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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Review

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse brings mobile gaming into your living room.

Trends with Benefits: Why the FCC got it right, and a smartband that’s so wrong

The FCC's historic vote on Net neutrality, the Apple Watch, mind-controlled drones, and more in this week's episode.

Seat teases a vehicle for the 2015 Geneva Auto Show. Could this be its long rumored SUV?

Seat, the Spain based automaker, has tweeted an image of a car’s headlight, teasing a reveal for the 2015 Geneva Auto Show. No information followed the image, but persisting rumors suggest it may be an SUV.
Movies & TV

Get a quick preview of House of Cards season 3, out on Netflix today

As of midnight, the third season of House of Cards was made available to Netflix subscribers, including 13 full one-hour episodes. Check out our sneak preview to get you ready to binge.

Citymaps brings its personalized, place-based maps to the whole world

Citymaps brings personalized, place-based maps to the whole world. Around 80 million places are now on the maps. Citymaps will also recommend places based on what places you've liked before.

USB 3.1 support for Windows 10 confirmed by leaked schedule

A talk set for next month's WinHEC conference seems to confirm that Microsoft is planning to support USB 3.1 in Windows 10, which will enable the use of reversible connectors similar to the Lightning connection used by Apple's iPhone and…

Here’s why Windows 10 is terrible for your laptop’s battery life

Windows 10 comes with a new Battery Saver feature, which promises improved power management. We compared Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 TP to find out which one presently offers better battery life. The results might surprise you.

The Opel Corsa OPC is the subcompact we’d want for a few laps around the Nürburgring

Opel has announced the fifth generation of its subcompact, the Corsa. With sporty upgrades from its OPC performance division, it has made a Nürburgring-tested subcompact that rivals cars like the Ford Fiesta ST in capability.

Grab the hottest PS4 indies on the cheap with Sony’s Spring Fever sale

PlayStation Plus members can save 10-percent on eight fantastic indie games when they launch on PlayStation 4 as part of Sony's Spring Fever 2015 sale.
Cool Tech

This smart liquor bottle can tell if your $200 scotch has been opened

You get home and pour yourself a scotch. Do you know what you're drinking? Maybe not. To crack down on counterfeiting, Johnnie Walker Blue Label will soon come in a smart bottle.