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How data brokers profit off you without your (or the law’s) knowledge

Hundreds of secretive companies known as data brokers have access to some of the most intimate details about your life. And there’s not a U.S. law on the books that can stop them.

Google embraces April Fools’ Day with Google Nose, YouTube closure and more

It's April 1 and Web giant Google has wasted no time in rolling out a slew of gags from the closure of YouTube to a new tool called Google Nose that lets you search by smell and smell your search.

Apple will launch iRadio streaming service this summer, report claims

There've been several reports in recent months suggesting Apple is prepping the launch of a music streaming service. The latest one quotes an music industry insider as saying there's "no doubt" about iRadio's existence, and that it'll…

Learn how to disconnect, people: Turn your damn phone off when you’re on a plane

To all the people who need to have their phones switched on while onboard a plane, what's so important that it can't wait until you land? Or, more worryingly, have we become too attached to our electronic gadgets we've forgotten how to do…

First look at the stealth title ‘Dark,’ a game where you play a very unsparkley vampire

Kalypso Media showed off several levels of its upcoming stealth-action vampire game, 'Dark,' this year at GDC. And despite some unavoidable similarities to other games in the genre, 'Dark' has a lot of potential.
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WTF, Internet? Facebook thinks it knows me … and it’s so, so wrong

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of Facebook's horrible, terrible, no good targeted ads - most of which seem created to guilt you for your non-adulthood. After nearly 10 years, Facebook ... I thought you'd know me…
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DT Deals: Awesome speech recognition software for half the price

Can't be bothered to type your next email? Let Dragon Dictate do the work while you blab away the commands. That's today's DT Deal for the software at 50 percent off the retail value.

Turbocharge your laptop with a solid-state drive: How to install an SSD

Upgrading your laptop to a solid-state drive is an excellent way to improve performance. Better yet, installation doesn't require special tools or knowledge. All you need is a screw driver, a new SSD, and a little spare time.

Best Apps of the Week: Speakerfy, Critical Missions SWAT, Flipboard 2.0, and more

Looking for some new apps to fill up your mobile device with, or just something new to help kill the time of a slow moving Easter Sunday? We've collected the best apps of the week, including Flipboard, theScore, Speakerfy, and many more.

Terms & Conditions: Dailymotion protects your privacy better than YouTube

Video-sharing site Dailymotion may not compete with YouTube when it comes to monthly traffic numbers. But when it comes to terms of service and privacy policy, Dailymotion may have YouTube (read: Google) beat.

iPhone or DSLR? One of baseball’s best pro photographers is a switch hitter

For more than 20 years Brad Mangin has been photographing the home runs, pop flies, strike outs, and stolen bases of one of the most beloved sports, baseball. Mangin talks to us about why loves working in his dream job.

U.S. Census Bureau plans to use the Web for the next major Census

Finally catching up with the digital age, the U.S. Census Bureau is transitioning from traditional paper questionnaires to a version of the survey that can be completed entirely online.