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Blink might be the most affordable DIY home security system yet

Despite boasting a staggeringly low price of just 49 bucks, Blink, a new project on Kickstarter, sports a veritable boatload of different sensors, and even a night vision camera

Prepare to be throttled: Verizon Wireless to stifle subscribers’ unlimited data

Verizon will reportedly throttle subscribers' unlimited data plan speeds. The changes will go into effect on October 1. Previously, only those with 3G data experienced throttling.

LSU rolls out punishment policy for students who pirate stuff using the school’s network

Louisiana State University will begin to take action against students who swipe stuff from the Internet illegally using the school's network.

Serenity’s crew reunites for Firefly Online, check out the first trailer

Quantum Mechanix and Spark Plug Games announced at Comic-Con that all of the original stars of Firefly will reprise their roles in the upcoming massively multiplayer Firefly Online.
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Put on your bro and puffy shirt because Seinfeld may soon come to Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld returns to AMA on reddit, and reveals that his "show about nothing" may very well be making its way to Netflix, to the joy of fans new and old, especially to the cord-cutter crowd.
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Joaquin Phoenix rumored for Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Sources close to the Marvel casting process have suggested the Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, in the studio's upcoming Phase Three film.

Bose sues Apple’s Beats Electronics over noise-canceling headphones patent

Bose has sued Apple's Beats brand over the patents it holds associated with noise-canceling headphones, according to a report from Re/code. The ITC complaint, filed today, lists both Beats Electronics and Beats Electronics International as…

WiFi Dashboard for Windows 8.1 will tell you if your connection is secure or not

This Windows 8.1 app will let you know whether your Internet connection is secure, or if you should consider taking steps to make it so.

Great Scott! Next-gen Supra to have a boosted BMW engine, supercapacitors, and AWD

The next-generation Toyota Supra has had about an active rumor mill as any car in recent memory. Some say it will look like Toyota's FT-1 Concept, others say it will share its chassis with the FR-S, but we're now hearing that it will have a…
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Google Glass gets banned from Comic-Con screenings

Comic-Con announced that Google Glass would not be permitted in screenings that take place during panels. The same goes for prescription-based Google Glasses. However, it seems that you can still walk around the convention with…
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The Last of Us movie eyes a Game of Thrones star for Ellie, Sam Raimi set to produce

The Last of Us writer and director Neil Druckmann appears and chats with now-confirmed producer Sam Raimi about the PS3 game's upcoming movie adaptation.

These 3D-printed wireless earphones are tailored to your ears and your lifestyle

OwnPhones are a 3D-printed pair of in-ear earphones that are seriously customizable. Customers use the accompanying app to fit the cans perfectly to their ears, and once they ship, the app is then used to customize exactly how the 'phones…