We learned how to control a Glass app with our mind (but it’s kind of traumatic)

A digital design agency in London has created an app that connects Google Glass to a brain-scanning headband, letting the wearer take a picture using only his mind. We tried it out.

UK police push for introduction of mandatory PIN codes on all brand-new phones

Police in the UK are engaged in ongoing talks to persuade phone companies to make PIN codes mandatory on all new mobiles, forcing buyers to turn them off rather than on. It's hoped this will increase adoption, and lower phone theft.

Snapchat looking to monetize, reportedly in talks with advertisers and news sites

Snapchat looks to be on the way to monetizing its service, with a report Tuesday claiming the startup is currently in talks with advertisers and media firms with a view to introducing ads, videos and news.

Google may make kid-friendly YouTube and Gmail accounts

According to a recent report, Google is currently making kid-friendly versions of YouTube and Gmail. Children under 13 years of age are currently forbidden to have such accounts.

Verizon introduces new $60 plan with 2GB of data

Verizon quietly revealed a new $60 individual plan, which includes unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data. Big Red also announced a promotion that throws in an extra GB of data for those who buy new More Everything plans.
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The first Roku TVs are landing soon, with prices lower than most ‘dumb’ TVs

Roku is dropping its first Roku TVs from TCL and Hisense soon, with pricing for the TCL models announced today. The TVs will start at a ridiculously low $330 for the 32-inch model, moving up to $650 for the largest 55-inch display.

Sprint’s new Framily plan offers 20GB of shared data for $100 a month

With Sprint announcing several objectives it wants to accomplish, a new report reveals that the nation's third largest carrier will unveil new wireless plans as soon as next week. The new plans might include a $50 unlimited everything plan.

Forget the bezel, the Sprint-bound Sharp Aquos Crystal doesn’t have one (Updated)

Softbank-owned Sprint is about to start selling the Sharp Aquos Crystal, a smartphone with almost no screen bezel surrounding the 5-inch screen at all, giving it a futuristic, and very sleek look.

LG to spread new G3 user interface to its other Android hardware

LG's proud of its work on the new Android user interface introduced with the G3, and has confirmed it will be using the same software on its low and mid-range smartphones and tablets introduced this year.

Flappy Bird creator gears up to launch next blocktastic game: Swing Copters

If you wasted days of your life on Flappy Bird earlier this year, then beware. The game's developer, who killed off his creation because its popularity ruined his life, is about to launch his follow-up effort: Swing Copters.
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