Panzer Dragoon successor Crimson Dragon appears and disappears on XBLA

Two and a half years after Microsoft first announced Crimson Dragon, a spiritual follow up to the classic Sega series Panzer Dragoon, the game still isn't out. A demo appeared on XBLA this week, but was taken down almost immediately by the…

Ubisoft wants to add Ghost Recon to its film production slate

As with Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell, Ubisoft's Ghost Recon franchise will be hitting theaters at some point in the near future.

Elite: Dangerous goes into development after 15 years of false starts

David Braben has been trying to make a sequel to his open world space sim Elite since 1998. Now thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, his studio will begin work on Elite: Dangerous.

Matt Nava and the playable art of ‘Journey’

From a few rough drawings to becoming one of the most talked-about games of the year, the tale of how Journey came to shake up the gaming community is a journey itself. Art director Matt Nava talked with Digital Trends to share how the team…
Android Army

Smart TV game company takes on Ouya with tiny Android console GameStick

Ouya won't be the only Google Android based video game console vying for people's attention in 2013. Smart TV game company PlayJam has announced its own cheaper alternative, the GameStick.

Sony patent describes tech that will block used games on PlayStation 4

Even though the video game industry is relying more and more on digital distribution, rumors suggest that the PlayStation 4 will still use discs for games. There will be one change, though: Players may not be able to play used games.

Microsoft’s Xbox strikes back at Nintendo TVii with R2 acquisition

Microsoft came out on top of a bidding war between itself, Apple, and Google for control of home automation technology company R2 Studios. The purchase says a great deal about the future of the Xbox.

Gone, but not forgotten: The biggest gaming trends of 2012, and the impact they will have on the years to come

2012 was a transitory one for gaming, as the industry slowly prepared itself for the transition towards the next generation of consoles, even as it explored new business models to keep it relevant post-recession. We look back on the 10…

Alan Wake 2? Remedy hints it’s not done with the horror series

Alan Wake wasn't the hit that Microsoft thought it would be when the game came out in 2010, but from the sound of things, developer Remedy Entertainment is going to get a shot at making Alan Wake 2.

Unlimited streaming porn coming to Wii U

The Wii U is a very family-friendly console, but the kind people at SugarDVD are working on an app that will also allow the machine to satisfy a person's more base desires.

Capcom: We’re focusing on new titles for Nintendo Wii U, not ports

The Nintendo Wii U is entering its first full year as a competitor in the video game industry and it needs exclusive games to capture people's attention. Capcom at least is planning to support it with new exclusives rather than ports of old…

Windows 8, Steambox, and the future of PC gaming

As Microsoft shakes up the PC industry, Valve prepares its response to the Windows 8 “catastrophe.”