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Hyundai Connectivity Concept turns a smartphone into a key

Hyundai's Connectivity Concept uses Near Field Communication technology to unlock doors, stream content, and wireless charge a driver's phone.

Sony stops shipping the PlayStation 2 in Japan after nearly 13 years

The PlayStation 2 ends its historic run in Japan just shy of its thirteenth birthday as Sony finally stops shipping the console in its home country. It is the best selling home gaming console ever made.

Forecasting camera trends in 2013 with IDC’s Chute

IDC analyst Christopher Chute shares his insights on the camera trends of 2013. Expect to see more cameras with Wi-Fi, mirrorless tech, and Android.

This is how users can save your secret Snapchat videos

Self-destructing messaging apps Snapchat and Poke aren't as "safe" as you thought. A loophole that allows users to save videos to their computer has been discovered.

Best entry level luxury performance cars of 2012

These cars prove that you can have a sporty tech-filled ride for a relatively low price.

Blizzard: Team Deathmatch for Diablo 3 is cancelled, Dueling is not

Blizzard announced player-versus-player modes for Diablo 3 years before the game actually released, but delayed the release of those modes for months into 2012. With days to go until 2013, Blizzard has killed the game's Team Deathmatch…

Windows Store zips past 35,000 apps, now adding 415 Windows 8 apps a day

Starting out with 10,000 Windows 8 apps at its October launch, Microsoft heads into the new year with over 35,000 apps in its Windows Store.

Best iPhone car apps

Check out our list for the best car apps for the Apple iPhone.

The next Xbox and other predictions for gaming in 2013

We take a moment to consider what's ahead for gaming software and hardware in 2013.

Nokia Lumia prices drop: Lumia 920 $40 on Amazon, 822, and 810 now free with contract

Only a short while after Nokia launched its new Lumia family of smartphones, prices are already beginning to drop.
Social Media

When it comes to Facebook’s product plans, originality is overrated

The failure of Facebook's Poke app has revealed the social giant's nature as a doppleganger. And it won't stop until nothing in the tech world is left.

Fading print: E-book reading on the rise along with e-reader and tablet ownership

The results of a new survey suggest more Americans than ever are reading e-books, reflecting the rapid rise in e-reader and tablet ownership.