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The Apple Watch isn’t out yet, but it already has a strange charging stand

The Apple Smartwatch won't be out until this spring, but we're already seeing accessories appear for it - like this swiveling charging dock called Bandstand that doubles as an all-in-one charger for your gadgets

Dell’s new Latitude laptops let business consumers score Broadwell on the cheap

Business consumers are highly regarded in Dell's camp, apparently, and will soon be served with a full range of enterprise-friendly Latitude laptops.

Selfies hit a new low with the ‘Belfie Stick’

If you've ever put your back out trying to get the perfect butt selfie, or have had enough of messing about with mirrors and the like, then the Belfie Stick could be a real game changer....

Get ready to look like James Bond by setting up your LG G Watch

Getting a new device is exciting, but you really use your smart watch until you set it up. The process won't take long, and you'll be talking to yourself on the street in no time.

Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2015 award winners

From a digital device that can alter your mind with ultrasonic waves to machine that can print food, Digital Trends picked the biggest the best and the craziest for our Top Tech of CES awards.

Yahoo search share edges up following Firefox deal, but Google still way ahead

Since becoming Firefox's default search engine last month, Yahoo has achieved its highest share of the U.S. search market sonce 2009. It's excellent news for Marissa Mayer's firm, though it still has much to do if it wants to catch Google.

Alcatel OneTouch expands options for U.S. consumers with new online store

Alcatel OneTouch has taken the wraps off a new e-commerce site aimed at U.S. consumers. Featuring a wide range of the company's smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories, the launch follows a similar move in several European countries…

Apple Watch: Interactive demo lets you try out the smartwatch now

There's still a while to go before the Apple Watch lands in stores, but if you're curious to learn a little more about what the company's smartwatch experience might be like, there's an interactive demo that you can try now.

Samsung forecasts first annual profit fall in 3 years

Samsung looks like it's going to need some time to counter competition in emerging markets and get its business on track – on Thursday it said its Q4 2014 figures would likely show its first annual profit fall in three years.