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LeBron looks even LeBron-ier in the first next-gen image from ‘NBA 2K14’

The first screenshot for the next-generation 'NBA 2K14' has been released, showing off some incredible detail, improved lighting effects, and a generally upgraded look.
Home Theater

Even Big Bird wants to shut down Aereo

The long journey of lawsuits and injunctions for embattled Aereo came to a head Friday, as a litany of major players filed a petition to the Supreme Court to have the service shut-down for good. The petition includes big names like Fox…

LG G2 vs. Galaxy Note 3: Which big phone is best for you?

Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? Both the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 qualify as phablets, but which is better? We put them side to side in a spec showdown to find out if bigger truly is better and which of these devices is best for you.

Twitch tries out commercial free viewing

The online streaming platform Twitch is set to introduce a new financial model which will do away with commercials. The first example of this will be done in conjunction with Sony.

Before the BMW i8 was a hybrid, it was a V10 … and a V8 … and a 6-cylinder

BMW, apparently, couldn’t get the i8 right – that is, at least for a while. Throughout its design process, the Bimmer brass fumbled around with a V10, V8, and even a six-cylinder. Ulimately, it settled on an 1.5-liter three-cylinder.
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I took Facebook’s News Feed survey, and so should you

Complaining about Facebook but skipping the surveys is like getting mad about politics and not voting - so maybe you should voice your opinion. I did, and found some interesting things about how Facebook is trying to fix its News Feed.
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Here’s yet another app that’ll keep you from sending NSFW Snapchats

As if there weren't enough things disproving the idea of disappearing content, here's one more. SnapHack is an app that will make you regret ever sending that NSFW pic or video on Snapchat.
Cool Tech

WWF keeps elephants safe by scaring the bejeezus out of them with drones

Wildlife conservationists in Africa and Asia are using drones to keep elephants safe from poachers – but they're not doing it how you think they are. The reality is much more awesome, and terrifying (for the elephants, at least).

Who ya gonna call to restore the Ghostbusters’ ambulance? Kickstarter, apparently

Sometimes movie cars don't get the same fancy treatment as movie stars. The ECTO-1A ambulance from "Ghostbusters II" has been in a neglected state at Universal Studios, but a group of fans hopes to bring it back to life.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Windows Phone 8 update, Google’s ad plan pushback, Netflix aims for cable boxes 2:34

Today on DT Daily: Windows Phone 8 OS gets an update, pushback mounts to Google’s new ad program and Netflix aims for enemy territory.

Surface RT branding was a mess, Microsoft brass confesses

Microsoft has learned its lesson from the failed launch of the Surface RT, confessing that the ‘RT’ branding confused consumers, who didn’t understand how the hardware or its new operating system varied from regular Windows.

Hey YouTube! See how MTV did their music awards? Don’t do that…

There was a time when MTV's VMA's were an entertaining celebration of music. As YouTube prepares to launch their own show, here's hoping it looks backward instead of foreword.