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Windows 8.1 is officially ready – now, we wait

Though Windows 8 launched just 10 months ago, Windows 8.1 is almost here. Microsoft announced today that the update is ready and rolling out to OEMs, but users will have to wait until mid-October when it's released to the public.

Gamescom 2013 shatters attendance records; 2014 dates announced

Gamescom in Cologne, Germany was already the biggest gaming event in the world after 275,000 attended in 2012. This year, 65,000 more people than that attended.
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Thanks for ruining the best new GIF gallery with porn, pervs

.GIF Hell is a new tool that shows you all the trending animated GIFs - fun right? Too much fun apparently, because unfortunately all the porn GIFs mean it's on temporary hiatus.

Rare Xbox One spotted in the wild – but don’t go trying to buy it just yet

Select Microsoft employees are going to receive a rare white Xbox One that includes a year of Xbox Live, all first party games for a year, and a note on the console saying “I made this.”

Volvo is no longer vanilla – thanks to the C coupe concept

The pictures of the C concept coupe represent a big move forward toward a more dynamic exterior design for the Swedish automaker that’s been long known as a make of ultra-safe family cars with even safer styling.

Quirky’s ‘Snapchat for grocery shopping’ device will remind you what’s in your fridge

Quirky's latest invention bills itself as a Snapchat for your fridge, taking photos of the content each time the door is opened so you can check your inventory before the next grocery shopping trip.

iPhone 5 tips and tricks

Just bought an iPhone 5? This guide will help you make the most of your new phone with a myriad of helpful features you may not know your phone has.
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The U.S. government pried into 16,000 Facebook accounts … this year alone

Facebook has released its first ever transparency report, dubbed the Global Government Requests Report, which shows that governments have issued more than 25,000 requests for user data so far this year.

Infiniti’s new Q30 concept already facing an identity crisis

Infiniti has teased the Q30 today, its latest concept car. The Q30 has the bodyline of a coupe, a hatch, and a crossover but does none particularly well. Infiniti aims to shift the premium compact segment with the Q30 but does it have what…
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Facebook may owe you $15, thanks to $20 million ‘Sponsored Stories’ lawsuit settlement

A U.S. federal judge in California has granted final approval of Facebook's $20 million settlement of a lawsuit over its "Sponsored Story" advertisements. Qualified users who filed the necessary paperwork will each receive $15 from the…

Hands on with an Android app that crushes your keyboard into a single row

We go hands on with Minuum, a brand new Android keyboard that offers an entirely new way of typing based around predictive text. The new keyboard is designed to save space. We compare it to competitors like Swype and speak with its…