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Best iPad Mini screen protectors

So you've opted for the highly-anticipated iPad Mini huh? Well here are some of the best screen protectors to keep your new device in peak shape without sacrificing clarity.

Yahoo Mail now comes with Dropbox built in

Yahoo has gotten its cloud storage solution - a necessary service to compete with what Microsoft and Google are offering with their webmail clients. Dropbox will sign up more users thanks to the deal as well, so it's a win-win for the two…

The Puppeteer for PS3 paints a portrait of how Sony will sell games on PlayStation 4 and beyond

The Puppeteer, one of two PlayStation 3 games due from Sony Japan this year, will be out on September 10th and cost players $40 for some stylized platforming. The release may also be a sign of how Sony will approach pricing discs and…
Cool Tech

Obama’s $100M BRAIN Initiative aims to cure Alzheimer’s, create cyborgs

President Obama unveiled Tuesday the first details of the BRAIN Initiative, which aims to map the human brain with the goal of curing brain disorders. But cyborg technology may be just around the corner.

Apple to unveil its very own gamepad for iPhone and iPad

Apple still insists that it isn't interested in getting into the game console business, even as more and more competitors are introducing machines that bridge the gap between mobile and console. According to developers at GDC, though, Apple…

This phone charger will let your friends jumpstart your iPhone

A new charger design will let iOS users borrow juice from their friends' devices. However, the design is for 30-pin models and requires two other devices in order to function.

The science and sociopathy of social media celebri-hating

It shouldn't be all that surprising: Give a wide audience the ability to consumer and create content about celebrities, and we'll push all of the ethical boundaries you can think of. The science of hate, coupled with our constantly tuned-in…

‘DayZ’ may shamble onto PS4 after it hits PCs this year

Dean Hall's famous ArmA 2 mod DayZ has been getting the full game makeover for nearly eight months now, and the PC version is almost ready. The game's creator says Bohemia Interactive has met with Sony about the console future of DayZ.

Microsoft’s Windows Blue update rumored to be named ‘Windows 8.1’

After making it known that Windows Blue is just an internal codename for the upcoming refresh of Windows 8, the race is on to figure out what it will actually be called. Rumor has it the Windows 8 refresh could be called "Windows 8.1."
Social Media

Scary statistics show that sex offenders are taking over social media

The world is full of all kinds of sexual criminals, and they're all honing in on sites like Twitter and Facebook for their next victim. As social sites ranks increase, it only makes sense that plenty of those new users will be criminals -…

The Digital Self: Fight the man, buy a CD

A recent ruling in federal court says that it is against copyright law to resell digital goods like music and ebooks over the Web. Our only option, then, is to take our consumption offline, where we still have ownership rights.

AT&T will release the HTC One on April 19, priced at $200, 64GB version confirmed for $300

After a series of short delays, the HTC One will be coming to AT&T on April 19, where the 32GB model will cost $200. Additionally, the network will exclusively offer a 64GB model, for which you'll pay $300.