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Acer goes minimalist with Windows 8 all-in-ones, IPS touchscreen displays

Acer takes the wraps off two Windows 8 all-in-one computers and two monitors with 1080p touchscreen displays.
Cool Tech

Why quadrotors will be storming the skies soon

Tiny, agile flying robots are taking over the skies and making viral waves online. But what implications do these bountiful ‘bots really have for our future?
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Supersonic skydiver jumps from the edge of space – and lives to tell the tale

Extreme skydiver Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space on Sunday before landing safely back on Earth eight minutes later. At a post-jump press conference, he said that just prior to stepping off his capsule 24 miles up, all he…
Home Theater

Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

While home theater technology advances aggressively, the commercial movie theater experience has remained relatively stagnant. Could traditional movie theaters be on their death-beds?
Android Army

LG takes new approach to Android marketing with LG Optimus G

LG has released a collection of promo videos for its latest smartphone, featuring captivating visuals and performance art.
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Terms & Conditions: Reddit’s user agreement is a joke

Beneath all the pictures, videos, witty headlines, upvotes, and downvotes sits Reddit's user agreement, which the site conveniently turns a blind eye to on a daily basis.

Amazon will refund users who bought overpriced e-books

If the settlement deals are approved by courts, eligible Amazon customers will be receiving credit for overpriced e-books they purchased.

Waste not, want not: CPUsage wants to repackage and recycle your computer’s leftover power

CPUsage pays users for their wasted CPU power and redistributes to high performance needs companies, an idea that the company hopes will rise on the continued advancement and adoption of the cloud.
Cool Tech

Hands-on with the LunaTik TakTik case, an army tank of an iPhone protector

Digital Trends got an early look and hands on with LunaTik's heavy duty iPhone case and we're pleased with the level of protection that it offers.

Family buys iPad at Walmart, gets a stack of notepad paper in box

Definitely a terrible way to spend your birthday, a Texas teenager was disappointed to find scammers got to her new iPad first.

Goodbye snail mail, hello US Postal Service same-day delivery

Amazon and Walmart are doing it. And now the U.S. Postal Service is too — same-day delivery, which is quickly becoming a must-have offering ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Mobile weekly wrap-up: The five stages of grief edition

Apple may want to trademark the hashtag #iPhoneProblems, Microsoft is sitting pretty before the Windows Phone 8 launch, and Sprint's just happy someone might like them. That and more in this week's mobile wrap.