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Netflix will lose roughly 1,800 titles tomorrow

Unfortunate for any Netflix Instant subscriber that enjoys classic movies, the streaming video company will lose a large collection of titles tomorrow due to the end of a licensing deal.
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NuForce S3-BT Review

NuForce S3-BT Review.

Lightpack ambient lighting makes colors bleed from your screen onto your walls

If your eyes feel too strained from watching a lot of movies and shows, consider Lightpack. The ambient lighting system aims to extend your display's colors onto the walls to help your eyes ease into the vividness.
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Braven BRV-1 Review

Braven BRV-1 Review.
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Time Warner doing away with ‘triple play’ packages, still raking in the dough

Time Warner Cable announced that it will stop pushing “triple play” packages that bundle together cable, Internet and landline telephone service together, and instead focus on strengthening its core cable and Internet businesses.
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LG now selling 55-inch Curved OLED TV in South Korea

LG announced that it started taking pre-orders for its 55-inch Curved OLED TV in South Korea, with consumers receiving them as early as next month, though no official timetable has been released, nor any word of when, or if, the TV will hit…
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G-Project G-Boom Review

G-Project G-Boom Review.

How to set up an HDMI home theater

We break down the process of setting up a home theater with illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions.
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Aftershokz BluEZ Review

Aftershokz BluEZ Review.
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Subwoofer 101: How To Place and Setup Your Subwoofer

Integrating a subwoofer into your home theater or stereo can be a real pain. Check out our how-to guide for tips on getting the best possible bass response from your subwoofer.
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CBS threatens suit in anticipation of Aereo’s expansion into Boston

The ongoing spat between Aereo and broadcast networks continues in other avenues to jostle for public attention, after CBS tweeted that it would “be there to sue (Aereo)” if the latter's upcoming expansion to Boston goes through on May…

Sony doubles its profit forecast after last year’s record losses

Kax Hirai started his tenure as Sony CEO after the company recorded a record breaking annual loss of $5.7 billion. Now it expects better than planned profits for fiscal 2013. The question remains, though, if its television and PlayStation…