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Street Fighter x Tekken battle system revealed in new Gamescom trailer

New Gamescom trailer shows how Street Fighter x Tekken blends franchises' respective styles.


UK man using two cell phones while driving at 70mph given ban

Using one cell phone while driving is dangerous enough. But two? A UK man was given a 12-month driving ban on Monday after being caught using two cell phones behind the wheel.


Broken Thumb Apps pays out $50k to FTC for violating children’s privacy

The FTC comes down on mobile apps developer Broken Thumb Apps, squeezes $50k out of them for violating children's privacy.


Facebook page reunites mother and daughter after 63 years

Being forced to give up a baby for adoption has to be heartbreaking for any new mother. The family of an 80-year old woman turned to Facebook to help locate the child that she wasn't able to keep in 1948.

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Company creates DVD format made to last 1000 years

We finally have a DVD format that can preserve cinematic achievements like Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and Justin Bieber's Never Say Never for people to watch during the year 3000.

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Fall release of iPad 3 canceled due to Retina display issues

Plans to release the iPad 3 in the fall appear to have been shelved as Apple deals with issues relating to its Retina display technology. The launch of a high-resolution iPad 3 in 2012 is now thought likely.


Astronomers find blackest planet ever, Spinal Tap rejoices

TrES-2b is the size of Jupiter and reflects nearly zero light.

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Mr. Freeze brings winter wonderland to Batman: Arkham City in new trailer

New trailer out for Batman: Arkham City showcases a moody Mr. Freeze putting Batman on ice in a winter wonderland.


UK police arrest man for promoting a water gun fight with Blackberry, Facebook

A Nerf Super Soaker and a cooler packed full of water balloons are considered highly important by UK authorities. A man in Colchester, England got quite the surprise when arrested for planning some water-filled entertainment.


Official Steve Jobs biography out in November

The release of the much-anticipated official biography of Steve Jobs, originally set for a March 2012 release, will now be on shelves this November.


Apple may have provided flawed evidence to European judge in Samsung Tab 10.1 case

It looks as though Apple might have provided some flawed photographic evidence in its case against Samsung and its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

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5 fun ways Google could improve Motorola products

Google's purchase of Motorola will change the industry. In light of this, we've decided to list five ways we think the two companies could work together to improve Android and Motorola products.

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Sibling rivalry: Will Google’s Motorola buy turn other Android makers green?

Google’s $12.5-billion purchase of Motorola Mobility has tipped the mobile industry on its head, and left many wondering what will happen to Google’s array of handset partners, like Samsung and HTC.

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Minecraft’s limited edition Xperia Play listed on eBay for charity

Mojang, maker of Minecraft, plans on giving away a few limited edition Minecraft Xperia play models at a game conference, and has decided to sell one on eBay for charity.

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Fusion Garage announces a new tablet and phone today at a fake press conference

After months of hiding behind the fake name of TabCo, Fusion Garage unveils its new Grid 10 tablet, which can be pre-ordered today, and the Grid 4 phone, which will be released in Q4.

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