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Motorola Droid Quantum and Xplay could be follow-ups to the Moto X

A pair of new Motorola smartphones have been rumored, going under the names of the Droid Quantum and the Motorola Xplay. We don't think the names will stick, but are intrigued as to how the company will follow up the Moto X.

HP’s tiny, $279 Chromebook 11 charges via microUSB

HP's Chromebook 11 advertises low weight, low cost, and power consumption so it low it can actually charge with an ordinary microUSB cable, giving travelers one less charger to carry.
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Facebook confuses writer with porn star, hilarity ensues

Is being a writer who enjoys the use of adult language the same as working in the adult entertainment industry? Apparently, according to Facebook, yes.
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Beyond: Two Souls Review

Beyond: Two Souls review.
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Dell P2714T Review

Dell P2714T review.
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AVADirect Clevo W230ST Review

AVADirect Clevo W230ST review.
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New shirts use Michael Jackson and other celebs to fool Facebook’s facial recognition

If you don't want your face in Facebook's facial recognition database, a new, weird t-shirt may be able to help you. You will have to wear a picture of MJ or Britney on your chest, though.

Mercedes won’t offer a diesel CLA in the U.S., tens of BlueTEC fans despair

Mercedes has revealed that its latest creation, the CLA, will not be offered with a diesel engine here in the U.S. Delightfully, though, a GLA – the crossover version of the CLA – just might get a diesel four-cylinder in the States.

LG is making curved phone batteries – and bendable batteries are just around the corner

LG has announced three new battery types, all designed for use in smartphones and wearable tech products, including a curved battery it says will be featured in its next smartphone range.