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Best games for the Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS for 2012

With the year coming to a close, we look back at Nintendo’s best offerings of 2012.

Continental becomes first automotive supplier to get Nevada autonomous vehicle licensing

Even though cars that can drive themselves are still a long ways off, Continental is pushing ahead with the technology in order to secure an early lead.

New music streaming service hacks your brain to make you a better employee

A new startup, focus@will, claims to have found the secret to music actually making you productive instead of distracting you.

Senate bill seeks to keep ISPs from price gouging you with data caps

Sen. Ron Wyden has introduced a bill, the Data Cap Integrity Act, which would allow the FCC to prohibit Internet service providers from instituting data caps for the sole purpose of making money.
Social Media

Facebook rolling out drag-and-drop photo service and testing new Timeline design

Facebook is tinkering with user's Timelines yet again. The social network also started rolling out a drag-and-drop photo feature, and testing inline "About" tabs.
Cool Tech

Holiday party planning gone digital with these gadgets and online tools

Prepare for the best party you'll ever throw with these helpful tools and gadgets that'll leave your guests wanting more.

Gifts of Holiday Past: C-3PO has nothing on My Pal 2, the best robot of all time

Robots have always been awesome, but opportunities to own one have been few and far between. In 1991, a little robot pal came a long and changed all that.
Cool Tech

Inside the next generation of smartphone and tablet batteries

Batteries are a hot topic right now, but for all the wrong reasons, as the technology is struggling to keep up with advances in processor speeds and high resolution displays. Leyden Energy has developed a new type of battery which will…

UPS delivery man steals iPad Mini after FedEx delivered it

Captured by a security camera mounted above the front door of a home, a UPS delivery grinch was filmed helping himself to a tablet delivered by FedEx.
Home Theater

Motorhead singer to turn up the volume with launch of Motorheadphones

Lemmy Kilmister to host CES press conference to unveil headphones for rock listeners.

IBM signs a deal with Green eMotion to help bring standardization to European EV charging

There is an obvious need to find a way to accommodate EV owners who wish to travel between European countries, and standardization is the key to this.

First BB10 handset reportedly to be called the ‘BlackBerry Z10’

It's been claimed that Research In Motion will be calling its new BB10 touchscreen device the BlackBerry Z10, indicating a new nomenclature strategy for the Canadian mobile maker. The device, along with a qwerty-keyboard-equipped handset…