie guy $7,000 in fines

A guy in Melbourne, Australia, may be hit with a hefty fine after he used a drone to deliver a cooked sausage to a friend. The nation's aviation agency came across a video of the stunt, and didn't much like the pilot's flying practices.
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Facebook’s new modular switch will help its data centers cope with video load

Facebook is strengthening its global data centers with the launch of a second-gen modular switch platform, dubbed "Backpack." The company claims the open source switch will bring faster bandwidth and better bandwidth to everyone.
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Snake robots will crawl up your nose to help surgeons perform surgery on you

Does the idea of a snake robot that enters your body via your nose or urethra sound like the stuff of nightmares? Forget any thoughts of discomfort because such a robot may just save your life one day.
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These smart customizable e-sneakers have real sole

Kitted out with embedded sensors and flexible LED screens, the high-tech Vixole trainers let wearers personalize their shoes using embedded flexible displays. They're now available for pre-order.
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T-Mobile’s parent company is developing an anti-drone defense system

T-Mobile's parent company, Deutsche Telekom, is reportedly developing a system capable of detecting errant drones. It was demonstrated successfully in July, and is expected to be deployed later this year.