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Police raid home searching for owner of Twitter account mocking mayor

Probably overkill when it comes to identifying the owner of a parody Twitter account, police searched an Illinois home and grabbed all the electronics in order to find out who's been mocking the mayor.
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Amazon to add Hulu Plus, Crackle and Showtime to Fire TV voice search

Likely useful if you are an early adopter of the Fire TV streaming set-top box, Amazon is adding three new partners to the voice search platform in order to expand the content library beyond Amazon Instant Video.

Transcendence Review

Johnny Depp isn’t the only thing wrong with Transcendence, but his cold, emotionless portrayal of a thinking, feeling machine forms the hollow core of a sterile film.

Here’s how the Heartbleed bug scurried into the hearts and minds of millions

The Heartbleed bug is one of the most serious security flaws ever, and it existed unknown for roughly two years prior to its discovery. How did such a severe flaw manage to slip into a widely used security protocol?

Metabones adapter mounts Olympus SLR lenses onto Micro Four Thirds cameras

The Olympus OM to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster from Metabones lets you mount SLR lenses onto Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras. Unlike other adapters, this one is said to improve image quality while widening the lens' aperture.

This giant 3D printer can build 10 prefab homes in under 24 hours

Using a massive, building-sized 3D printer to squirt out concrete in special patterns, this Chinese company can manufacture 10 houses per day, and at for very little cost.
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Comcast’s “Watchathon Week” breaks records with 50 million hours of VOD binging

The video on-demand marathon proved that VOD is still a viable source of content for today's consumer. The seven-day event served up more than 3,500 episodes among 75 series via set-top boxes and mobile devices running Comcast's TV…

Google cracks CAPTCHA with an algorithm that’s 99.8 percent accurate

Google has created an algorithm that can break through CAPTCHA with 99.8 percent accuracy. You can learn more here.

Facebook will soon let you share your exact location with Nearby Friends

Facebook just introduced Nearby Friends, a new feature that would let your friends know whenever you're in their immediate area. Before you protest, be informed that you would have to turn on the feature yourself.

Microsoft’s new keyboard is aimed at the living room, and claims to survive liquid spills

Microsoft's new "All-in-One Media Keyboard" is meant for fulfilling living room duties. You can learn more here.

This app can help you read an entire nonfiction book in 15 minutes

No time to sit down and digest a full book? Blinkist takes popular bestsellers and turns them into easy-to-tackle texts that you can read in under 15 minutes. Its library is small, but its information is powerful.