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Samsung has made a battery so bendy, it’ll wrap around your wrist

At an energy and battery tech show in Korea, Samsung has shown off the world's first truly flexible battery. It's so bendy, it could be rolled around the side of a cup and still function normally.
Cool Tech

A drone carrying a political banner causes soccer fight that shuts down game

It seems quadcopters aren't all about attaching cameras and shooting awesome footage. They can also be used to cause mass brawls at international soccer games, as one operator discovered in Serbia on Tuesday night.

‘We got carried away with ourselves’: Bono says sorry for pushing album to iTunes users

Bono said the band got "a little carried away" with its recent 'Songs of Innocence' promotion that saw the album pushed to millions of handsets via iTunes. Speaking during a Q&A session on Facebook, U2's frontman apologized to disgruntled…

Pow! Smartphone maker Kazam launches the svelte, 5.15mm thick Tornado 348

Smartphone newcomer Kazam has launched the Tornado 348, an octa-core smartphone that measures a mere 5.15mm thick. It's coming to Europe in the next month, and will wear a very competitive price tag.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Google looks to ‘Magic’ VR, automatic Tor router, Dropbox password hack 2:41

Today on DT Daily: Google gets into magic, a router that protects your privacy and Dropbox says their service is secure after a password leak is reported. The battle over virtual reality supremacy is heating up, as news comes that…
Android Army

Asus announces PadFone X Mini, a smaller tablet and phone combo

If you're yet to get yourself a tablet and aren't interested in pricey high-end handsets, the new PadFone X Mini from Asus, which transforms your handset into a tablet, will be worth a look when it lands at AT&T next week.
Game Review

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review

Without much new to offer, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is a carbon copy cash-in.
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When deep sound isn’t enough, Alpine Headphones literally knock your noggin

Alpine has launchedits first truly aggressive set of headphones today. Dubbed 'Alpine Headphones,' the cans contain a deceptively advanced collection of technology, including a bass transducer in the headband.

Fire Strike Ultra lets you test your PC at 4K, even if you don’t have a 4K monitor

Futuremark's new Fire Strike Ultra test will let you know whether your PC can handle 4K content. Learn more here.

Russian ‘Sandworm’ hacking squad wriggles their way into Windows PCs used by NATO, EU

A team of hackers based in Russia has exploited a Windows bug to target computers used by NATO, the European Union, and other bodies. Learn more here.

Keecker, the projector-packing robotic butler, is now on Kickstarter

Ever wanted a little R2D2-like robot that could follow you around the house and play movies and music wherever you go? Well good news -- Keecker does exactly that, and it's just launched on Kickstarter

The Omate Lutetia adds a woman’s touch to the smartwatch craze

Omate announced the Lutetia, a smartwatch specifically geared towards women. Equipped with a near-circular display, the Lutetia will be available for pre-order tomorrow for $169.