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Microsoft Tags Windows 8 as “Windows.Next,” Thinks Its Revolutionary

Don't expect more of the same with Windows 8, Microsoft claims.


Best MP3 Players of 2010

In the market for an MP3 or video player? We give you a list of the best on the market today.


Kia Ray PHEV Concept Appears at 2010 Chicago Auto Show

Kia Motors' new aerodynamic Kia Ray concept car showed up at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show.


Asus Eee Pad Tablet: Potential iPad Killer?

Asus may have a chance at running with the iPad if it can manage to exploit the device’s weaknesses and build on what Apple has done right.


GPS Signals Lost with Intense Solar Activity

The sun's increasing activity and solar flares are disrupting GPS signals.

Cool Tech

T-Mobile Rolls Out New myTouch 3G Version

T-Mobile announced a new version of the myTouch 3G is available.


Does Apple’s iPad Prove We’re Too Gullible?

Rob Enderle asks how a product that stacks up so short beside similar competitors has moved to the forefront of the tablet discussion.


Is Macworld Dead?

The first Apple-less Macworld foreshadows a bleak future for the ailing and increasingly irrelevant event.


Logitech MK710 Keyboard Boasts Three-Year Battery Life

Logitech releases its new MK710 wireless mouse-and-keyboard combo with a super long battery life.


Oris BC3 Sportsman Watch

The Oris BC3 Sportsman watch says "no thank you" to the sparkle and shine, and goes for minimalist design.


Oracle Officially Acquires Convergin, Great IT Platform

Oracle announced its acquisition of Convergin and its sweet IT platform.


Google Testing Out Super Speedy Internet Service

Google announced today that it will be experimenting with new ways to improve Internet access and speeds.