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DT Daily: Facebook unveils Slingshot, Democrats push for Net neutrality, ChargeAll portable power supply 2:14

Democratic politicians are weighing in on the Net neutrality debate, hoping to direct the FCC to ban internet fast lanes. Senators Leahy and Matsui introduced a bill this week called the Online Competition and Consumer Choice Act…

Skip the steakhouse and dry age your own beef with SteakLocker

Up until now, dry-aging your own meat required expensive restaurant-grade equipment, but thanks to SteakLocker, you'll soon be able to do it at home
Home Theater

‘Breaking Bad’ now available on Netflix in sparkling 4K/UHD resolution

Netflix has begun streaming Breaking Bad in a 4K/UHD resolution remaster. The show popped up on compatible TVs this week, and we've got a hands-on look to let you know if it's worth following Walter White through his exploits all over…

Google Doodle pays tribute to Paul, the octopus that predicted World Cup outcomes

Google is paying tribute to the World Cup the same way it usually does; with a Doodle. There's an extra twist though.

A new beginning: Aston Martin to revamp lineup with an aluminum platform and AMG engines

Aston Martin seems to be keen on reinvention in the coming years, as a brand new aluminum platform has been announced. To bolster the new framework, a slew of Mercedes-AMG engines will appear in the next generation of Aston Martins…

British gov’t reportedly intercepting conversations from Facebook, Twitter, and Google

The British government is reportedly intercepting communications from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, emails and text messages even when there is no suspicion of wrongdoing.

PC modder unlocks questionably-hidden Watch Dogs graphics settings

A modder has found buried settings that make the PC version of Watch Dogs look as good as the 2012 reveal, raising questions about whether Ubisoft intentionally hobbled the PC port.

Virgin Mobile introduces $25 plan that relies on Wi-Fi connections for data consumption

Virgin Mobile has introduced a new $25 unlimited talk and text plan that relies on WiFi for all your data needs rather than a 3G or 4G connection.

Facebook officially launches Slingshot app, competitor to Snapchat

After accidentally releasing its new Snapchat competitor, Slingshot, Facebook has made its latest mobile app official. Like Snapchat, users can send disappearing photos and videos, but with a catch.

The doctor will see you now: Google announces ‘Glass at Work’ partners

Google announced several new partners for "Glass at work," including, Augmedix, a digital healthcare software company. Glass may be a tough sell to your average consumer, but it's quite popular with health clinics and businesses.

Democrats introduce bill to bar the FCC from allowing Internet ‘fast lanes’

Democrats proposed a bill that would require the FCC to ban Internet “fast lanes.” The legislation would force the agency to prohibit ISPs from speeding up certain types of Internet traffic while slowing down others.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere bashes Amazon/AT&T exclusivity on Twitter

T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter to react to the report that Amazon's upcoming smartphone will be an AT&T-exclusive, going so far as to bring up 2013's legendary flop that was the HTC First.