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New Toyota Supra could ditch turbos and stick shift for batteries and carbon fiber

The Supra harkens back to a time when Toyota built exciting cars. Times change, though and, according to a new report, so will the Supra. An all-new version could sport a carbon fiber body and a hybrid powertrain. That's not a bad thing.

Instagram orders third-party apps to stop using ‘insta’ and ‘gram’ in their name

Instagram is taking steps to further protect its brand, telling developers of third-party apps connected to the media-sharing service that they can no longer use the words "insta" and "gram" in their branding. That's right – it used to be…

Peru comes to Street View, service now covers 3000+ cities in 51 countries

More updates from Google's Street View team, with the latest bringing its first panoramic imagery from the streets and highways of Peru. The rollout of the new content means Street View now covers more than 3000 cities in 51 countries.

Don’t care if Uncle Sam reads your email? New studies show you’re now a minority

When Edward Snowden's NSA leaks first hit a couple of months ago, it didn't occur to me that news of widespread government surveillance might actually change anything. But if recent factors are any indication, it seems as though change is…

Nokia gets in the phablet game with the 6-inch, Full HD ‘Bandit’

Nokia has been associated with the development of a big-screen Windows Phone device for a while, and now it has been leaked as the Nokia Bandit, a 1080p, quad-core device expected before the end of the year.
Cool Tech

Hologram replaces human receptionist at council office in London

A council office in the UK has turned to tech in a bid to save money, using a hologram in place of a human receptionist to greet visitors. 'Shanice' has been programmed to answer a variety of questions and give directions to various…
Android Army

YouTube update for Android includes picture-in-picture feature, new-look UI, and more

YouTube developers have evidently been hard at work on the Android version of the app, with the team rolling out a big update on Tuesday. The revamp brings a slew of new features, including picture-in-picture funtionality enabling easy…

Rumor: 4.5-inch HTC Zara coming later this year with Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5

A new mid-range smartphone from HTC could be out before the end of the year, if a new leak proves to be correct. Named the HTC Zara, it could fit somewhere in-between the One Mini and the Desire 500, and may run Android 4.3.
Home Theater

TiVo officially announces Roamio DVR, records six shows at once

In an attempt to keep up with products like Dish Network's Hopper DVR set-top box, TiVo's new Roamio line of DVR set-top boxes include multiple tuners and can record a significant volume of high definition content.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Samsung Galaxy Mega lands in US, Nook Simple Touch price drop, Beaming up bits 2:29

Samsung’s Galaxy Mega will soon be landing in the U. S, the Nook simple touch sees another price drop, and researchers successfully teleport data.

Stan Winston built real, working (and terrifying) Terminators

A newly released video shows Stan Winston building the very first terminators, the T1s, which he designed, then built actual working models for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

The $2M 1,200hp Laraki Epitome looks like it was designed during a fever dream

Priced at $2 million, the Laraki Epitome is based upon the C6 Corvette but features a special carbon fiber skin. Thanks to twin turbos and some high octane fuel, the Epitome can produce 1,750 horsepower.