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Box doubles the pleasure, bumps free storage plan to 10GB

Today, cloud storage service Box announced an update to its plans, including twice the amount of storage for its free plan (now 10GB), and a new Starter plan for small businesses looking for an affordable way to collaborate, and store and…
Home Theater

Move over Showtime, Netflix just took your seat at the big kids’ media table

First Disney, now The Weinstein Company. Netflix is on a tear to dominate pay-TV and its latest exclusivity deal takes it just one more step toward that goal. Expect to see more such deals from Netflix in the coming months.
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Acer Aspire S7-392 Review

Acer Aspire S7-392 Review.
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Tweeting triggers are back! IFTTT and Twitter are playing nice again

If you want to use hashtags to automatically post tweets on Facebook, now's your chance: Twitter is back on IFTTT, an automation service.

5 reasons to liberate your ebooks from their DRM prison

Protect the books you paid for from Amazon, Google, and the whims of any other bookseller who wants to control where and how many times you can access them. Break the DRM and keep a local backup you control.

The canary is dead, and Nokia needs to escape the Windows Phone mineshaft now

With Windows Phone, Nokia is in competition with itself, as it controls 85 percent of the market, thanks to its fellow manufacturers ignoring it. Can it survive with only Nokia working on its behalf, or will Nokia find itself with another…
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All the obvious places you shouldn’t use Instagram

A woman was recently fired for Instagramming pictures of the kids she babysat... obviously. But as 'duh' as this may seem, there are plenty of you posting pics from entirely inappropriate places.
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Hack Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, collect $11,000

Facebook refused to pay security researcher Khalil Shreateh after he posted a message to Mark Zuckerberg's page to prove that he'd discovered a security bug. But now, Shreateh is more than $11,000 richer thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

Compact KISS espresso machine is made for the ultimate minimalist

Don't let the KISS espresso machine's size fool you. Even though it comes in an adorable size, the machine is capable of making coffee strong enough to rival the biggest boys on the market.

‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ skipping free-to-play in favor of monthly subscriptions

ZeniMax Online Studios general manager Matt Firor confirms that 'The Elder Scrolls Online' will embrace a monthly subscription pricing model, with players expected to spend $14.99 per month in order to play.
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Altec Lansing the Jacket iMW455 Review

Altec Lansing the Jacket iMW455 review.

‘Diablo III: Reaper of Souls’ expansion brings new loot, quests, and the Angel of Death

Activision Blizzard reveals 'Reaper of Souls,' the first story add-on pack for 'Diablo III.' In addition to bringing new content to the game, the expansion also updates some of the underlying systems for loot and endgame play.