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Listen as Volvo Polestar’s V8 Supercar engine makes 650 screaming horsepower

Volvo is hardly known as a performance automaker, but its racing team is about to get a big boost from the new V8 designed by the tuners at Polestar. This big bad V8 pushes out 650 hp and revs all the way to a 7500 rpm redline, all while…
Game Review

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review.

Nokia to launch its Android-powered smartphone at Mobile World Congress

Although it has been rumored for several months, it was never certain the Android-powered Nokia X would ever be released. Now, a new report seems to confirm the device will be made official during Mobile World Congress.

Apple begins global roll out of iTunes Radio, starts with Australia

Australia is the first country to get iTunes Radio following its launch in the US last September. Apple rolled out the service there on Tuesday in what could be the start of a rapid global expansion in the coming months.

LG may shrink its G2 flagship phone by a half inch, call it a Mini

An LG smartphone with the model number D618 has been spotted on the FCC's database. In the past, this number has been linked to the LG G2 Mini, a slightly smaller version of the company's flagship G2.
Cool Tech

Drone deliveries set to start in Dubai

It's got the tallest building in the world and the biggest shopping mall, and now it wants to be the first government to deliver official documents to citizens by drone. The UAE will test the service in Dubai, with a wider roll out expected…

On ‘The Day We Fight Back,’ can we knock the NSA the same way we stomped SOPA?

Can the Internet do to the NSA what it did to the Stop Online Piracy Act? The 'Day We Fight Back' campaign hopes the answer is yes. Unfortunately for us all, it seems more likely to be the opposite.

Google Glass trialled by Virgin Atlantic staff at London’s Heathrow airport

In an effort to add a certain 'cool' factor to its service while improving the check-in procedure for fliers, Virgin Atlantic staff are trying out Google Glass and other wearable tech at London's Heathrow airport.

Samsung hints at a TouchWiz redesign in latest Galaxy S5 teaser

Samsung has sent out a second teaser image for its February 24 MWC bash, where the Galaxy S5 may be revealed, this time hinting its TouchWiz Android user interface may have also been redesigned.

Another one out: Executive in charge of BlackBerry’s BBM business exits company

The guy in charge of BlackBerry Messenger, Andrew Bocking, is the latest executive to leave the embattled mobile company. BBM is one of BlackBerry's few success stories, so his decision to walk out may come as a surprise to some.