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Medal of Honor: Warfighter review: Mixed messages from home

EA and Danger Close’s second offering in the rebooted Medal of Honor franchise, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, offers a few moments of brilliance that are offset by its many technical issues and design flaws.
Home Theater

Second screen app Boxfish takes its TV-guide-killing self to the iPhone

TV search and discovery — as well as remote control — app Boxfish can now add the iPhone to its list of compatible devices. The team has also taken a cue from early user behavior and made some adjustments to transform into more of a…

Upgrading to Windows 8 improves your PC’s battery life and speed, argues Microsoft

Microsoft just released the latest version of its ubiquitous Windows platform. Windows 8 is available in the U.S. today and you can upgrade from Windows 7 for $40. Incentives to take the plunge include improved battery life, faster boot…
Android Army

James Bond’s Skyfall phone, the Sony Xperia TL, coming to AT&T Nov. 2 for $100

The Sony Xperia TL will be available on AT&T from November 2 for $100 on a two-year contract. The new phone will be featured in the new Bond movie Skyfall and comes with a 13-megapixel rear camera.
Cool Tech

Pulling a thread on the problems with wearable tech

Wearable tech may sound futuristic, but does the whole thing unravel when you start to consider snags like comfort, e-waste and even simple laundering?

Kanye West bestowed his presence at Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch party, but will phablet sales boom?

Samsung took a stop in New York City last night to launch the Galaxy Note 2, complete with a performance by Grammy award-winning artist Kanye West.

ITC ruling finds Samsung does infringe four Apple patents

Samsung just lost another case against Apple in the U.S. as an ITC judge found the company had infringed on four Apple patents. If the finding is upheld then the ITC has the power to stop infringing devices from being imported into the…
Android Army

UK retailer jumps the gun, puts Nexus 4 up for pre-order

The Nexus 4 has been made available as a pre-order on a UK phone retailer's website, despite not being officially announced yet. Google is expected to launch the phone on October 29, when it could be joined by several other new devices too.

5 amazing things about Windows 8

Microsoft's latest operating system marks the first time Windows and touch have worked together. But before you discount Windows 8 as a half-baked OS, you may want to learn about a few really great things it has to offer.

Windows Phone Store reaches 120,000 apps, but report shows growth has slowed *updated*

A new report indicates that Microsoft's Windows Phone Store has reached 125,000 apps, just ahead of Windows Phone 8's launch. However, despite incoming new hardware, growth has slowed over recent months.

Nokia still loves Windows Phone 7, announces the Lumia 510 to prove it

Nokia considers Windows Phone 7 to be ideal for entry-level smartphones, bridging the gap between Symbian and Windows Phone 8, and has announced the competitively priced Lumia 510 to prove it.

Bad manners? UK store stops serving customers yakking on mobile phones

Staff at a store in England have become so annoyed with people talking on their mobile phones at the cash register that they're now refusing to serve them.