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Harvard researchers have created a swarm of learning robots

Despite the fact that each of the Kilobots is only about the size of a quarter, they number over 1000, and their advanced coordination allows them to operate with almost no human interaction.

How to see what kind of graphics card you have without opening your computer

There may be times where you want to find out what kind of graphics card your computer has. This free program for Windows will tell you.

Pixels, Roguelikes, and Platformers, oh my! Indies are storming Xbox One though ID@Xbox

Check out our list of independently developed games that will be coming to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program, as announced by Microsoft at Gamescom 2014.

The Galaxy Alpha is proof that Samsung is terrified of iPhone 6

The cynical Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and the copycat Amazon Fire Phone, are proof manufacturers are still running scared of the big, bad Apple iPhone.

Even a simple cat video can hack your computer

Even the most well-protected computers can be accessed through bugs in unencrypted data transfers, says a top security researcher — those cat videos could be more dangerous than you think.

Stop posting goals on Vine, says English Premier League

Heading to Twitter to get your soccer fix? The English Premier League kicks off this weekend but authorities are using crawler bots to stop users uploading goals to Twitter and Vine.

Amazon doubles Kindle Paperwhite storage, now holds 2,000 books

Quietly increasing the memory size without increasing the price, anyone that's purchased a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader recently will be glad to know that there's more internal memory for storing books.

Booq bag designed to protect mirrorless cameras from weather, thieves

Booq, maker of quality bags for cameras and laptops, has a new case designed for compact mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Made from ballistic nylon, it’s also coated to repel water during light rain.
Product Review

Sony XBR-65X900B Review

Sony XBR-65X900B review.

The more Fires Amazon lights, the more its flame flickers

Amazon made waves when it released the Kindle back in 2007, but its newer efforts, like the Fire TV and Fire Phone, are bringing in diminishing returns for the Web's top retailer.