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Change your glass, change your shot: Getting started with interchangeable lenses

The beauty of cameras like DSLRs are the interchangeable lenses, which can open up a whole new world of photography. If you're new to this world of advanced photography, our quick guide will help you pick the right lens for the job.

Porsche turns up the power on the 918 hybrid, taking on McLaren and Ferrari

The 918 supercar will go 93 miles in an electric-only mode and round the Nurburgring in about seven minutes. From what we’ve learned from the pre-production specs, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Now, however, we’ve learned Porsche…
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To Russia with Internet restrictions: Russia’s child-safety plan is more censorship than good sense

Russia is the latest government to impose harsh Web regulations. The new laws are supposedly working to keep children safe from harmful online content, but the overreach of what's being blacklisted is majorly concerning.
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2014 Subaru Forester Review

2014 Subaru Forester review.
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Mohu taps military tech for its new SkyHD outdoor antenna, promises 1080p from up to 60 miles

Mohu's new SkyHD antenna isn't just another aerial. Mohu taps military science to produce an antenna it claims is unlike any other currently on the market. It even tosses in one of its Jolt amplifiers for good measure. Could this be the…

Best BlackBerry Z10 cases

Have you snagged yourself a new BlackBerry Z10? You’re going to want a decent case to keep it in mint condition, so come on in, and peruse our list of the best BlackBerry Z10 cases on the market.

Kia: Along with tech focus, German carmakers will be benchmarks in bid to build up brand equity

Kia’s aggressive move to build on its technology initiatives could play well for the carmaker. But will it be enough to compete against German rivals?
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Vine is starting to get DMCA complaints … so maybe don’t upload that concert footage

Twitter, just three months after Vine's launch, is facing its first DMCA copyright complaint by Prince's record label NPG Records. Will Twitter step in and help rights holders get their artists' content off the network, or will it be on…
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Motive Television wants to put TV on your tablet, no Internet required

While startups like Aereo have to wage legal battles against networks to stream live TV broadcasts over the Internet, a new technology from UK-based Motive Television aims to deliver TV to tablets using standard over-the-air broadcast…

HTC may be gearing up to release its own Windows RT tablet

HTC may have already begun production on its own line of Windows Surface RT tablets. The company hasn't released a tablet since 2011, and both were met with lukewarm response. This collaboration may help boost sales.

Diesel BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon headed to the U.S. for 2014

The BMW diesel Sport Wagon announcement comes with good and bad news. The good is that they’re coming to the U.S. at all. The bad: they’re only coming as all-wheel drive automatics.

Rumor: iPhone 5S to start production this quarter, on the shelves this summer

Apple's iPhone 5S may go into production this quarter, much sooner than anticipated. In addition to the next generation in iPhones, the company is still reportedly working on a more affordable model.