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Fast and Furious 7 to use Paul Walker’s scenes, character will be retired

Universal Studios and the Fast and Furious 7 filmmakers have decided to move forward with using the scenes filmed by late star Paul Walker, tweaking the script so that his Brian O'Connor character can be retired.
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Sol Republic’s new Relays earbuds promise to stay put, and look good doing it

Sol Republic unveils its latest earbuds at the dawn of CES 2014. Dubbed the Relays, the new buds are being touted as a crossover headphone, offering both a stylish design, as well as Sol's Free Flex technology that promises a secure fit…

LG launches fitness wearables, Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones

LG announced at CES today that it is entering the fitness wearables space with the Lifeband Touch and the Heart Rate Earphones, designed to provide wireless connectivity with smartphones and track biometrics as you work out.
DT Daily

DT Daily: UHD TV takes over CES 2014 1:59

CES 2014 doesn’t even start until Tuesday, but we are geting exclusive looks at all the UHD TV’s that are going to steal the show.
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LG wants to radically simplify smart TVs by reincarnating webOS

Thought webOS died with HP's ill-fated TouchPad? Think again. LG will reincarnate webOS on its next-gen smart TVs in an attempt to make finding content easier than ever.

Alienware, Origin among more than a dozen third-party Steam Machines vendors

Alienware and Origin are among the 12 third-party hardware manufacturers that are confirmed to be partnered with Valve to release living room-focused Steam Machine gaming PCs in 2014.

Okidokeys smart-lock system lets you keep your deadbolt, but ditch your keys

Want to get into your house with your phone, but don't want to replace your trusty analog lock? The new Okidokeys systems lets you keep your existing lock and upgrade with smart-lock superpowers.

MetaWatch unveils new high-end smartwatch by former Vertu designer

With smartwatches expected to flood the market this year, MetaWatch is hoping to appeal to fashion-conscious consumers with its brand new Meta line-up of high-end wrist-worn devices, created in collaboration with former Vertu designer Frank…

Imedipac, smart pill box, will probably confuse your grandparents

Medissimo is showing off it's Imedipac, a smart pill box, on the floor of CES 2014. The device is designed to provide proper medication dosage with every use, though the "technologically savvy old person" market may be a bit narrow.

Flash drive in plane bathroom forces emergency landing, reportedly a spy camera

Although you might feel flattered that someone wants to film you taking a dump, a spy camera in a plane bathroom is really something we can all do without. And what's more, such shenanigans can cause emergency landings, wasting everybody's…
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British fighter jets fly with 3D printed parts for first time

The UK's Royal Air Force is now using a number of 3D printed parts in its Tornado fighter jets, with several of the aircraft recently completing their first test flight with the new parts. The technology should help it make big savings in…