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Review: UpTo 2.0 redefines the social calendar, yet again

UpTo started as a social network that appeared as a calendar. With version 2.0, it's shifting to a calendar first. That's a welcome change as we found in our hands on with the update to the app, available now on iOS and Android.
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LG 55EA9800 Review

LG 55EA9800 review.

How does Moto X compare to iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4?

Motorola showed off the Moto X handset today, the phone it hopes will become its flagship device. We put it up against other flagship phones, Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S4, in a spec showdown.

Reporting from Black Hat: Your smart TV is probably spying on your family right now

On Thursday, not one but TWO panels went into detail on how your smart TV is eminently hackable and arguably the most dangerous device in your home.
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The 8 best Twitter bots you aren’t following

Sure, you know who @Horse_ebooks is, and sure, it's a hilarious Twitter spambot, but is it a useful one? Here are eight Twitter bots that actually serve a purpose beyond engaging in Weird Twitter antics.

YouTube to open free-to-use creator space in New York

YouTube said Thursday it plans to open a new state-of-the-art creator space in New York offering content producers the free use of audio/visual equipment, HD cameras, professional-grade editing suites, green screen studios, rehearsal rooms…

Can Elon Musk solve the world’s energy needs through solar power and electric cars?

Solar power, despite high-profile business failures like Solyndra and a few others, is riding a wave of popularity. Put simply: it works.

Street View boards the A380, world’s largest passenger airliner

Continuing its off-road explorations, Google's Street View team has now stepped onto the world's largest passenger plane, Airbus's A380. The imagery shows off the swish interior of the huge aircraft, which is capable of holding more than…

Terrafugia flying car takes to skies in first public air show flight

The street-legal Terrafugia 'flying car' this week made its first public flight at the EAA AirVenture air show in Wisconsin, taking to the skies for a 20-minute demonstration before landing, folding up its wings and driving off.
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Television is fighting a losing battle for the attention of Americans

As mobile devices like smarpthones and tablets consume more time with interesting applications and games, the television is getting left behind while Americans look for new sources of entertainment.

Hulu Plus, HBO GO headed to Google Chromecast

Definitely good news for early adopters of the Google Chromecast HDMI dongle, plans to launch access to streaming video services Hulu Plus and HBO GO are currently in the works at both companies.
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DT Daily: Up close and personal with LG’s 55″ OLED TV 1:47

Digital Trends gets some quality hands on time with LG’s 55″ curved OLED TV, and the Moto X. Related Links: Hands on with the Moto X