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Pro hacker Chris Roberts banned by United Airlines over tweet

Security firm One World Labs founder Chris Roberts was prevented from making his United flight to San Francisco due to a tweet that referenced the airline's onboard systems. His equipment was confiscated once he landed in Syracuse.

Aston Martin gears up for its second century with a complete lineup overhaul by 2020

Along with revealing the DBX concept to the audience of the Shanghai Auto Show, Aston Martin has declared its strategy for the next five years. The brand seeks to replace all its existing vehicles and also add three more to its product…
Movies & TV

New Transformers sequel slated for 2017, as the franchise’s universe sets for expansion

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner recently confirmed the company's plan to expand the Transformers universe and have the sequel to Transformers: Age of Extinction arrive in theaters during 2017.

Having problems with your LG G3? Try these 17 bug fixes

What’s the matter with your LG G3? Problems, glitches, and bugs can drag you down, but we’ve got the potential fixes to lift you up again. Step inside for a look at some common problems and what to do about them.

2016 Camaro to feature Drive Mode Selector, active damping, and electric exhaust valves

Chevrolet is continuing to tease the 2016 Camaro by detailing the car’s new Drive Mode Selector, which includes Snow/Ice, Tour, Sport, and on SS models, Track settings. The car will also feature Magnetic Ride Control and electric exhaust…

To celebrate Earth Day, Philips is offering its new $5 LED bulbs for just $2.50 apiece

As part of a special Earth Day promotion, Philips has teamed up with Home Depot to make the new bulbs available in a 2-for-1 pack for the first 90 days (or while supplies last) -- meaning you can get your hands on these bulbs for under…
Cool Tech

The Daqri smart helmet turns a workforce into Robocops

Intended for use on work sites, Daqri replaces the traditional hard hat with a smart hat supporting HD photography and video, 3D mapping, and alphanumeric capture -- which makes it possible for the system to read instrument data and signs…

Rootpipe exploit still an issue in Mac OS X, security expert finds

Patrick Wardle, a former employee of the NSA, has shown that Macs are still vulnerable to the security flaw known as Rootpipe. Apple had supposedly resolved the issue with the release of OS X 10.10.3.

1,500 iOS apps are vulnerable to a security threat: Here’s how you can stay safe

SourceDNA discovered a security flaw in 1,500 iOS apps that could allow hackers to steal sensitive information from users' devices. Here's how hackers exploit the vulnerability and what you can do to protect yourself.

Finally! See how the McLaren P1 stacks up to its predecessor: the McLaren F1

McLaren’s modern hypercar, the P1 is compared against the legend that came before it, the McLaren F1. Both cars represent the best McLaren has to offer in different eras and, while wildly different, both share surprisingly…
Movies & TV

You got it, dude! Full House is coming back with DJ, Stephanie & Kimmy Gibbler

A sequel to popular '80s/'90s sitcom Full House, called Fuller House, is set to debut on Netflix in 2016, and will centre around a now-widowed DJ Tanner and her two kids (one on the way) who enlists the help of her best friend Kimmy Gibbler…