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Hulu asks for more of addictive cult-thriller The Path

Hulu has renewed its hit original series The Path, starring Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan, for a second season as part of its upfront announcements taking place in New York City today
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Customer satisfaction: A high majority of Netflix users see no need for cable TV

A new study from AllFlicks suggests that a whopping 76 percent of Netflix subscribers believe that the company will replace traditional television altogether, because why flip through channels when you can just binge watch one show?
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Pinch hitter: Jimmy Kimmel lines up unexpected guest-hosting gig

Jimmy Kimmel's nights are booked, but it seems that his mornings are free. In an unlikely pairing, the late-night TV host is stepping in to help out Kelly Ripa on May 16 after the departure of Michael Strahan.
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What’s the difference between working with Prince and Michael Jackson? Spike Lee explains

Legendary director Spike Lee shared stories about the music he has worked with in his career at the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy Festival. In those stories, Lee described his experience working with Prince and Michael Jackson.
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Netflix has made a science out of influencing your decisions

Scrolling through Netflix's titles seems simple enough, but it turns out the streaming service is employing years of research to grab your attention. Thanks to a company exec's explanation, we now have a better idea of how it works.
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ESPN is coming to Viceland — and vice versa — in new programming deal

ESPN and Vice have entered a deal to produce and distribute content across the two media entities' numerous platforms. Films from ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series will re-air on Vice's TV network Viceland as part of the deal.
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Michael Fassbender is in talks for a dark and chilling new role

Michael Fassbender has played characters ranging from a sex addict to a mutant superhero to a tech visionary, and now the role of serial killer may join that list. The actor is in talks to star in the true crime drama Entering Hades.

Kodak, Kickstarter join to offer free film to directors who don’t want to go digital

There are a lot of reasons indie directors shoot digitally, but Kodak wants to make sure that the prohibitively high cost of film isn't one of them by offering Kickstarter directors up to $20,000 in free film.
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Who would win a fight between Iron Man and Optimus Prime? Here's one answer

The latest episode of video webseries Super Power Beat Down investigates the potential winner of a brawl between armored Avenger hero Iron Man and the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.
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The red-band trailer for Bad Moms takes motherhood to some raunchy places

The upcoming Bad Moms has a pair of new trailers -- including a red-band version that definitely earns its R rating -- that offer a peek at how irreverent motherhood can get. The comedy stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn…
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Frozen’s Elsa at center of social media backlash against Disney’s LGBT failings

Disney has been noted as one of the worst offenders when it comes to LGBT representation in film, according to a new study by GLAAD. The studio is being taken to task on Twitter, with users nominating Frozen's Elsa as its first LGBT…

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made an app to get your ass out of bed already

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has a new app. It's called The Rock Clock, and among its features is the chance to set your morning alarm to the same time as his, meaning a very early start.