Google acquires image-based city guides company Jetpac to improve visual search

Google is continuing its acquisition binge in 2014 with the purchase of Jetpac, an iOS app that uses public information from Instagram photos to create visual city maps and guides. Jetpac's image search capabilities open up intriguing…

Google plugs its Field Trip app into Google Now

If you're a Google Now user, you'll start to see recommendations for nearby points of interest in the near future: Google is rolling parts of its Field Trip app into the virtual assistant.
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Goccia Fitness Tracker Review

Goccia Fitness Tracker review.

Your smartphone’s gyroscope can be turned into an eavesdropping hacker’s microphone

If you own a smartphone, chances are it has a gyroscope – and chances also are that gyroscope can be used (without special permissions) as a microphone to listen in on your private conversations, according to three researchers.

This is how Bluetooth works, and no, it’s not by magic

Now you can impress everyone at the party by explaining how your phone can send dance music to the speakers wirelessly, just don't pause the jams!

The Galaxy Alpha is proof that Samsung is terrified of iPhone 6

The cynical Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and the copycat Amazon Fire Phone, are proof manufacturers are still running scared of the big, bad Apple iPhone.

Stop posting goals on Vine, says English Premier League

Heading to Twitter to get your soccer fix? The English Premier League kicks off this weekend but authorities are using crawler bots to stop users uploading goals to Twitter and Vine.

Amazon doubles Kindle Paperwhite storage, now holds 2,000 books

Quietly increasing the memory size without increasing the price, anyone that's purchased a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader recently will be glad to know that there's more internal memory for storing books.

The more Fires Amazon lights, the more its flame flickers

Amazon made waves when it released the Kindle back in 2007, but its newer efforts, like the Fire TV and Fire Phone, are bringing in diminishing returns for the Web's top retailer.

Waterproof braggart: Sony is releasing apps that only work underwater

Brace yourselves, parents. Sony just introduced six new apps that can be used underwater for the Xperia Z and Xperia Z1S. The apps include Goldie, a goldfish that never dies and an umbrella that doesn't offer any cover.

Twitter working to change its policies following Zelda Williams’ harassment

Following Zelda Williams' harassment on Twitter following her father's death, Twitter announced that it will alter its policies to better address similar situations.

iPad, phone, charger, bring it on: The Knomad has a spot for everything you own

Knomo introduced a new iPad Mini case called the Knomad. It can hold any 8-inch tablet, a smartphone or two, an external battery pack, and your personal effects.