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What will CES look like in 10 years?

Though CES is a massively important show to both tech journalists and tech developers, it's size and scope has decreased in recent years. There are reasons to believe that this trend will continue as well.
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DT Daily: Possible reprieve for Snowden, gamer gets ‘athlete’ visa, Mac Plus surfs the web 3:08

Today on DT Daily: A possible reprieve for Edward Snowden? A top gamer gets an “athlete” visa and a guy surfs the web with a 27-year-old Mac Plus.

No one wants to buy most of 38 Studios remaining properties

A recent auction to sell off Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios’ IPs has ended with no one buying the studio’s two biggest properties, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and the unreleased MMORPG Copernicus. According to a report from the…

If you thought the original ‘Blues Brothers’ was good, wait ’til you see it in Lego

Some incredibly devoted nut-jobs have recreated a Blues Brothers car chase entirely with Legos. Yes it's silly, but it's also incredible.

Boring gardens don’t stand a chance against flower seeds you plant with a shotgun

Struggling to get your garden to sprout life? Make it bloom by blasting it with Flowershells: 12-gauge shotgun cartridges loaded with a heap of gunpowder and an assortment of seeds.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer apologizes for email fail

In a message posted to a Tumbler blog, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer shed some light on the problems many have experienced with the firm's Mail service, as well as what's being done to fix them.

Italy approves measure to clamp down harder on piracy

Piracy and copyright infringement, like many other crimes, may never go away. However, that hasn't stopped Italy from passing some strict anti-piracy regulations that will go into effect next year.

Anti-piracy patent granted to AT&T

Do you subscribe to AT&T's Internet service? Do you engage in some five-finger discounting through the use of illegal P2P file sharing sites in the like? You may want to read up on AT&T's latest patent then.

‘Minecraft’ coming to PS3 on December 18

Mojang and 4J Studios are making sure to hit all of their bases, and on December 18 the PlayStation 3 version of the game will be made available for around $20.

Godsil Manhattan: Real car, or natural-gas V16 vaporware?

It's always tough for a startup carmaker to find its way in the highly-competitive auto industry, but the natural-gas powered, V16-engined Godsil Manhattan is as ambitious as they come.