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Hashtags for everyone! Path joins in on the #trend

The hashtag has gone from Twitter tool to a social media heavyweight. Now, Path joins Facebook and Flickr on the increasingly crowded hashtag bandwagon.

Egyptian divers arrested for cutting underwater Internet cables, that’s not how you phish

It seems three Egyptian criminals have given a whole new meaning to the term Internet "phishing." Three divers were arrested Wednesday after coastguards found the men attempting to cut underwater Internet cables.

Intel (finally) gets into the gaming game

Intel pushes enhancements to DirectX 11.1 which enable better graphics and improved performance with its next generation HD Graphics core built into the upcoming Haswell CPU release. Offering better performance and unique features, Intel is…

Xi3, maker of the Piston ‘Steam Box,’ introduces the future of portable virtual reality

This week at GDC, Xi3, the maker of the so-called “Steam Box,” announced a handful of new options for its Piston computer, including the ability to have virtual reality on the go.

Subaru’s first hybrid, based on the XV Crosstrek, gives greenies a warm, fuzzy feeling

As with every other Subaru, the 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid's biggest selling point will be its all-wheel drive capability.

Apple patents a smart pen and iPhone with ‘wrap-around’ display

Apple has pumped out two more patents, this time showing off their innovation-abilities in designing a new smart pen, as well as a new iPhone display that wraps around your phone.
Social Media

Turns out federal government employees can be Craigslist creeps, too

A man impersonated a woman and sent Craigslist suitors to her door, looking for her ... uh ... company. But the lesson learned in all of this is that If you're going to cyber-stalk somebody via Craigslist ads, don't use your work computer.

Best Buy preparing for Galaxy S4 launch with built-in Samsung Stores

Joining the Apple-only section of Best Buy stores will be a Samsung-centric area for fans and potential converts of the brand. The expansion begins next month, right around the time the Galaxy S4 will launch in the U.S.

Chinese government officials beg you to stop photoshopping them onto porn stars

The merest hint of sex scandal is apparently enough to drive some Chinese government workers away from common sense, as a blackmail scheme based on Photoshopping officials into compromising photographs is uncovered in Shuangfeng County.

Prepare to be underwhelmed, as report hints at incoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

A report has dropped a very heavy hint that one of the next phones on Samsung's agenda will be a Galaxy S4 Mini. Like the Galaxy S3 Mini, it's probably going to be another shameless cash-in on the full-size model's good name.

Xbox SmartGlass refines the second screen experience, even as the next gen looms

Xbox SmartGlass enables secondary screen experiences with Microsoft’s game console. SmartGlass supports a wide range of mobile devices, allowing users to use their smartphones or tablets as subsidiary displays for the console gaming…

How Threadless adds a wink and a nod to product photography

While it's the cool graphics that make people want to wear their shirts, it's the photography Threadless uses that get people to buy them. Find out how its dedicated photo department uses crafty snapshots and social media to boost its…