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iScheme exposed: Scammers are tricking desperate people into buying iPhones

NBC 9News uncovered a terrible iPhone trafficking scheme, dubbed iScheme. Here's how the scheme works, what others have done about it, and what you can do to avoid it in its entirety.

Is a MacBook Air refresh coming tomorrow?

Apple will reportedly reveal a refresh of its MacBook Air notebooks as soon as tomorrow. If that does happen, there's one component in particular that will be the focus of the upgrades. You can learn more here.
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Comcast to sell off 3.9 million customers if Time Warner merger proceeds

When Comcast first announced its plan to buy up Time Warner the company claimed it would sell off about 3 million subscribers to soothe fears over an all out cable monopoly. Now Comcast has raised the total to 3.9 million.

Should the police be able to search your phone without a warrant?

Two cases in the Supreme Court may determine whether the police can search phones without a warrant. The cases may answer issues about police searches of cellphones, a topic that has yet to come before the justices.

Nintendo isn’t just a gaming company, according to its CEO

According to Nintendo’s President and CEO, his company is not just about video games. He hopes to change that perception, and show that Nintendo can be anything it wants to be.

How to make a Skype group video call for free

Microsoft announced today that Skype group video calling is free for Windows, Mac and Xbox One-based users. Here, we show you how to make such a call. Don't fret: it's easy to pull off.

Sony shows off experiments in augmented reality for PlayStation 4

Sony posts two videos on the Japanese PlayStation website that demonstrate the PlayStation 4's potential for providing augmented reality experiences.

Nokia to take selfies seriously with next Windows Phone, codename Superman

A rumor indicates Microsoft may be working on a new smartphone, codename Superman, which will feature a 5-megapixel front camera. This would make it the most powerful selfie cam we've seen on a Windows Phone device.

Oddworld remake will cost $30, supports PlayStation cross-buy

Developer Oddworld Inhabitants announce pricing and PlayStation cross-buy support for the upcoming HD remake, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, with a release date to be revealed sometime before E3 kicks off on June 9.

Skype group video calls are now free for Windows, Mac and Xbox One users

Skype group video calls are now free of charge for three major platforms, Microsoft announced today. That'll soon extend to additional platforms as well. Learn more here.

Marvel confirms Netflix series will be set in cinematic universe

The upcoming Netflix series featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist will be set in Marvel's cinematic universe, says Marvel CCO Joe Quesada.