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Hulu’s free TV episodes are finally on Android tablets and phones

The over-the-top digital video service announced today at its Hulu Upfront advertising event that it will begin offering free mobile access to ad-supported full TV episodes this summer - even for users without a Hulu Plus subscription.
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Comcast service call goes south as customer allegedly pulls a gun

Gloria Baca-Lucero became so upset with unanticipated Comcast service fees that she reportedly pulled a gun on a worker during a routine service call. The woman was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, booked into…
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Samsung’s outrageous bendable TV goes on sale in Korea for $34,000

Samsung's spectacular bendable TV has made its way to the public, going on sale in Korea starting August 1st. The slightly smaller version of a concept TV unveiled at CES, the 78-inch UN78S9B offers automated flexibility, and will cost a…
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FilmOn fires back after judge hits it with $90,000 fine

Aereo competitor FilmOn, with assistance from its somewhat outlandish CEO Alki David, managed to dig itself into an even deeper hole when the TV-over-the-Internet service was hit with a $90,000 contempt order last Friday.
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Shure SE112 Review

Shure SE112 review.

Can your speaker survive a toilet bowl flush? Watch the ‘Mighty speaker’ take it like a champ

The latest speaker from Morrison Innovations is sand proof, dust proof, and waterproof for up to 30 minutes, allowing users to break new ground on where they take their favorite tunes. Its Indiegog campaign is funded, and it will ship in…
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Verizon adds 14 more live TV channels to its FiOS TV app for Xbox

Verizon Communications announced yesterday it has added 14 live channels to its FiOS TV app for Xbox One and Xbox 360. It has also opted to no longer require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to stream content with the FiOS TV app via the…
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Here’s why TiVo’s founders just crashed and burned with Qplay

The same duo that revolutionized TV viewing with TiVo just fell flat on their faces with Qplay, which folded within six months of launch. So what went wrong?
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Vizio’s affordable 2.1 Sound Stand is here to spice up your flat screen’s paltry audio

Vizio announced today the release of its new 2.1 Sound Stand, an all-in-one audio solution that doubles as a pedestal for the users' beloved flat-panel TVs. The S2121w-D0 begins shipping today for $250.
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Netflix starts paying AT&T to increase streaming video speeds

Yet another payola deal between Netflix and another Internet service provider, AT&T will soon implement peering technology to increase video streaming speeds for Netflix subscribers.
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New Apple TV update offers CNBC and FOX NOW, requires authentication

Ideal for anyone with a premium cable subscription as well as an Apple TV, applications for CNBC and the FOX network have been added to the user interface of the popular set-top box.
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Infinity comes roaring back with ‘Reference’ home theater speakers

Harman is attempting to reinvigorate its Infinity brand, pulling out a massive selection of new speakers as part of its Reference lineup. The latest from Infinity include nine speakers in all, from towers to subs, to help spice up your home…