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Sony PlayStation 3 getting DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, no dish necessary

Anyone that seriously participates in a Fantasy Football league knows how frustrating it is to be locked from out-of-market games. DirecTV, Sony and the NFL are partnering to offer a new option for PS3 owners.


Skype WiFi app offers iOS users cheap global net access

Skype released a new app on Wednesday, Skype WiFi, allowing iOS users to access the net via a million hotspots worldwide.


Cadillac Announces ELR, an extended-range electric vehicle

Cadillac announces plans to produce the ELR, a new two door extended-range electric vehicle.


Verizon’s LTE spreading to 15 more cities, now covers over half of the US population

Verizon's 4G LTE network expands to an addition 15 cities, and by doing so it now covers over 160 million people.


Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch (Mid-2011) Review

Review: The 2011 refresh of Apple’s MacBook Air packs more power, a backlit keyboard and Intel Thunderbolt into the same ultralight design, further refining what was already one…

  • Pros: Excellent backlit keyboard , Glass touchpad is still great…
  • Cons: Average battery life , Port selection remains limited , Can…

Eye-tracking software shows how Google+ ads could line up against Facebook’s

Eye-tracking reveals that Google+ could show Facebook a little ad it just needs that user base.

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Griffin Launches iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch-controlled Helo TC Helicopter

This high-flying tech toy helicopter, just released today by Griffin, works with your iOS device for app-controlled flight commands.


Conan the Barbarian Review

Review: The 2011 reboot of Conan the Barbarian will appease fans of the books and the original movies with a familiar but refreshing take on the untamed Cimmerian.

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500Startups Demo Day standouts

The 500Startups Demo Day event in San Francisco already boasts some attention-getting pitches, and we've singled out a few that could go far.

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Study: Wireless power industry will grow 4500 percent from 2010 to 2016

IMS Research projects global wireless power market rising from $100 million in 2010 to $4.5 billion in 2016.

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One in five e-commerce shoppers worldwide use Amazon, Chinese competitor not far behind

New data from comScore show that Amazon's portfolio of properties saw 20 percent of the world's internet users.


Don’t watch TV! It’s killing you 22 minutes at a time

A new study points to sitting in front of television as one of the leading causes of premature death. Watching an hour of television is worse than smoking two cigarettes, says the study.

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Minecraft creator has a solution for Bethesda’s Scrolls/Elder Scrolls lawsuit

Minecraft creator Markus Persson suggests a series of Quake 3 matches as a way to resolve Bethesda Softworks' legal dispute with his Mojang studio over the title of its upcoming game, Scrolls.


Dota 2 beta ‘a few weeks’ away, release planned for this year

Valve hopes to release Dota 2 this year, with the previously announced public banned planned for "a few weeks" after GamesCom.