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This card game about exploding cats from The Oatmeal is the most-backed Kickstarter of all time

Exploding Kittens, a card game from the artist behind The Oatmeal, ended its Kickstarter with over $8.7 million and over 219,000 backers, making it the most-backed project ever.

Android developer has found a way to get Android Wear to work with an iPhone

An Android developer has figured out a way to get Android Wear, the wearable-friendly version of Android, to work with an iPhone. While functionality is limited, the workaround pushes notifications from iOS to an Android Wear smartwatch…

Google Now card shows drivers gas stations along their current route, sparks questions

Google has made Google Now even more useful to users by creating a card showing gas stations along their current driving route. The card was spotted and shared with the public by a Google+ user, and it’s sparking a lot of questions.

Microsoft’s next app will let you track your friends

If you like keeping tabs on friends and family (or indeed loose acquaintances), take note: Microsoft has a friend-tracking app in the works, according to a report from a Spanish website.

Do you feel lucky, punk? The magnum revolver’s reign as gaming’s favorite sidearm

From the gun that won the West to Dirty Harry, the magnum revolver is one of the most iconic weapons in films and games. This new video reviews its history and role in games.

Should you turn your computer off at night? We asked an expert

The question of whether you should leave your computer on all the time or shut it down while you're away from it, especially at night, has been the subject of debate for years now. We decided to ask an expert.

Apple wants you to test the next iOS beta

Apple is so pleased with the way the Mac OS X public beta scheme has worked out that it wants to extend it to iOS, getting users to test features and squash bugs before the official release.

Yelp sues company for selling positive reviews

Yelp says that some unscrupulous businesses will promise to massage your user ratings online, for a fee — and now it's taking action against one of the alleged offenders via a lawsuit.