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Three ways Kim Jong Un could’ve threatened South Korea in a more tech savvy way

Nobody will ever accuse North Korea of being on the cutting edge of technology. But using fax as a way to threaten neighboring countries. That's deserving of a hearty "C'mon, man!"
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Twitter expands emergency alerts with push notifications sent to mobile app

Twitter made changes to its new Alerts program, making it easier for mobile users to receive critical information while adding Brazil and Australia to the program. Users can now easily subscribe to participating organizations' alerts.

MacBook iSight hack lets snoops spy on you without turning on the cam light

We all know that the Internet is full of creeps, stalkers and other folks that you need to side step. If you have an Apple device with an iSight camera, you might want to read up on this exploit used by such crowds to stare at people…

Sony beefs up video and ISO in QX ‘lens cameras,’ updates PlayMemories app

Sony will release firmware updates for its Cyber-shot QX "lens cameras" that will improve video and ISO speeds, plus shutter priority mode for the QX100. Sony has also updated the PlayMemories app, which is available now.

Prankster’s ‘cell phone crashing’ video turns into YouTube hit

Ever heard of 'cell phone crashing'? It's where you sit beside someone talking on their phone and start responding to their conversation through a pretend one of your own. Comedian Greg Benson shows us how it's done....

Chinese smartphone maker Meizu is coming to America, will show off its hardware at CES 2014

Chinese smartphone brand Meizu has announced it wants to break into the U.S. market, and will be showing off its hardware during the CES 2014 tech show.

Glass: Google launches MyGlass app for iOS

After a false start earlier in the week, Google has properly launched its MyGlass companion app for iOS, allowing Glass users to easily configure and manage their device, and offering a few new features such as turn-by-turn directions and…

Gimmicky phones return! This Oppo N1 has a camera that rotates around (Updated)

Oppo announced the N1 camera phone back in September, and will put the powerful, innovative device on sale December 10 for $600. The N1 can claim two world firsts: a rotating camera module, and the option of installation CyanogenMod's…

BlackBerry still in with enterprise as Peugeot Citroen orders 10,000 smartphones

As BlackBerry tries to steady itself after a particularly turbulent few months, the mobile maker at least had some good news to report this week – multinational car manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroen has ordered 10,000 of its Z10 handsets.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Battle of the big TVs, Google Glass competitor, car made of LEGO bricks 2:32

Today on DT Daily: Samsung and LG square off at CES with dueling 105-inch TVs, a competitor for Google Glass looks for funding and a full-size working car made of LEGO bricks.