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5 games that toyed with our emotions in 2013

Yes, playing Call of Duty online can fill you with rage pretty quickly, but these games delved deeper to tap into all sorts of unexpected emotions that games haven’t always been able to evoke.

Amazon has its best ever Christmas and tops 20m Prime members

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been busy telling the world just how well his online retail company did over Christmas, reporting a significant jump in the number of people signing up for a Prime membership.

My own drone spied on me (and I didn’t even know it)

While I see these negative aspects of UAVs as much as the next guy, I also see next-generation potential. Too bad the first drone I ever laid hands on invaded someone’s privacy – my own.

Our Christmas Day tech habits, according to the data

Tablets and gaming apps were the big winners this Christmas Day, according to new data collected by experts Mixpanel. And if you opened your Christmas presents at 10.30am then you weren't alone...

Apple files new patent that could enable voice-based photo search in Siri

Apple has filed a new patent application describing the ability to search for and tag photos via voice, pointing naturally to Siri. The feature would utilize tags and other information associated with the photos.
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Libratone Loop Review

Libratone Loop review.

Convertible laptop makers temper 2014 prospects

The hope for laptop makers was that the convertible design, which allows you to put a notebook into tablet mode, would revitalize interest in the market. Now they're concerned about what next year holds for them.

Mitsubishi’s Montero is coming back the U.S. and it’s bringing some big batteries

For a long time the Montero belonged in the same conversation as the Toyota Land Cruiser, and when it comes back to the U.S. as a hybrid it might again. While we may have to wait as much as another five years to see the new one, it could…

‘Battlefield 4’ banned in China

Citing “National security,” the People’s Republic of China has banned the sale of Electronic Arts and DICE’s military shooter ‘Battlefield 4,’ which features the Chinese as the bad guys.

Octa-core Alcatel Idol X+ smartphone comes bundled with fitness tracker wristband

TCL, the firm known internationally as Alcatel, has announced the octa-core Idol X+ smartphone, which comes bundled with a fitness tracking wristband called the Boom Band.