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Rdio pulls the plug on its Vdio movie service

After just 8 months, Rdio has decided to abandon its Vdio movie and TV spin-off. The shuttered service is offering Amazon gift cards as compensation for those who still have credit on the platform.

Finally! Lamborghini releases video of the all-new Huracan in donut-y action

After suffering through three annoying videos, Lamborghini has finally teased its latest car, the Huracan. And it's a stunner. It doesn't just look amazing either, it also sounds great. The Lambo V10 has one of the best exhaust notes out…

Some Surface Pro 2 users say they circumvent sleep, battery issues with this workaround

Are you a Surface Pro 2 owner? Have you been tempted to pull your hair our because your pricey device is being watered down by issues with battery life and sleep mode? Read on to learn about a possible quick fix discovered by some other…

Cash, trash, or karma: How to get rid of your old gadgets

Each holiday season leaves obsolete and replaced devices and electronics gathering dust in closets, drawers, spare rooms, and basements. Here's how to get it out of your life for good.

Surface Pro 2 firmware update release date still unknown

After initially implying that a new firmware fix for the Surface Pro 2 would be released sometime after the new year, it's unknown when exactly it'll see the light of day. Read on to learn more.

Teenager doesn’t get an iPhone for Christmas, pulls knife on dad

Definitely a terrible place to spend Christmas day, a Massachusetts teenager got locked up on the holiday after pulling a weapon on his family when he didn't receive the gift that he wanted.
Home Theater

Sony and Panasonic step back from OLED partnership, 4K primed to take center stage once again

After a year and a half of working together to create cost effective, reliable OLED TVs, Panasonic and Sony have given up their partnership. While both companies will continue to explore OLED separately, the joint venture was dissolved over…
Product Review

Klipsch Status Review

Klipsch Status review.

The NSA can intercept your new laptop, say latest leaks

The latest in a long line of revelations about the NSA's activities suggest that the agency can intercept computer hardware packages in order to install its own customized hardware and software bugs.

Jetsetter: Resident Evil is dead, long live Resident Evil

This week in Jetsetter, we look at how one of Japan's most storied developers can keep one of its longest-running series thriving long into the future. If Capcom wants Resident Evil to have a future, it has to do what its shareholders finds…