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AT&T’s purchase of Qualcomm’s spectrum halted by FCC

AT&T faces hurdles as FCC slows approval process for two major transactions.


Amazon sales figures paint violent picture of equipment used in London riots

Amazon is showing some fairly ominous sales trends in it's UK store.


Anonymous’ new agenda is Operation Facebook

Facebook is the latest entity to join Anonymous' hit list.

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IBM breaks up with the NCSA and Blue Water supercomputer project

Citing high costs and complexity, IBM dumped the NCSA's contract.

Cool Tech

Is technology being misused to identify London rioters?

Ethical boundaries are being tested in the wake of the London protests as the Web users debate the line between privacy and security.

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Save the pseudonyms: Why having multiple online personalities is not a disorder

Social networks may be on a crusade to slash pseudonyms and stomp out anonymity, but operating under a number of online names has its merits.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gets a trailer for Spec Ops’ Survival mode

A newly released trailer for Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gives fans their first look at the newly added Survival mode, part of the co-op-oriented Spec Ops section of the game.


Apple releases OS X Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

OS X Lion doesn't have physical discs, but the new Lion Recovery Disk Assistant lets users create an external drive with Lion Recovery capabilities.


Nintendo 3DS price drop starts today at Walmart

Walmart drops the Nintendo 3DS price down to $170 early in some stores, allows buyers to take advantage of the cheaper device while also receiving the Ambassador Program's 20 free games.


Toshiba Qosmio F755 notebook offers glasses-free 3D

Toshiba's new Qosmio F755 notebook uses auto-stereoscopic display technology to offer glasses-free 3D - oh, and it has Blu-ray and an Intel Core i7 processor too.


Hackers attack BlackBerry blog, threaten employees, after RIM agrees to help London police

Hacker group TeaMp0isoN infiltrated an official BlackBerry blog, and vowed to reveal personal data about Research In Motion employees if the company cooperated with Scotland Yard's investigation into who helped instigate the London riots.


ViaForensics: 10 pct of iOS, Android apps store clear text passwords

ViaForensics finds a stunning 10 percent of Android and iOS apps store passwords as clear text - and only 17 percent pass the first security criteria.

Android Army

Students love technology: Infographic

Is the idea that students love technology surprising? No, but this infographic sheds a little light on this gadget-addicted generation.


Yet another Amazon cloud crash downs high-profile sites

Amazon's cloud service has experienced yet another outage this year, only months after its major service disruption in April.


Team Bondi game IP and assets will reportedly be acquired by George Miller’s KMM

New rumors have surfaced that L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi is close to being acquired by George Miller's KMM, with former studio staffers being offered jobs with the new owner.