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Elon Musk’s Hyperloop would go 700 mph, do LA to San Fran in 30 minutes, and cost 20 bucks

On Monday, Elon Musk dropped another science/technology bomb on a suspecting public, finally releasing plans for a "hyperloop" he's been hinting at. It would be predictably awesome.

Twitch sets records with eSports, and one team takes home over $1.4 million in prizes

More than 4.5 million people tuned in to Twitch to watch the StarCraft II World Championship Season 2 Regional Finals along with The International DotA 2 Championships, which the Swedish team “Alliance” won, taking home $1.4 million in…

The PS4 will lose money at launch, but don’t blame the hardware, blame the yen

During a recent call to investors, Sony Computer Entertainment’s CEO Andrew House claimed that while the PS4 might be sold at a loss initially, it will be nothing like the PS3’s debut.
Social Media

Study says your Facebook friends hate you and your stupid photo uploads

It's true: You can lose real life connections based on your online behavior. A recent study did an in-depth look at what Facebook habits are driving are friends crazy. We advise you check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Return of the setup wizard? Leaked version of Windows 8.1 features lots of helpful hints

Windows 8.1 has been available in preview for well over a month, but a leaked build reveals new features that aim to help new users navigate their way around Microsoft's latest operating system.
Cool Tech

Scientists invent skin-prodding laser device to tell you when you’ll die. Thanks, science.

Two professors have invented a device that could administer some so-called "death tests" to determine how long a person has left to live. Totally creepy, or a convenient justification for all your #yolo antics?

Could you live without tech? You might have to

Modern technology is great, isn't it? Unfortunately, the convenience of the digital era has a downside: We are far more vulnerable when the gadgets and networks on which we rely no longer work. That's why you need a low-tech backup plan.

Feedly wants $5 to definitively replace your Google Reader – is it worth it?

Feedly Pro was recently announced, and it comes with a few exclusive features for those willing to pay a few dollars per month. However, the feature list is rather limited, so is now a good time to start paying for Feedly?

Tesla fights to replace analog rear-view mirrors with video cameras

Tesla headmaster Elon Musk is taking a deep breath and holding his nose as his company wades into the stink of American transportation bureaucracy to do away with another remnant of no-tech cars: rearview mirrors.
Social Media

Meet social media’s drug dealers, also known as ‘The Stupidest People On The Internet’

A shocking amount of drugs-for-sale schemes are popping up on the social networks - most recently, a Bedmidji user advertised "12 jars of marijuana" he had for sale.

NASCAR champ credits video games for his recent win

After NASCAR racer Brad Keselowski won a Nationwide series race at the Watkins Glen road course in New York, the current Sprint Cup Champion credited video games for helping him learn the track.
Health & Fitness

The NFL unveils new apps for mobile domination, but why stop there?

DirecTV and Verizon mobile customers now have access to tons of football, live on their phones. But appifying the NFL could lead to even cooler ways to capture fans on the go.