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Hands on: HP’s Sprout wants to be your 3D creation station

HP’s Sprout is an ambitious desktop PC with a built-in 3D scanner and touch mat, which make it more intuitive to create and design on your desktop.

SmartThings adds Windows Phone support to its home automation hub

Joining the existing iOS and Android apps, SmartThings' new Windows Phone application opens up the platform to an even wider population of smart-home enthusiasts.

White House down: Unidentified hackers breach US government computer security

Unidentified hackers have breached the the White House computer network. Russians are suspected.

Alpine premiers iLX-007 Apple CarPlay receiver, costs $800

Alpine has released its first CarPlay receiver, the iLX-007. Retailing for $800, the iLX-007 is available in North American Markets, features a 7-inch touchscreen, and is compatible with the iPhone 5 and newer.

LG’s newest 31-inch 4K monitor promises to fulfill the fantasies of any graphic artist (Updated)

LG's latest 31-inch 4K monitor is impressive from a specification standpoint, but it's also fairly expensive. Find out how impressive and pricey it is here.

Cash, card, or phone? Whatever, Poynt payment terminal lets you pay any way you want

Poynt aims to be the payment terminal for the future. It supports all kinds of payments from EMV cards, regular credit cards, NFC, QR codes, Bitcoin, and more. Poynt is available for preorder for $300 and should ship in 2015.

Reddit dips its toe into crowdfunding with Redditmade

Reddit has entered the crowdfunding space with Redditmade. While specifically geared towards subreddits that want to make official merchandise, anyone with a Reddit account can launch their own campaign.

Second time could be the charm for OnePlus One pre-orders on November 17

After a somewhat-botched first attempt, OnePlus will launch its pre-order system for a second time on November 17. No word on how much time people will have to place a pre-order for the OnePlus One.

Apple Pay competitor CurrentC just got hacked — How do you like them Apples?

Apple Pay competitor CurrentC, which is backed by the MCX merchants coalition, has already been hacked. The email addresses of early testers were stolen. The app also has terrible reviews on the app stores, thanks to angry NFC fans.

Warranty Direct’s ‘nightmare’ car is the automotive version of Frankenstein’s monster. Is your car a donor?

Warranty Direct has revealed what it thinks is the U.K.’s ‘nightmare’ car. To do so, the company compiled the vehicles with the worst performance by category and smashed them together, creating a monstrosity we’re glad we’ll never…