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PS Vita drops price in the US… kind of

Both Best Buy and Target are offering both the wi-fi and wi-fi/3G models of the PS Vita for $200, a $50 and $100 saving respectively. The real question is whether this is a sale, or an early look at a long overdue price drop.
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Science says Facebook’s bumming you out, so here are 4 quick fixes

Facebook bumming you out? According to science, the answer is yes. But you don't have to delete your account to get happy just yet - here's a couple of DIY fixes that can help cure your Facebook-made depression.
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In the grey-market world of online mugshots, ‘untagging’ will cost you

Websites that publish your mugshot online are continuing to profit off people desperate to erase the past. While the business is "old" in Internet years, there are a few things you should know about this scheme and legislation and law…
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DT Daily: Gold iPhone 5S, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook hacked, Beats aims to break with HTC 2:52

Reports point to a blinged-out look for Apple’s next iPhone, a security researcher hacks into Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, and Beats Audio is looking for a way out of its relationship with smartphone maker HTC.

‘Nook Video’ app joins Android and iPad, takes on Netflix and Amazon Video

Barnes & Noble released Nook Video apps on iOS and Android this week and recently updated its ebook reader apps to bring them up to par with the experience on the Nook HD. There's very little exclusive to B&N's home-grown tablets left…

Samsung’s massive Galaxy Mega 6.3 coming to AT&T August 23

Samsung has announced its Galaxy Mega 6.3 will be carried by three networks in the U.S.. The first will be AT&T, where it'll go on sale before the end of the month, followed by Sprint and US Cellular.

Apple’s Mac Pro ad campaign, coming soon to a theater near you

This weekend, teasers for Apple's new Mac Pro started showing up in U.S. movie theater previews. Though the company still doesn't give an exact date, do the previews suggest a dual launch with the new iPhone is imminent?

Ubisoft’s ‘Child of Light’ draws from JRPGs and ‘Limbo,’ uses ‘Rayman Legends’ tech

Ubisoft Montreal's Patrick Plourde reveals the first details for 'Child of Light,' a side-scrolling RPG built on the same tech as 'Rayman Origins' and drawing inspiration from Playdead's 'Limbo' and JRPGs.

The iPhone 5S will be the ‘champagne’ of phones… maybe

According to new rumors, the next iPhone (which may be called the iPhone 5S) will come in an actual color: gold. But it may not be as bright or ugly as you're imagining. Could gold be making a comeback?

Rumor: Sony i1 Mini may outpower other ‘mini’ Android phones

The rumors surrounding Sony's Honami, or i1, are growing, only this time it's about a spin-off device named the Honami Mini. Apparently, in a break from tradition, it may only be the screen that's smaller than its big brother.
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A guy spammed Mark Zuckerberg’s wall because Facebook ignored his bug report

All Khalil Shreateh wanted to do was tell Facebook there's a major security flaw that needed to be addressed. But when the company ignored his report, the IT researcher took to Mark Zuckerberg's wall to directly warn the CEO.

Turn yourself into a collectible lifelike figurine with 60 DSLRs and a 3D printer

Newfangled 3D printers aren't just for making simple household goods anymore. Using an elaborate setup of 60 DSLRs a photo studio in Texas 3D creates lifelike miniature figurine selfies. Most popular request? Wedding toppers.