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Fujifilm X-series cameras get fast, premium 16mm lens option

Fujifilm's new 16mm wide-angle prime lens is ideal for landscape, travel, and street photographers who shoot low-light, macro, and bokeh images. The lens is designed to be weather- and dust-resistant.
Product Review

Asus ZenWatch Review

Tasteful design at the right price still can't make Asus' ZenWatch worth wearing.

Rags to riches to rags: The rise and fall of Internet Explorer

Over the past twenty years, Internet Explorer has reach a level of infamy that few other programs can claim, but there was once a time when Microsoft's browser dominated the competition for good reason.
Movies & TV

Get reacquainted with the legacy of Mad Max via this Fury Road primer video

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new video chronicling the legacy of the Mad Max franchise ahead of next month's premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy as the franchise's titular hero.

The USB ChargeDoubler brings fast and secure charging to the table

The USB ChargeDoubler sets itself apart from other USB charging cables by not only being extremely mobile, but also bringing secure and fast charging to the table. The cable is currently on Indiegogo.
Cool Tech

LucidBrake senses when you slow down, lights up like the brake lights on a car

Unlike most brake lights designed for cyclists, this one requires no special wiring to install on your bike. Instead, LucidBrake uses an array of accelerometers to determine when you're slowing down, and will automatically light up when you…

Spotify rolls back ‘Tweet the Beat’ feature after user backlash

New Spotify feature ‘Tweet the Beat’ removed after the social advertising tactic was called spam, decried by the media.
Movies & TV

Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell face off in new trailer for True Detective Season 2

The second season of True Detective, starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughan, and Taylor Kitsch, premiers June 21, and HBO has just released a teaser trailer
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NBA connects international fans with legends and superstars via live Q&A

The NBA will show their fan appreciation for the millions who followed the 2014-2015 regular season with 20 different live Q&A sessions on social media with more than 20 NBA players and legends.

Google’s new Handwriting app can read your chicken scratch and turn it into text

Google released Handwriting Input, a keyboard plugin that allows users to use finger or pen to write text by hand. It works on tablets and phones, and is available as a free download.
Cool Tech

Scientists develop contact lenses that eliminate dreaded ‘halo effect’

Scientists at the Bar-Ilan University in Israel may have developed a solution that corrects for the halo effect contact lens wearers dread. Multifocals worn by presbyopia sufferers have the most potential.