Cool Tech

Sony subtitle glasses: Adding closed captioning to any movie theater experience

Sony has unveiled the new subtitle glasses that will allow the hearing impaired to enjoy a full movie theater experience, complete with closed captioning.
Cool Tech

Diamonds can make your laundry cleaner

New studies find that nanodiamonds are twice more effective in cleaning clothes under low temperature washes than regular detergent.

Root for your favorite Olympic team with Speck Flag cases

Get your American (or any other country) pride on with the Speck Flag cases, debuting just in time for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.
Android Army

Recon’s MOD Live HUD is like a dashboard in your ski goggles

The Android-powered Recon MOD Live HUD will show everything from trail maps to real-time speed – all inside your regular ski goggles.

Pioneer debuts compact SMA speakers with Airplay and HTC Connect support

Wirelessly connect to these Pioneer speakers whether you're using an iPhone 4S or the HTC One X thanks to their latest Wi-Fi support.

Airbnb introduces Wish Lists for vacation planning fantasies

Today, Airbnb launched Wish Lists to help travelers plan their dream vacation in weeks, months, or even a year ahead of time.

Rhode Island repealed law that made lying online a crime

Rhode Island state lawmakers finally outlawed the 1989 legislation that made fibbing online, regardless of criminal intent, a misdemeanor.

Tennessee hopes to cut down DMV wait time with iPad kiosks

Ideally designed to cut back on standing in huge lines waiting for a number to be called at the DMV, Tennessee is using Apple technology to get people out the door faster.

Element Smokeless BBQ: Who needs the sun to grill?

Enjoy delicious barbecue all year round with the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ grill, a compact way to get authentic flavors from your stovetop.

The Walking Table makes moving more interesting

Furniture usually doesn't come alive except in fairy tales, but the Dutch-designed Walking Table has no problem sauntering across the room in a freakish display of engineering ingenuity.

How to handle debit and credit card fraud

Whether through online phishing attacks or security breaches at major institutions, being a victim of plastic card fraud is increasingly common. Here's how to report suspicious activities if it ever happens to you.