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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review

Without much new to offer, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a carbon copy cash-in.
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When deep sound isn’t enough, Alpine Headphones literally knock your noggin

Alpine has launchedits first truly aggressive set of headphones today. Dubbed 'Alpine Headphones,' the cans contain a deceptively advanced collection of technology, including a bass transducer in the headband.

Fire Strike Ultra lets you test your PC at 4K, even if you don’t have a 4K monitor

Futuremark's new Fire Strike Ultra test will let you know whether your PC can handle 4K content. Learn more here.

Russian ‘Sandworm’ hacking squad wriggles their way into Windows PCs used by NATO, EU

A team of hackers based in Russia has exploited a Windows bug to target computers used by NATO, the European Union, and other bodies. Learn more here.

Keecker, the projector-packing robotic butler, is now on Kickstarter

Ever wanted a little R2D2-like robot that could follow you around the house and play movies and music wherever you go? Well good news -- Keecker does exactly that, and it's just launched on Kickstarter

The Omate Lutetia adds a woman’s touch to the smartwatch craze

Omate announced the Lutetia, a smartwatch specifically geared towards women. Equipped with a near-circular display, the Lutetia will be available for pre-order tomorrow for $169.

Macs and iPads: What to expect from Apple’s keynote this Thursday

With Apple's keynote looming over the industry, we take a look at everything we expect to happen, and not happen, this Thursday. Rumors include updated iPads, iMacs, and the Mac Mini, as well as more info on OS X Yosemite.

Despite slowing sales, Toyota reaffirms commitment to second-gen GT86 sports car

The Toyota GT86 is loved by the media and the enthusiast community, but it hasn’t exactly translated into huge sales numbers. Still, Toyota remains committed to the back-to-basics sports car, as the company wants to keep fun cars in its…

Blues maestro Joe Bonamassa: Hi-res is hype, digital is clinical, bleed is good

For a guy who’s only 37, Joe Bonamassa is undeniably old school. The celebrated blues artist told us why more resolution isn’t better, why sequencing the order of songs on an album is a lost art, and why bleeding is good.

Future batteries may warn you before they explode thanks to this film

Nothing's scarier than the thought of your car, gadget, or e-cigarette battery exploding, but it does happen. Scientists have now developed a way for a battery to detect

Here’s a Saints Row game that you can never play, because it was canceled in 2010

The digital archaeologists of Unseen 64 have unearthed details of a cancelled brawler in the Saints Row series that was being developed for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2010, The Cooler.

Analog Trends: YouTuber gets a shock when he unboxes a $30,000 Magic card

A recent unboxing of a pack from the first printing of Magic: The Gathering had a shock at the end when the final card was a Black Lotus, the rarest card in the game.