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Google’s stance on Net neutrality is good for you, and very good for Google

Google's latest blog post promises that its new Fiber internet will work to connect Netflix and other streaming sites for free, unlike competing ISPs like Comcast and Verizon. Click to find out more about what's behind the move, and what it…
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Sharp throws its Aquos Quattron and 4K TVs under universal pricing policy

The Japanese company announced in a statement this morning that it has broadened its unilateral pricing plan to include all Aquos Quattron and Ultra HD TVs. While retailers aren't required by law to follow the guidelines, serious penalties…
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Hisense releases feature-packed H6 Smart TV with Android 4.2.2

Hisense swings for the fences with its new H6 smart TV, which boasts a 55-inch screen, Android's OS with Chrome browsing, and a pile of apps for only $700. Click the link to find out more.
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Sony CEO says TV division is not for sale … yet

After Sony announced in February that it would spin off its TV division, many have speculated that a sale was imminent. But today, Sony CEO Kazuro Hirai stated definitively that a sale is not on the table. For now.
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Comcast gives customers access to trio of Starz TV Everywhere apps

Without bringing any attention to the move, Comcast earlier this week extended access to its customers for a trio of Starz TV Everywhere apps - Starz Play, Encore Play, and MoviePlex Play. Other providers to add access this year include…

Democrats and Republicans unite to grill FCC chair on net neutrality

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was the target of bipartisan condemnation in Congress over his agency’s Net neutrality rules. He was criticized for raising the possibility of an Internet divided between the haves and have-nots.
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Dish Network releases its Virtual Joey DVR app for Playstation 3, PS4 owners still waiting

Dish unleashed its Virtual Joey app for PS3 owners on Tuesday, allowing users to access on-demand, DVR, and live TV content from their console. The move comes as things have heated up in the satellite game recently, with the AT&T-DirecTV…
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HBO moves a bundle of classic content to Amazon Instant, preps HBO Go for Fire TV

The content deal HBO and Amazon struck has begun to bear fruit. Here's a list of the HBO shows and movies added to Amazon Prime Instant video today.
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Netflix expansion: Service to land in six more European countries this year

Video streaming giant Netflix is continuing its expansion into Europe, announcing on Tuesday plans to roll out its service to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg by the end of this year.
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Channel Master DVR+ Review

Channel Master DVR+ review.
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Could Apple’s new ISP connection deals be linked to its plans for online TV?

Apple reportedly working on deals with ISPs for faster connection, in line with the build up of its own CDN, all of which could point to something bigger on the horizon when it comes to online video and other content. Find out more inside.
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Game of Thrones is still the most pirated TV show on air, by a long shot

According to numbers from Pocket-lint, HBO's "Game of Thrones" tops the list of the most pirated television show. Pocket-lint's straw poll compared the torrenting statistics of other shows such as 24: Live Another Day, Mad Men, and Arrow.