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Cool Tech

Feet of engineering: 3D-printed compostable shoes reduce landfill waste

You may have heard about 3D-printed shoes before, but what about 3D-printed compostable shoes? That is the aim of a collaboration between pioneering Dutch footwear company Slem and eco-friendly startup BioInspiration.

A steel ball creates endless sand patterns in this astonishing coffee table

An ancient Greek myth inspired creator Bruce Shapiro to dream up one of the coolest Kickstarter projects we’ve ever seen: a table with an ever-changing automated tabletop pattern created from sand.

This $3,000 shower recycles water, achieving a 90-percent reduction in amount used 1:43

The Hamwells e-Shower recycles water instead of sending it down the drain. The app-controlled shower from Hamwells filters and purifies the water with UV light before dropping it on your head again.
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You can program 3D-printed materials with exact shock absorbent qualities

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have created a technique for controlling the exact mechanical properties of 3D-printed materials.
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Hero Surg robot not only performs operations — it lets surgeons feel what it's doing

One drawback of robotic surgery? Surgeons can't feel their way through an operation and have to rely solely on sight. The creators behind a new robotic system called HeroSurg hope to restore haptic feedback for surgeons to make robotic…
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More than meets the eye: This BMW can turn into a real-life Transformer

A Turkish R&D startup is turning BMWs into real-life Transformers. “They can move their head, neck, wrists, fingers, and so on,” Turgut Alpagot, Letvision’s sales and marketing director, told Digital Trends. "They’re…

Remove dirt and scale from your Keurig in just a few steps

No one likes a dirty, scaled, or smelly Keurig, but how are you supposed to clean them? We've got the tips you need to get your coffeemaker working the right way.
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Hasbro's robotic companion pets designed to keep your grandmother company

Petting the pup’s cheek entices it to nuzzle your hand. Stroking its back elicits a subtle heartbeat. The pup barks when spoken to and falls asleep when left alone for a few minutes.

Inventive startup LittleBits brings Bluetooth bit to its Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

Kids spending too much time on their phone? LittleBits wants to help with its revamped Gizmos & Gadgets Kit. It features a Bluetooth Low Energy bit, which means kids can control inventions via a smartphone.
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Toyota is going to sell a very small ‘buddy robot’ for $400 2:32

Remember Kirobo? The robot spent 18 months on the International Space Station in 2013 as part of an experiment to help improve robot-human interactions. Now a smaller version has been produced for buddy-seeking humans, and it's…

As tech trickles in, medicine is about to hit warp speed

Stem cells will allow you to regrow nearly anything, gene editing will allow you to customize your DNA on the fly, and you’ll pay for cures, not to see a doctor. Welcome to the future of medicine.
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Iceland’s capital switched off its street lights for a better Northern Lights show

Light pollution from cities is a major problem when it comes to viewing the night sky. With that in mind, the local government of Iceland's capital city recently plunged it into darkness to give everyone the best possible view of the…