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Take a behind-the-scenes look at the episodic, live action Halo: Nightfall

Check out this first look at Halo: Nightfall, Ridley Scott's live action series based on Microsoft's hit shooter franchise. The series will serve as prequel to the upcoming Halo 5.

Put away your screwdriver: Apple’s new Macs are a bear to disassemble

iFixit has gone deep inside the hoods of the brand new Apple Retina iMac, and the Mac mini. Here's what they found.

Shh! When the V12 is asleep, the hybrid Laferrari can secretly drive electric

Ferrari says the LaFerrari hybrid supercar can't drive on electric power alone, but this video proves otherwise. It shows a black LaFerrari gliding silently for a short distance at low speed.
Cool Tech

Video: Carving through crowds on real-life RocketSkates

We caught up with Peter Treadway of Acton, maker of the RocketSkates. After blowing past its $50,000 goal to collect over $550,000, the RocketSkates are now in production and should be shipping to backers soon. Check out the RocketSkates in…

Facebook sues the law firms that backed a fraudulent ownership claim against it

Several years after Paul Ceglia's case was dismissed and revealed as a fraud, Facebook is suing the law firms which supported the claim he owned 84 percent ownership of the social network.
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James Cameron explains how robo-Ahnuld is older in Terminator Genisys

The Terminator director James Cameron says he suggested the idea of how to bring Arnold Schwarzenegger back for franchise reboot Terminator Genisys.

Land Rover’s Defender could go out on a high note with special performance model

The Land Rover Defender will leave showrooms at the end of 2015, and what better way to send it off than with a special-edition version from LR'S Special Vehicle Operations skunkworks?

Control your DSLR’s shutter remotely from an Android device with this free app

ShutterBOT is a free app for IR-equipped Android phones and tablets that let you control a DSLR camera's shutter remotely. It supports nearly every major DSLR, and popular devices like Samsung's Galaxy S5.
Movies & TV

Tom Hardy being pursued for lead villain in X-Men: Apocalypse

The Dark Knight Rises actor is reportedly being offered the title role in X-Men: Apocalypse, which will have him play a dangerous mutant foe of the X-Men.
Movies & TV

Awesome! The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is coming out on cassette tape

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack will be released on cassette tape this November. It's a limited edition and can only be found at a few record stores.

Watch out, McLaren: Twin-turbo Ferrari 458 targeting the 650S with 666 devilish HP

We know that Ferrari will release a 458 successor in 2015, but the juicy details keep pouring in. New reports say the revamped 458 will feature a 650-plus-horsepower V8 and target the McLaren 650S.
Game Review

Fantasia: Music Evolved Review

Fantasia: Music Evolved weaves a magical spell out of melody, motion, and merriment.