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How a fine spray of water can help automakers build cleaner engines

Bosch wants to bring the water injection system that debuted on the limited-edition BMW M4 GTS to the masses. Relatively simple, water injection promises to boost gas mileage and lower CO2 emissions.
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A 1,000-watt laser blasting rust off of pipes is absolutely mesmerizing

Portable laser cleaner created by Belgian company P-Laser promises to blast away rust, heavy paint, and grease in the coolest way ever. Suddenly deep-cleaning looks a whole lot more enticing!
Cool Tech

Astronauts can now sequence viruses, fungi, and — potentially — alien DNA in space

Over the weekend, ISS astronaut Kate Rubins successfully sequenced samples of a mouse, bacteria, and virus, establishing ta small DNA sequencer as a valuable new tool for space science.

Pre-order Brewie and you’ll soon be brewing up your own craft beers at home

Leave your stills in the prohibition era -- the 21st century has a new tool for home-brewing enthusiasts. After a number of successful crowdfunding campaigns, the world's first automated home brewery, known as the Brewie, is available for…

Trust your gut with Welt — a new smart belt from Samsung

Trusting your gut just got a whole lot easier. Meet the new smart belt from Samsung. Welt is a fashion accessory that happens to double as a fitness monitor, because sometimes, your waistline knows best.

Google DeepMind wants to use machine learning to help treat head and neck cancer

Google DeepMind has announced a new collaboration with University College London Hospital which looks to streamline the preparations required to administer radiotherapy to cancer patients.
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Tease your cat from work with Acer’s new pet-tracking Pawbo Plus cam

Acer's new Wi-Fi pet tracker, the Pawbo Plus camera, will ship later this year with a family of new accessories like a flashlight, treat dispenser, cat teaser, and "whack-a-mole" game.
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SpaceX is getting ready to actually reuse one of its reusable rockets

While it's already been busy successfully landing its reusable rockets on land and at sea, SpaceX hasn't actually gotten around to sending any of them skyward for a second time. But thanks to a deal with satellite company SES, that's about…
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Virtual reality hack lets you control a real-life robot arm

Silicon Valley company 219 Design has built a 3D-printed robot arm you can control using a virtual reality app and an HTC Vive headset. As hacks go, this one is pretty darn awesome.
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Are aliens trying to contact us? Signals from faraway star have experts buzzing

A discovery by Russian radio telescope operators in 2015 has the astronomy community buzzing about potential evidence of aliens. But don't hold your breath, as it may just be military radio interference.
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NASA's EmDrive thruster just took an important leap forward 0:59

NASA's futuristic, physics-defying EmDrive thruster may have just taken an important leap toward silencing its critics, by reportedly passing a rigorous peer review process with a forthcoming paper.
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Motion-detecting smartphones can discover a deadly quiver in your heart

A team of researchers from Finland is pushing the smartphone even further into this realm of medicine with a new smartphone-based method to detect the dangerous and sometimes fatal heart condition of atrial fibrillation.