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Gifts of Holiday Past: Speak & Spell was blowing kids’ minds 34 years before Siri

It was a toy to help children learn to read, but the technology that created the Speak & Spell was far more than elementary.

ICANN domain lottery may open the Web to .kittens and .transformers in 2013

ICANN held its domain name auction this week. The results promise to change the Web as we know it next year.
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Astronomers find a livable planet 12 light-years from earth

Researchers have reportedly discovered a new system of planets surrounding a sun-like star that may contain one planet with liquid water - meaning that it could potentially support life.

Why is Intel’s smartphone strategy focusing overseas?

Intel seems to be aiming its smartphone efforts at emerging markets rather than places Europe and North America? Smart, or running scared?
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Legoland Hotel California is opening ahead of schedule, and I want to go to there

At last, an American-based Legoland Hotel is opening ... and from the looks of it, the hotel should please all patrons young and old.

Borderlands 2 continues to evolve with news of a level cap bump, third playthrough option

Gearbox Software reveals plans to raise the level cap and add a third playthrough option to Borderlands 2 in early 2013.

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC heads to new lands with new threats

We explore the first few hours of Gearbox Software's third Borderlands 2 DLC pack, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.

Hiriko set to begin production of its tiny Fold EV

The Fold's electric drivetrain allows it to do things that wouldn't be possible with a regular car, making it better suited to an urban environment.

Don’t get suckered by these holiday Web scams

Be careful of these holiday scams while you're shopping or searching for deals that you just can't resist. Sometimes things are really too good to be true.

UK 4G LTE spectrum auction attracts new players, but will a new mobile network follow?

UK communications regulator Ofcom has announced there will be seven companies taking part in its 4G LTE spectrum auction next year, where alongside the usual suspects, a couple of new names have appeared. Does this indicate a new mobile…

Mount Everest gigapixel image lets you see Base Camp and climbers up close

A stunning two-gigapixel image of Mount Everest and the surrounding area allows viewers to zoom in close enough to see Everest Base Camp and even climbers.
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How to avoid getting suckered when you shop for gadgets

Some retailers will do anything to get you in the door and dropping money on tech – like some of these dodgy strategies.