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Such generosity! After Dogewallet heist, Dogecoin community aims to reimburse victims

After hackers made off with more than 21 million Dogecoins from Dogewallet, the uniquely generous and upbeat Dogecoin community has launched an effort to help reimburse victims of the wallet heists.

Want to take a Porsche 911 off road? You’re in luck; a 911 Safari Concept is headed to Beijing

The Porsche 911 is no stranger to rally stages, but an off-road version of this iconic sports car seems as oxymoronic as an exciting Buick. Nonetheless, the Safari could appear at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show.

‘Deep Down’ Prologue trailer features a big, ugly monster of some sort

There's a real 'Dark Souls With Friends' vibe to the latest trailer from Capcom for Deep Down, the free-to-play PlayStation 4 exclusive that was first confirmed at the console's 2013 reveal.

Think a $9,599 Mac Pro is expensive? A Windows-based equivalent costs even more

In general, Windows-based laptops and desktops are significantly cheaper than their Mac counterparts. However, in the case of the Mac Pro, that general rule doesn't exactly apply. Read on to learn more.

Check engine light on again? These are the top reasons that pesky light is glowing

If you've ever freaked out because your check engine light came on, this'll be the place to look for reasons why that may have happened. We probably know what's up with your car.

Nokia removes Here Maps from iTunes App Store, says iOS 7 is to blame

Nokia has removed its Here Maps app from the iTunes App Store, citing problems adapting it to iOS 7, saying the new operating system ruins the user experience.

Intel expected to release $1000, 8-core Haswell-E processor in 2014

If you're a desktop-based PC user getting by on aging, creaky tech, you're in luck: Intel will release eight-core chips in the third quarter of 2014. Now for the bad news: they'll be pretty expensive, to say the least.

Resistance, SOCOM, MAG, and GT5 lose PS3 online play in 2014

Sony confirms plans to shut down the online features for a handful of PlayStation 3 games in 2014, including all three Resistance titles, two SOCOMs, MAG, and Gran Turismo 5.

LG G3 smartphone, G Arch smartwatch, and G Health fitness band rumored for MWC 2014

An anonymous source has revealed some of LG's plans for the coming year, saying we can expect the LG G3 smartphone, a smartwatch known as the G Arch, and a fitness tracker called the G Health all to be released at MWC 2014.

Amazon offers gift cards to customers hit by Christmas delivery delays

Where are those drones when you need them? Amazon says it'll offer $20 gift cards and shipping-order refunds to customers left waiting for packages after an avalanche of late online orders led to delivery delays this week.