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Video conversion service YesVideo can now send your preserved memories to Facebook Timeline

YesVideo converts vintage media into a digital format, and it's adding new social features that will allow customers to publish indexed footage to their Facebook Timeline.
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JVC surprises analysts, releases new JVC JLE55SP4000 55-inch SmartTV

In light of the release of the JVC JLE55SP4000, it seems rumors of the death of JVC TV's were greatly exaggerated. The new LED-edglit 55-incher boasts 3D and Smart TV capability, is bundled with 4 pair of passive 3D glasses, and comes in…
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Hands on with the Hisense Pulse, the most affordable Google TV box yet

Don't let the price tag fool you: Hisense's Pulse Google TV box sports a smart TV interface that is clean, smooth, and usable for everything from live TV to Netflix. And at $100, you won’t be able to find a set-top box much cheaper.
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Yelp tries public shaming to discourage businesses from gaming reviews and ratings

Yelp, in its latest measure to discourage businesses from gaming its reviews and ratings, will display warning signs on businesses suspected to be be illicitly enhancing their visibility and profile.
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DT Daily: Newsweek’s print edition is no more, Foxconn admits hiring kids 2:42

Related Links: White House review finds no evidence of spying by Huawei – sources Newsweek to kill money-sucking print edition, go digital-only Investigation finds children as young as 14 working at Foxconn AOL launches Alto…
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DT Debate: Is this trampoline bridge terrifying or wicked awesome?

AZC Studio submitted this concept design for a giant trampoline bridge that allows commuters to bounce their way across the Seine River. Is this a suicidal concept, or the most fun you'll ever have? Here's Andrew Couts and me duking it out…

Should you upgrade to Windows 8?

Windows 8 may be the latest and greatest from Microsoft, but the new OS holds both promise and pitfalls for new users. Check out our complete guide to see whether you should upgrade or stay put.

Newsweek to kill money-sucking print edition, go digital-only

Having seen the glowing light of the digital age, Newsweek will no longer be a real-life print magazine, as of December 31. Instead, the 80-year-old print publication will be available exclusively as a mobile app and on the Web — behind a…

Apple loses appeal in UK courts, still has to publicly state Samsung did not copy the iPad

After losing in court to Samsung in the UK this July, Apple was ordered to publicly state its rival didn't copy the iPad. It appealed the verdict, but the decision was upheld in court today, meaning Apple's punishment stands.

Apple rumored to be dipping into its savings to acquire Color Labs

After Color Labs was rumored to be closing its doors, the photo-sharing app startup refuted the allegation by saying it was doing no such thing. Now, a new rumor suggests it's be acquired by none other than Apple.

Acer preps affordable XC and ME desktops for Windows 8 launch

Acer's no-frills XC and ME desktops will offer the latest Intel Core processors, Windows 8, and start at $400 and $650, respectively.

Quad-core Acer Iconia Tab A110 announced, ready to take on the Nexus 7

Acer has announced the Iconia Tab A110, a budget Android tablet with a similar-but-subtly-different specification to the Google Nexus 7, leaving buyers to decide if they want more internal storage space or a higher screen resolution.