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Exclusive: Rockstar Games talks about shooting for perfection with Max Payne 3

In our Q&A with Rockstar Games' Jeronimo Barrera, vice president of product development, he talks about the upcoming Max Payne 3, the return of Bullet Time, and the world of São Paulo, Brazil.


Nintendo gets with the times, announces Nintendo Network, DLC, and NFC for Wii U

Today, Nintendo announced that the Wii U will definitely launch in 2012 and have a more robust online network with logins (Nintendo Network) that operates more like Xbox Live. NFC support and full downloadable games are also planned. We explore the…


Valve ventures into mobile with Steam on iOS and Android

After reporting another record year in sales on the Steam platform, Valve is rolling out mobile support for Steam users in order to entice more purchases during the platform's popular sales.

Android Army

The 10 most anticipated PlayStation Vita games

The PlayStation Vita hits American shores on February 22 with an impressive lineup of launch-day and launch-window titles, plus, many other games are on the way. Here’s our list our 10 most anticipated.


Mr. Miyagi returns in Vita’s Reality Fighters

Pat Morita's iconic character from The Karate Kid returns in upcoming PS Vita fighting game.


Angry Birds will arrive on Facebook this Valentine’s Day

The epic battle between bird and pig will spill over to Facebook on February 14. You have been warned.


Nintendo says the Wii U will be out in 2012, but can it boost the company’s falling profits?

In the wake of poor financial performance, Nintendo has confirmed the Wii U console will go on sale in selected markets before the end of the year.


How next-generation consoles may eliminate the used gaming market

While internal teams at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all hard at work designing and revising new console hardware, at least one next-generation console manufacturer may implement a way to kill used game sales faster than digital downloads.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Piazza and Liberation map impressions

Yesterday Activision introduced the first two new maps for Call of Duty Elite premium members on the Xbox 360. We ran them through their paces.


Tetris and Call of Duty top 2011’s best-selling Playstation Network downloads

Sony releases list of top sellers on PlayStation Network for past year, from full games to downloadable content.


The Neo Geo Pocket returns, but can it survive where it failed before?

The SNK Neo Geo Pocket could be making a comeback soon, following the appearance of several pictures featuring a new handheld version of the 90s console.


Mojang fans worldwide persuade Lego to develop official Minecraft building sets

Thanks to Mojang's near-fanatical fans, Lego is going to be officially developing Minecraft building sets to sell all over the world.


UFC Undisputed 3 simulates the upcoming Evans vs. Davis fight

THQ’s upcoming MMA fighter features one of the most comprehensive UFC databases on the planet. But can it correctly pick the outcome of the upcoming Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis fight?


Behold! Modern Warfare 3 releases the first two DLC maps for 360 Premium Elite members

Xbox 360 owners that purchased the premium version of Call of Duty Elite will gain access to two new maps today for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


Will Microsoft Points be replaced with real-world currency?

A new rumor suggests that Microsoft will switch to real-world currency for digital goods by the end of 2012.