Cool Tech
Cool Tech

With auto-braking and location tracking, the Arrow is the safest go-kart for kids

Silicon Valley start-up Actev Motors revealed the first ever smart go-kart designed for children ages 5 to 9. This smart-kart features built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and high-tech safety features.

Edward Snowden digs this mass surveillance sim, Need to Know 2:11

'Need to Know' a mass surveillance simulation game so cool, it got the Snowden nod of approval while raising funds on Kickstarter. Players join as agents of the fictional Department of Liberty, and climb the ranks in order to…
Cool Tech

Why waste a coffin when you can decompose in a ‘mushroom death suit’?

Startup Coeio is finally launching mushroom-laced Infinity Burial suits by summer of this year. The organic burial process is designed to protect the environment by using the unique Infinity fungi strain to purify toxins and and help…

Radio Flyer’s kid-sized Tesla Model S redefines the term ‘early adopter’ 1:57

Tesla has teamed up with Radio Flyer to build a one-seater Model S for kids aged between three and eight. Far from your average kiddy car, Radio Flyer's Model S features a lithium-ion battery, a trunk, and even a sound system.
Cool Tech

This cool map of Mars means future space ramblers will never lose their way

The UK's mapping agency has created an easy-to-read map of Mars. Well known for its detailed maps of Britain, the one-off creation could help in the planning of future rover landings – and possibly prevent future space ramblers from…

Cue the doll dance party: Hello Barbie's Dream House is smart and voice-activated

The new Hello Barbie Dream House is a smart home that's totally voice activated, but it's presenting a lot of privacy concerns because it is also completely connected to Wi-Fi.
Virtual Reality

Slip, slide, and skate through VR worlds with the WizDish Rovr

We try out the WizDish Rovr, a platform and set of shoes that let you slide and skate around in virtual reality, giving a far more immersive experience than simply looking around with a controller in hand.
Cool Tech

DARPA’s 130-foot submarine-hunting drone will take to the sea in April

With construction now complete on DARPA's ambitious ACTUV submarine-hunting surface vessel, the agency says it will officially christen the rig on April 7 by launching it into Portland, Oregon's Columbia River.
Cool Tech

Mattel’s new ThingMaker is a $300 3D printer that lets kids print their own toys

In a move that could motivate either incredible creativity or some serious playground envy (hey, maybe both), Mattel has introduced a $300 3D printer that will let you design and print plastic figurines entirely of your own…
Virtual Reality

Sports Illustrated jumps on VR bandwagon, releases 2016 Swimsuit Issue in virtual reality

Sports Illustrated partnered up with virtual reality firm Wevr to produce high-quality VR content for their latest Swimsuit Issue. Users will have full access to this year's photos via the magazine's app.