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Video of Google Buzz for Mobile Devices

Today Google released a video about its new mobile Google Buzz social networking tool.


Google Makes Gmail More Social with ‘Google Buzz’

Google announced its new Gmail feature, the Google Buzz, to make the email service more social.


Microsoft Says Windows 7 Battery Warnings Are Legit

Has Windows 7 been telling you your notebook battery is failing and needs replacement? Microsoft says Windows 7 is right.


Facebook Drops Microsoft Ads, Picks Up Bing

Facebook has cut short a banner advertising deal with Microsoft...but Microsoft remains the search provider, and Bing features are on the way.


Australian to Pay Nintendo $1.3 Mln For Putting Mario on the Internet

An Australian man has agreed to pay Nintendo $1.3 million in damages for pushing New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii to the Internet six days before its release.


Researcher Cracks Trusted Platform Module Security Chip

Security researcher Christopher Tarnovsky has shown a labor-intensive way to crack Trusted Platform Module chips widely used in government and enterprise.


Texas Instruments Unveils WiLink 7.0 Solution

Texas Instruments announced its new WiLink 7.0 single-chip solution, which will be presented at the Mobile World Congress this year.


Panasonic Unveils New 3D Blu-Ray Players, Recorders in Tokyo

Panasonic unleashed four new 3D capable Blu-ray players and recorders.

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Video of Google Buzz: Google’s New Social Networking Tool

Check out video of Google's new Buzz social networking tool in action.


Nvidia Optimus Promises Notebooks Best of Integrated and Discrete Graphics

Nvidia's Optimus technology will let notebooks transparently shift between battery-saving integrated graphics and high-performance discrete graphics...from Nvidia, of course.


Navigon Updates MobileNavigator iPhone App with 3D Terrain, Twitter

Navigon released its Version 1.5.0 update for the MobileNavigator iPhone app.


Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad Saves Legs, Extends Notebook Lives

Know how using a "laptop" on your lap can be well-neigh impossible? Belkin's improved Laptop Cooling Pad saved your thighs...and keeps your notebook cool.


BioShock 2 Launches Worldwide

The followup to the 2007 Game of the Year is on sale now for PS2, Xbox 360, and Windows PCs one put players in the boots - and complete diving suit - of Big Daddy.