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Yep, Instagram just got private messages: What you need to know about Instagram Direct

Instagram unveiled a major new feature today: Instagram Direct, a private chatting option that allows users to send photos and text to individuals or groups of up to fifteen people. Should Snapchat and Twitter be worried?

Rinspeed’s XchangE autonomous concept car allows driver’s to recline and enjoy a nap

Set for a Geneva Motor Show unveiling, the Rinspeed XchangE concept is designed to take advantage of autonomous car tech. It's interior helps passengers make the most of the "free time" they'll gain.

McLaren’s next supercar will be the ‘entry-level’ P13 to compete with Audi’s R8

How will McLaren follow up the superlative P1? By building something (slightly) more practical. The P13 will be the company's cheapest model yet, but should offer plenty of performance.
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Wow. Dogecoin is the most Internet thing to happen, ever

What do you get when you combine a ridiculous Internet meme with Bitcoin? Dogecoin, of course – which may be the most Internet thing that has ever happened. Ever. Wow. Such currency. Amaze.

Sony’s new USB flash drives plug into your Android device, making file sharing even easier

Sony has announced a new flash drive suitable for use with smartphones and tablets. It works with a micro USB port, provided your device has USB On The Go connectivity, and comes in three different sizes.

YouTube on the up and up with 2013 ad revenue forecast to hit $5.6 billion

Site changes and investments appear to be paying off for Google-owned YouTube with a report Wednesday forecasting the company will generate gross ad revenue of $5.6 billion in 2013, up from an estimated $3.7 billion in 2012.

South Korean court rules against Samsung in patent case with Apple, says no to iDevice ban

It's not just the US where Apple and Samsung are battling it out in courts over a myriad of patent disputes. It's going on around the world, and on Thursday the latest ruling, on Samsung's home soil, went against the Korean tech giant.

Oppo teases the Find 7, which could be home to 2014’s top smartphone tech

Oppo has teased the arrival of the Find 7, a new device listed only as coming soon from the Chinese manufacturer. Previous rumors have suggested the specification will be very high.
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Gadgets for cyclists

Pedal power meets processor power

Rdio expands music service to 20 new markets, now streaming to 51 countries

As music-streaming service Spotify unveiled a free service for mobile users on Wednesday, rival Rdio at the same time announced it was rolling out its service to 20 more markets across Europe and Latin America.

Microsoft to Gmail users: Switch to with our new import tool!

Microsoft lost millions of Hotmail users to Gmail in the years following its 2004 launch, but now it wants them back. The company is rolling out a new tool that simplifies the process of switching from Gmail to its post-Hotmail…

To improve your photographic memory, study suggests putting down the camera

A research study by Fairfield University found that simply taking photos of things affects our ability to remember them later, while those who observe with their own eyes are able to recall things better.