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Searzall makes cooking with a blowtorch even more awesome

Good news, pyros! There's finally a device out there that lets you cook with a blowtorch without imparting your food with that horrible torch-taste. It's called Searzall, and we bet it'll be your new favorite kitchen gadget.

Digital Trends Engine of the Year: Audi’s 4.0 TFSI V8

You may not give much thought to what’s under the sheet metal of a luxury car, but in the case of Audi’s RS 7, the 4.0 TFSI V8 engine is a feat of engineering that allows the car to be both ferocious and surprisingly economical.

Crash that killed Paul Walker caused by ‘speed, and speed alone’

An investigator has unofficially verified that the crash that took actor Paul Walker’s life last month was not caused by mechanical failure but by "speed, and speed alone.” This should remind motorists that driving recklessly can end…
Cool Tech

Thylacine: a modular, customizable sleeping bag fit for any season

Kammok has developed a patent-pending modular sleeping bag system that allows you to add or remove insulation to better fit the level of warmth you need on any backcountry excursion. Hit the jump to find out how it works.

Pirate Bay pulls up anchors again, sets sail for Sweden

After the Pirate Bay moved to Peru, then jumped to Guyana yesterday, the ultra-popular torrent site has had to set sail and depart yet again. Now, they're back in Sweden, adopting the .se domain.
Movies & TV

‘Man of Steel 2’ interested in Joaquin Phoenix for Lex Luthor

Warner Bros. wants Joaquin Phoenix to face off against Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot in Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel 2,’ aka Batman versus Superman.

New Apple Mac Pro delayed from Dec. 30 to February

After initially stating that the redesigned Mac Pro desktop will begin shipping to buyers starting December 30, that is no longer the case. Read on to learn more about the Mac Pro delay.

Germany and England bury the hatchet: Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz finalize partnership

After months of talks and speculation, Aston Martin and Daimler have signed an agreement to share components. Mercedes-Benz AMG will supply V8 engines for future Aston sports cars.

Washington Post hacked again, Chinese origin suspected

After sustaining a cyber attack in August at the hands of the Syrian Electronic Army, along with other intrusions in the past several years, the Washington Post has been hacked again.
Home Theater

Here we go again: Samsung answers back with its own 105-inch curved 4K TV

Samsung will also be bringing a monstrous curved 4K Ultra HD TV to CES 2014. Shortly after LG made its announcement, Samsung was quick to volley with its early disclosure. While the TV's look similar on paper, they will likely sport plenty…
Social Media

Book about Twitter’s early days being turned into a movie, coming to a TV screen near you

Lionsgate is turning tech journalist Nick Bilton's book "Hatching Twitter" into a TV movie, giving the Twitter founders' feud-fueled origin story a Hollywood treatment. Bilton recounted how the founders turned a failing podcasting company…