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Nick Kroll brings us along for his journey through puberty in Netflix animated series

Comedian Nick Kroll is creating an animated series called Big Mouth, which details his journey through puberty. It also features his real-life best friend, Family Guy producer Andrew Goldberg, as a character. It's set to premiere in 2017
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Escape to a Polynesian paradise with the first teaser for Disney’s ‘Moana’

Are you ready for sun, sand, palm trees and, crystal-blue seas? If the 9 to 5 grind is getting you down, the first teaser trailer for Disney's Moana may just be the virtual vacation that you need.
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Tony Awards recognize Broadway’s diversity as four actors of color win top honors

Actors of color were celebrated wholeheartedly during this year's 70th annual Tony Awards. All four awards for musical performance went to black performers at the New York City ceremony.

Amazon’s Alexa may gain ability to detect your emotions, remember conversations

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant may soon get a whole lot more perceptive. Rumor has it that the company is working on a voice-based emotion-detection system, plus a mechanism that'll allow Alexa to remember past conversations.
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Box office hits and misses: ‘Warcraft’ gets spooked by ‘The Conjuring 2’

The horror sequel The Conjuring 2 had an impressive debut in theaters, earning more than $40 million in its opening weekend and beating the big-budget video game adaptation Warcraft.
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Keep up with all the Euro 2016 action with the Copa90 Facebook Messenger bot

The 2016 UEFA European Championship is under way, and to help soccer fans around the world get their fill of one of the most universally beloved sports, Copa90 has created a Facebook Messenger chatbot to serve as the ultimate Euro 2016…
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5 shows and movies to stream this week: The Martian, Downton Abbey, and more

How are you going to get through this week? By following our guide to the finest films and TV shows available now, of course. On the list this week: The Martian, Downton Abbey, Casual, and more.
Virtual Reality

Steven Spielberg’s latest project? It may involve a jaunt into virtual reality

If ever there was a classic trendsetter in Hollywood, his name would be Steven Spielberg. And now, the three-time Oscar winner looks to be placing his bets on virtual reality for the silver screen.
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As TV cuts commercials, product placement is worming its way into your shows

As SNL’s plans to trade commercial airtime for sponsored segments from ad companies next fall commences, what will this new ad innovation mean to the entertainment world at large?
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Jennifer Lawrence’s new project? Playing Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos

Hollywood is planning on taking Elizabeth Holmes' riches-to-rags story (the failure of Theranos and her Forbes devaluation from $4.5 billion to literally $0) and turning it into a movie starring none other than Jennifer Lawrence.

Hollywood, enough is enough! Stop making video game movies

The film industry has tried and failed to adapt video games to the big screen for more than two decades. It’s time to put our foot down and say, "no more: stop making video game movies."
Social Media

Twitter claims it’s behind your decision to go to the movies

According to a new study commissioned by the social media company and conducted by MarketShare, Twitter aided in the sale of nearly one in every 10 movie theater tickets in North America over the course of the last four years.