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Yet another reality TV show is in the works, but this time ‘style photographers’ are the stars

A new reality TV show about fashion photographers is currently in the works in the U.K. that will see 11 contestants competing for a chance to shoot a magazine cover and have their work exhibited. But does such a show promote or cheapen the…

World Solar Challenge: Solar-powered cars begin race across Australian outback

Solar-panel-laden cars are this week racing across Australia in the 2013 World Solar Challenge, which sees teams from around the world competing to create the fastest and most efficient vehicle powered only by that big yellow thing in the…

Samsung develops 13MP phone camera with greater stability and low-light capability

The days of smartphone snaps ruined by camera shake could soon be over – Samsung has developed a new 13-megapixel camera module it claims can handle the shakiest of shooters, with greater low-light capability also a feature.

Rumor: Samsung’s flexible phone, codename Galaxy Round, reportedly coming soon

If the latest rumor is correct, Samsung may launch its first smartphone with a flexible screen later this week. Currently known under the odd codename of Galaxy Round, if Samsung can meet this schedule, it should beat rival LG on to the…
Product Review

Moneual RYDIS MR6550 Review

Moneual RYDIS MR6550 review.

‘Gravity’ was awesome, but was it realistic? We asked two astronauts to find out

In the 50+ years that humanity has been going into space, less that 600 people in total have actually left the Earth. We speak with two of them about Director Alfonso Cuarón’s film Gravity, and just how realistic it is.

Samsung pushes its Gear smartwatch with three ads in one weekend

Samsung's Galaxy Gear landed in US stores last week, prompting the Korean tech giant to launch a marketing drive designed to get consumers excited about its new wrist-based gadget.

‘Blu Studio 5.5’ phablet is big, basic, bright, and only $180

Blu has announced a new smartphone, the Studio 5.5, which features a 5.5-inch screen, a quad-core processor, and a choice of bright colors, all for less than $200 without a contract.

Nexus 5 specs leak out, includes Snapdragon 800 chip and 5-inch screen

As the Nexus 5 edges closer to its official announcement, an almost complete specification has been leaked, showing the phone could have a 5-inch display and a Snapdragon 800 processor.

At $173K per horsepower, the Ferrari 250 GTO becomes the most expensive car ever sold

At $52 million, a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO is now the most expensive car in the world. The previous record holder was... another Ferrari 250 GTO. Clearly, vintage Ferraris are a good investment.

Best Apps of the Week: Pivvot, FIFA 14, Pocket Trains, and more

Need some new apps to occupy your phone? We have you covered with the best apps and updates of the week. Open up your app marketplace of choice and start downloading great apps like Pivvot, WyFire, One Shot, FIFA 14, Linqapp, and more.

Jetsetter: Japanese retailers keep PlayStation 4 pre-orders tight

This week in Jetsetter, we take a look at how Japanese retailers are prepping for the PlayStation 4 on the weekend that pre-orders open in Sony's homeland. We also check in on Konami's new hire in Britain and we check on that pesky European…