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Tap in to your smart home with a touch of Oomi’s smart home controller

The Oomi smart home system is back on Indiegogo with an improved controller and new functionality for its multisensor. You connect the whole system by tap-and-touch technology.

Norway to kill FM radio dead in 2017

The digital radio pioneer will entirely shut off its FM radio signals, instead opting to use Digital Audio Broadcasting for radio in Norway. It will be the first country to entirely switch from FM to DAB.
Health & Fitness

Recon Jet Smartglasses make you feel like Robocop

Recon's Jet, the company's newest smart glasses combine metrics with cool looks in a smart wearable good for sports in any weather. They connect wirelessly to a number of sensors including heart rate monitors, bike computers, and power…

You can now control Microsoft PowerPoint for iOS from your Apple Watch

An update to the Microsoft PowerPoint app for iPhone and iPad arrived in the App Store today, and aside from a single line mentioning “bug fixes and performance improvements,” the focus is entirely on newly added PowerPoint Remote for…
Home Theater

You may lose YouTube: Users with old Apple TVs, iPhones, and other devices may be cut off

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new streaming box but haven’t found a good enough reason, you might have just found one, depending on your TV's age. Soon the YouTube app will stop working on certain devices made in 2012 or…

You can now hunt for the Loch Ness monster with Google Street View

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Google's Street View team taking to Loch Ness is that it didn't do it sooner. The imagery is up now, though, allowing you to plunge to the icy depths of the murky lake in search of the legendary Loch…

Is cell phone radiation actually dangerous? We asked an expert

Could our cell phones and other wireless devices be increasing our risk of developing brain cancer and other conditions? A lot of scientists believe radio-frequency exposure is a growing threat that we should be aware of.

Google shows love to mobile-friendly sites, pushes them up search results from today

Google is now prioritizing mobile-optimized websites for search results returned on smartphones. While the new system should make life easier for mobile users, some businesses will be wondering where their site's gone.

Microsoft chooses Australia for first flagship store outside North America

Microsoft has chosen Sydney for the location of its very first flagship retail store outside of North America. The two-floor store will let visitors get hands-on with Microsoft tech, with Answer Desk staff (think Apple Genius Bar) offering…

ZTE is teasing a colorful smartphone with a button to instantly take and share selfies

ZTE has confirmed the existence of a previously leaked smartphone, without actually making it official. The phone doesn't have a name yet, but we do know it'll have a special button to take and instantly share beautiful selfies.

Here are six Apple Watch games we’re excited to play

The Apple Watch is nearly upon us, and all we want to know is: What games can it play? Here are six titles that have been announced so far, which we're excited to check out when the Apple Watch launches soon.
Home Theater

Vizio gives you quality 4K on a budget, but you’ll need to work for it 3:08

On the surface, it appears Vizio made its own P-Series 4K UHD TVs obsolete. But when you break down all the facts, it appears there's still some value left in this lineup yet.