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Rdio steps outside its music-only box and adds video streaming with the launch of Vdio

Music streaming platform Rdio is out to dominate your viewing-and-listening experience online through its release of Vdio. The app has a catalog of classics as well as access to day-after TV episodes. Clearly, Rdio is one step ahead of…

Chinese search engine Baidu developing Google Glass-like high-tech eyewear

Google's Chinese competition, Baidu, is working on a smart eyepiece technology similar to Google Glass called "Baidu Eye," but the company is undecided whether to release the device commercially.

A million Star Wars fans cry out, and are silenced as Disney closes LucasArts

After a few rough years, video game developer LucasArts was readying a comeback with games like Star Wars 1313 but Disney has throttled those plans and closed the studio after 31 years. Lucasfilm's new parent company plans to license out…

Rumor roundup: Blizzard’s ‘Project Titan’ MMO details hit the internet

Blizzard Entertainment has been taunting fans about its follow up to World of Warcraft for six years and after all that time almost nothing about the game is confirmed. One source that claims to be close to Blizzard claims the new MMO will…

Microsoft launches ‘Chinese Edition’ Surface Pro with Office Home & Student 2013 preloaded

Microsoft introduced a China-only Surface Pro that comes with an Intel processor, Windows 8, and Office Home & Students 2013 preloaded for about the same price as the Pro the U.S.
Cool Tech

Three engineer students invent an electrifying anti-rape undergarment

Three engineer students from one of India's most prestigious technical universities have designed an undergarment capable of delivering shocks to potential rapists and attackers. The device will be mass produced by month's end.
Home Theater

Amazon expands AutoRip to include 15 years of vinyl purchases

Amazon is now automatically uploading MP3 versions of albums to the Amazon Cloud Players of any customers who bought vinyl records from the site over the past 15 years and into the future.

Sega forced to add badge of shame to its UK ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ trailers

The game that Gearbox Software and Sega claimed was Aliens: Colonial Marines in previews and trailers was not exactly the same game as the one they released - and now a UK agency is holding them accountable.
Social Media

The new Twitter Cards are about to change the way you look at Twitter

Twitter wants to woo back developers on its own terms with the announcement of new Twitter Cards for displaying apps, galleries, and products. After becoming plenty of third party app's nightmare, the network is offering up new capabilities…
Android Army

Samsung’s Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo offer Android 4.1 fun on a budget

Samsung's Galaxy range isn't only about big screens and high prices, as the new Galaxy Star and the Galaxy Pocket Neo prove. Their spec sheets may be modest, but at least both use Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Trapit launches Publisher Suite so that all apps can become news reader apps

Trapit is offering publishers full access to the very Artificial Intelligence that powers Siri and Trapit to build their own newsreader apps. Now, any and all news publishers who are willing to cough up the cost can bake the Trapit…