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LG G2 Mini exposed before MWC, specs can’t match the G2

The LG G2 Mini has been exposed ahead of its launch at Mobile World Congress, but sadly, the specification isn't up there with the G2.
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BBM now works on Android phones running Gingerbread

Last month BlackBerry said it'd soon launch BBM for Android phones running Gingerbread and on Tuesday it made good on its promise. With more than 20 percent of the world's Android phones still running v. 2.3, the app's user base could…

Samsung rumored to replace Android with Tizen on Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch

A new rumor suggests Samsung will replace Android with Tizen on the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch, and that it'll launch during Mobile World Congress.

Google explains how not to be a Glasshole

Google has published an etiquette guide for Glass users in a bid to stamp out Glasshole-type behavior, thereby preventing its face-based gadget from becoming dragged down by negative publicity when it hits the market later this year.

Noki-arrr launches the Treasure Tag, a location tracker for forgetful pirates

Nokia has launched the Treasure Tag, an NFC accessory for anyone who has left their keys/wallet/bag/all three behind, and regretted it for the rest of the day.
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With Hoyo, smartphone addicts may never get out of the shower

Addicted to your smartphone? Feel weak and vulnerable when you shower without it? The Kickstarter-funded Hoyo waterproof pouch means you'll never have to part from your handset ever again.

BlackBerry boss ‘outraged’ by T-Mobile’s ‘ill-conceived’ anti-BB iPhone promotion

BlackBerry boss John Chen says he's ‘outraged’ by T-Mobile's 'inappropriate and ill-conceived' iPhone promotion in which the wireless carrier emailed its BlackBerry customers with an offer to switch to Apple's handset.
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DT Daily: Fisker’s comeback, Bugatti designed airplane, LEGO built braille printer 2:21

Electric car maker Fisker may be about to rise from the dead, a Bugatti designed airplane will soon take to the air, and what can you build with LEGOs? How about a braille printer.

VTech’s KidiZoom watch is the first smartwatch designed for kids

Likely designed to help kids pretend that their wristwatch is as cool as their parent's smartwatch, the VTech KidiZoom will let kids take pictures and video as well as play fun mini-games.
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PrioVR mocap suit turns your entire body into a gaming controller

Definitely an interesting way to enhance your gaming experience, the PrioVR is a consumer version of the motion capture suit often used by developers when creating video games.
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Beats Studio Wireless Review

Beats Studio Wireless Review.

Breaking news: HTC will replace your phone screen for $29 if it shatters

HTC has launched a new warranty program for owners of the HTC One. The Advantage plan will offer two years of updates, free cloud storage, and a cheap screen replacement.