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Barnes & Noble Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets hit UK stores in time for Christmas

Barnes & Noble has continued its assault on the UK market with the release of the Nook HD and Nook HD+ Android tablets, sold not only through its own website, but through a series of big name high street retailers too.


Samsung gets its wish to see Apple’s deal with HTC, court rules it can’t share details with us

Samsung has been given permission to see the 10-year licensing agreement made between Apple and HTC, although only the company's lawyers will view the entire document. Samsung believes it contains details that could help it in an upcoming hearing.


‘Turkey’ and ‘Orchestra’ – Apple rolls out two new iPhone 5 ads

Apple has posted two new iPhone ads on its YouTube page in the hope of grabbing the attention of consumers and making a few extra sales this holiday season.


Want to charge your gadgets with just a bag? Meet Phorce

Definitely ideal for anyone that carries several mobile devices, the Phorce smart bag will keep you powered without having to find an electrical outlet.

Cool Tech

Samsung may squeeze an 8-core processor into the Galaxy S4

A new report from Korea says that Samsung is currently working on eight-core processors for its upcoming devices, hinting that users could see this tech in its Galaxy S4.


Skitch reinstating removed features after users outraged with Mac 2.0 app

Skitch's co-founder, Keith Lang, announced in a public apology that he and his team would be reinstating critical tools that were removed in version 2.0 for Mac after realizing how outraged its users were with the changes.


Lenovo to oust Samsung, become China’s top smartphone maker in 2013

Lenovo may become the number one smartphone manufacturer in China's market come 2013, ending Samsung's reign.


Google Nexus 4 Review

Google's new Nexus 4 features almost everything you could want in a flagship Android smartphone plus freedom from carrier contracts (if you want). But will the lack of LTE put…

  • Pros: Excellent screen , Android 4.2 , Speedy performance , Low…
  • Cons: No LTE , Glass back makes phone more fragile , Non-removable…

Hands on: Orange launches Libon, a VoIP, messaging, and voicemail app

Libon, a voicemail integrated VoIP app launching on Monday in the Apple App Store, has every feature that you'll need to make phone calls, and more. Read our full hands-on impressions and interview with its creator.


Google Nexus 10 Review

The Nexus 10 is Google’s attempt to refine and fix the 10.1-inch Android tablet, but is it worth the $400 price tag?

  • Pros: Highest resolution of any tablet , Android 4.2 UI is fast…
  • Cons: No microSD or expanded storage , Battery life lower than…

Why conviction of the AT&T iPad ‘hacker’ is a problem for us all

One of the two men responsible for revealing a massive security hole in AT&T's system and exposing the email addresses of more than 100,000 iPad owners faces up to 10 years in jail. But a closer look at the situation shows that his problem is our problem, too.


We get our hands dirty with video magazine app Vodio’s new social features

As the market for mobile video continues to expand, we go hands on with video app Vodio's latest Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube integrations.


It’s time to give thanks … for these apps that will help you cook your Thanksgiving dinner

The holidays are upon us, and that means tis the season for cooking unreasonable amounts of food. If you need a little help in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, these apps will help you plan, prepare, and perfect your meal.


Tests show the Droid DNA’s battery may not be quite as pathetic as feared

An independent battery test on the HTC Droid DNA has shown the device's 2020mAh cell may not be quite as underpowered as feared, as the device compares favorably with the competition, but with one or two caveats.


Jolla demonstrates its Sailfish OS, confirming MeeGo lives again (Updated)

Jolla has demonstrated its Sailfish OS on stage at a startup event in Finland today. Built from the ashes of MeeGo, Jolla see Sailfish as a new and very different challenger in the mobile market.