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Weekend Workshop: Wrap modern tech in retro style with a DIY Bluetooth Boombox

Bose makes a great Bluetooth speaker, no doubt, but why not try building one yourself? Thanks to a comprehensive walkthrough on Instructables, anyone can put together their own Bluetooth boombox in a matter of hours.

Don’t want anything to do with Windows 10? Here’s how to banish it for good

If you haven't already installed Windows 10 at this point, there's a good chance you don't want it. Here's how to stop it from installing, and bugging you with notifications. You can even remove the tray icon!

A beginner’s guide to building a PC from scratch

You could buy a PC off the shelf or you could take matters into your own hands and pick out the parts and you want, and put it together yourself. Here's how.

Nightmare in the kitchen? Gordon Ramsay has five quick tips for better cooking

If you can't boil water or slice an onion, chef Gordon Ramsay has some quick tips for you in this video. And thanks to his chopping technique, you won't even cry (from his intimidating persona or the onions).

15 awesome Android 6.0 Marshmallow tips to try out

With every new update comes a lot of new cool tricks, but it's not always easy figuring them out. Thankfully, we've put together this guide to highlight some of the best Android 6.0 Marshmallow tips.
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: How to build a Retro gaming console from a Raspberry Pi 2

Even owners of a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One enjoy playing a retro game every once in a while, and here's how to fashion one out of a Raspberry Pi 2, a MicroSD card, and an HDMI-compatible television.

Master Spotify with our list of epic music streaming tricks

These Spotify tips will help you to find the music you love, discover new tunes, organize your collection, and share playlists with friends. The streaming service has many features most users don't know about.

Learn to download torrents and drown in a deluge of files

Torrent files are a popular download method for many people, but if you're new to them, the process can be confusing. There's also the issue of whether using torrent files is legal. We give you all the information you need to begin using…

How to delete cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE

Cookies can track your browsing and much more, which is why so many people avoid them like they're on a diet. Here's how to rid the cookies crumbs from your favorite browser.

Make your home Wi-Fi faster and more reliable with these simple tune-up tips 2:31

If your Wi-Fi doesn't work in different corners of the house, for streaming HD video, or just seems to flake out when you need it most, try these simple tips to get it running smoothly.

Keep your records looking and sounding sweet with our guide to cleaning vinyl

Vinyl records are coming back in a big way, but the sound quality can suffer if you don't keep them clean. Check out our tips for keeping your vinyl immaculate, whether you prefer to clean them yourself or with a machine.

Want to talk to your PC? Here's how to enable speech to text in Windows 10

Looking for the dictation, speech-to-text, and voice control options in Windows 10? Here's where to find them, and how to properly set speech recognition.