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Cool Tech

Researchers have designed a battery that’s 90 percent more efficient than lithium-ion

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have refined the design of lithium-air batteries to dramatically increase efficiency. They're capable of more than 2,000 recharge cycles.
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Japanese scientists develop glass that’s thin, light, and incredibly durable

Scientists at the University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science have developed glass that's not only incredibly durable, but thin, light, and only a few years from commercialization.
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New York to London in 30 minutes? Sign me up for the Skreemr

Get ready to scream for joy for the Skreemr, yet another plan for a hypersonic plane with a very impressive promise to live up to -- getting you from New York to London in half an hour.
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Check out this video of Dubai’s ‘Jetmen’ flying next to the world’s largest passenger plane

Swiss stuntman Yves Rossy and protege Vince Reffet took to the skies of Dubai back in October to soar alongside a massive Airbus A380 with nothing but a jetpack strapped to their backs.
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Hackey is a connected key switch that lets you trigger any digital action 2:34

Hackey is a Wi-Fi connected key switch that lets you trigger any digital action or gadget, like controlling smart home applications or even completing important actions like sending out notifications or ordering products.
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Grow a garden with your pencils with Sprout World pencils

In an effort to create life out of pencil death, Sprout World is producing plantable pencils that turn into tomatoes, lavender, basil, and much more, so that your pencil can do a lot more than write a message -- it can feed you, too.
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Explaining EmDrive, the ‘physics-defying’ thruster even NASA is puzzled over 0:59

Despite the fact that they're still unsure of how it works exactly, NASA scientists have confirmed once again that the seemingly impossible EmDrive is legit
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Meet VIPIR, a robotic pair of eyes for satellite repairs

NASA is developing VIPIR, a remote-controlled, camera-laden robotic repair system that will service satellites and other spacecraft in distant orbits. Controlled by technicians on the ground, this robot crew will perform most…

Want a smartwatch without the stupid look? This clever disc upgrades any watch

If you love your regular watch, and hate smartwatches, but still secretly want smart functionality on your wrist, then the Chronos could be for you. It's a tiny disc that attaches to conventional watches, and enhances it with…

Lytro’s new ‘Immerge’ camera may revolutionize how virtual reality is recorded

Lytro, the company that pioneered light-field camera technology, announced it is developing a VR camera solution. With its light-field technology, Lytro says the new Immerge can create experiences with sense of depth, making it seem more…
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This giant quadcopter drone launches fixed-wing UAVs, then retrieves them with a skyhook

Boeing subsidiary Insitu recently unveiled its Flying Launch and Recovery System which allows a quadcopter drone to successfully launch and retrieve fixed-wing UAVs by utilizing a pulley system.
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These guys hacked a 3D printer and turned it into a high-precision tattoo machine

A French design team hacked a 3D printer with a tattoo needle to create an autonomous tattooing robot. Makerbot design precision allows the robot to convert any image uploaded to the software into a fully printable tattoo.