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Prefer beverages with bubbles? SodaStream’s Mix carbonates almost anything

SodaStream is working on a new device called the Mix, which will allow you to carbonate everything from fruit juice to alcohol. The product is designed to appeal to mixologists and foodies alike.

Buy an Android smartphone and Moto 360 from Best Buy, get $100 off the total purchase

If you buy any Android smartphone from Best Buy, the retailer will take $100 off the Moto 360. By any Android smartphone, we mean everything from contract smartphones to prepaid handsets.

Unlimited data — Who wants that? says Verizon in totally unconvincing blog post

Verizon's latest blog post rails against unlimited data plans, calling them pointless and bad for customers. The analyst who wrote the post claims that unlimited data would strain networks and drive up costs.

Convinced you need a smartwatch? Neither am I, and I’m really trying here

Not convinced you need a smartwatch? Neither am have I, and I been wearing one for months. How will companies convince the world we all do?
Movies & TV

Game of Thrones gets animated in Lil Thrones parody

George R.R. Martin introduces a preview of the animated series Lil Thrones, a parody of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones based on his fantasy novels. The current season of Game of Thrones premiered on April 12.

HP announces 32-inch UltraHD monitor and thin-bezel professional displays

HP has announced an impressive new 31.5-inch, 4K monitor that promises excellent color gamut and accuracy. It also revealed a line of professional monitors with thin bezels that target multi-monitor users.
Movies & TV

First teaser for Scream TV series promises to bring slasher cinema to the small screen

MTV premiered the first trailer for its upcoming Scream television series based on the popular horror franchise featuring a mask-wearing slasher. The series is a total reboot of the original movie concept.

Envelop aims to bring audio-based virtual reality to life with high-definition, 3-D sound

This surround sound-equipped San Francisco nightclub, which will be used for electronic music shows, educational workshops and psychological research, is an audio geek's dream.

HP’s Z Turbo Drive G2 might be the new SSD performance champion

HP has announced a new NVMe solid state drive, the Z Turbo Drive G2. Its official specifications suggest it may even outperform Intel's 750 Series, but the drive doesn't hit retail until June.