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Is Samsung working on a 7-inch Galaxy Note? Suspicious specs appear in benchmark results

Benchmark results and specifications for what could be another Galaxy Note device have surfaced online.

Great expectations: Samsung teaser video promises a Smart TV ‘unlike anything the world has ever seen’

At 2013's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month, Samsung is promising to take the wraps off a TV "unlike anything the world has ever seen." Not building it up too much then.

Apple set to move Mac mini production back to US, according to report

Apple is set to move its Mac mini production lines back to the US from Asia in 2013, a new report claims. Foxconn will apparently be responsible for managing the operation.

The free ride is over: Get ready for mobile advertising overload in 2013

Advertisers are dying to get onto your phone, and a range of new mobile advertising techniques will soon make it easier for them to do it. You’re about to be carrying a billboard in your pocket.
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Acer $99 tablet: Taiwan firm said to be prepping ultra-cheap device for early 2013 launch

Acer is reportedly prepping a $99 tablet for launch early next year, though it's currently unclear if it will go on sale in the US, with emerging markets thought to be the main target.

Microsoft reveals retail store plans, include six permanent locations to open soon

Microsoft announced on Wednesday the locations of its first new retail stores of 2013.

Week two of Sony’s holiday sale offers free games, bigger discounts

Sony's efforts to mark down its PlayStation Network offerings enters week two and the deals to be had are even better than they were last week.

J.J. Abrams explains why he won’t be directing Star Wars: Episode VII

Though he was approached to helm the upcoming, wildly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, geek fan favorite J.J. Abrams turned down the opportunity to instead focus on his nascent Star Trek franchise.

EA removes links to real-world gun manufacturers from Medal of Honor Warfighter site

Though it heralded the link to real guns in the run-up to Medal of Honor Warfighter's release, EA has cut ties with manufacturers in the wake of the recent shooting rampage in Newtown, CT.
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JLAB Bombora TEKST Edition Review

JLAB Bombora TEKST Edition Review.

The many ways wireless carriers changed in 2012

2012 brought a lot of changes to mobile. New networks, new technology, new contracts. It all happened so fast, so it'd be easy to forget exactly what happened. We'll flash back to January and take a look at everything that changed this year…

Get Episode 1 of The Walking Dead on Xbox Live for free

Telltale Games has announced that the first episode of The Walking Dead is available for free download on the Xbox Live Marketplace from now until the end of the year.