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More than a third of all recorded DVR content is never viewed

While the DVR has significantly increased the convenience of catching your favorite television shows and movies, a new study indicates that a large chunk of recorded content simply never gets watched.

Detroit Electric: The grandaddy of all electric carmakers returns with a two-seat sports car

Think the electric car is a 21st century invention? Detroit Electric was building them back in 1907. We'll have to see if this earliest of early adopters is here to stay.

Germany’s iconic (and deadly) Nurburgring racetrack can be yours for $165 million. Any takers?

The Nurburgring, considered one of the most difficult race circuits in the world, is said to have nearly ten potential buyers vying for the racetrack.

Microsoft entices Windows app developers by paying $100 per published app

Microsoft's "Keep the Cash" promo will grant developers $100 per qualifying app and, if done right, could lead to more quality apps in the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.
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Google introduces animated GIF search, Internet weeps with glee

We’ve been giving Google a lot of flack for suspending noteworthy services like iGoogle and the recently announced Google Reader, but we’re willing to forgive a little because of something the search giant has added – you can now…

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm review – Evolve and survive

Blizzard's StarCraft II expansion drops another third of the eventual trilogy, with a new campaign and multiplayer pieces. But the lopsided experience is equally challenging and too easy.
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Volkswagen, Google team up to make road trips more fun with ‘Smileage’ app

Take pictures, tag your friends, and at then end, Volkswagen and Google’s latest app will assign a smileage value to your trip. Sunny trips on a Saturday will build more smileage than a snowy work commute.

Google rolls out Chromebooks in 6 more countries, doubles U.S. Best Buy sellers

In an effort to widen Chromebooks' market availability, Google is releasing three models in six different countries, while stocking up more than 1,000 Best Buys with their Chrome OS laptops stateside.
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Are you an Instagram wizard or wannabe? Your favorite filters are more revealing than you think

According to a tongue-in-cheek new infographic, what you choose as your Instagram filter reflects your personality. While it might err on the silly side, these stats do offer a little insight about who is using the most popular filters on…

First Drive: Come for the nostalgia, stay for the tech smarts in Chevy’s 2014 Impala

Having received a thorough makeover and sporting the company's next generation MyLink system, Chevrolet is hoping its full-sized 2014 Impala sedan is one lively beast you won't mind living in your garage.
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Facebook is trying to prevent scams and fake profiles, one locked account at a time

Having trouble logging into your Facebook today? Don't have a heart attack, it's just a way for the site to eradicate spam content and malicious profiles. But is uploading personal data the best way to prove to Facebook you are ... you?

10 things you might not know about ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’

With the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on home media today, we look back at the film and offer 10 things about J.R.R. Tolkien book and Peter Jackson's film that you might not know.