Cool Tech

Nanoloop cart converts original gameboys into synthesizers

Fancy taking a crack at creating some Chiptune tracks of your own? Now you can more easily do it with original hardware, as the Nanoloop Mono cartridge turns any Game Boy into a three-channel analog synthesizer.
Cool Tech

Astronomers capture spectacular image of a ‘tsunami’ in the night sky

An array of telescopes has captured a spectacular image of a celestial wave crashing in the night sky. The spiraling structure created from the interacting galaxies has offered astronomers new insight into galaxy collisions.
Health & Fitness

Military tests direct brain stimulation to improve multitasking performance

Stimulating brains with external electrodes shows promise for increasing military personnel cognitive performance in high-stress multitasking situations. There are still questions about the use of direct brain stimulation in and out of the…
Cool Tech

Alphabet’s ‘Project Wing’ drone initiative apparently hits severe turbulence, again

Is Alphabet's Project Wing drone initiative about to fall from the sky? A report this week says the company is scaling back the project significantly. Heck, a drone-related deal with Starbucks has even been scrapped.
Cool Tech

Hyperloop just took a major step toward becoming a reality in Dubai

One of the firms behind the ultra-fast Hyperloop transportation system has done a deal with Dubai to bring the plan closer to reality. Hyperloop One also rolled out a slick new video that gives us the best idea yet of what a…
Cool Tech

MIT researchers make buildings smart enough to ‘sense’ internal damage over time

MIT researchers have developed a new computational model for buildings that analyzes ambient vibrations and uses these insights to monitor for damage or mechanical stress.
Cool Tech

GoPro Karma will fly again after recall, company says

GoPro's Karma Drone will return to the skies sometimes in 2017. The company says the drone, recalled for mid-flight power failure, is finishing testing. GoPro is expected to share additional information in February.

Lumo cycling jacket is loaded with lights to keep you more visible on evening rides

The Lumo urban cycling jacket incorporates two strings of bright lights that are visible from up to 400 meters away to help its wearer to stay safe while out on a ride after the sun sets.
Product Review

Parrot Disco Review

Why hover when you can soar? Parrot's Disco is a drone like no other.
Cool Tech

Digital will lets people leave behind more than just their worldly possessions

A new smart will service from LegalZoom wants to offer customers the chance to create a document that doesn't just deal with property and savings, but the entirety of your digital legacy.
Cool Tech

Las Vegas streetlight harness the power of solar energy and your footsteps

Sin City plans to harness the kinetic energy of pedestrian traffic to power a new generation of clean-energy streetlights. They also double as individual charging stations and provide Wi-Fi functionality.
Cool Tech

3D-printed robot's only job is to pass the butter, mourn its wasted life

'Rick and Morty' fan Andre Bella used 3D printing and an RC vehicle to bring one of the show's many memorable jokes -- a butter-passing robot -- to life. Mourn its lack of a greater purpose!