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Motorola Moto X Review

Motorola Moto X review.

The artist behind the surreal ‘Hohokum’ on painting metaphors

'Hohokum' artist and co-creator Richard Hogg discusses his process of collaborating with Ricky Haggett's indie studio Honeyslug on bringing developing games together. He also offers insight on the source of the game's oddly named…

10 bluetooth headsets to help you talk to yourself in public

Owning a decent Bluetooth headset doesn't mean you have to look like a complete buffoon walking down the street on the phone. Here are our picks for the best Bluetooth headsets available, whether you're looking for something modest, cheap…
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The only shows that could possibly be worse than ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’

E! is producing a 'Rich Kids of Instagram'-inspired reality show, and we've got some social media-spawned ideas to add to its lineup. If any of these truly come to fruition, we're very, very sorry.

4K is already playing at a theater near you, but you probably didn’t even notice

While 4K resolution was the big talked-about feature in consumer HDTVs at this year's CES, this high resolution has already been playing out at cinemas. The issue is that many people might not even notice the enhanced picture quality.

Video games aren’t breeding murderers (just hate-fueled bigots)

Games don't train our children to be murderers; they train them to be assholes. Shouldn't we be working a little harder to address that?
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The big, booming business behind the humble GIF

Internet scion that it is, the GIF is much more than just an animated way for the Internet to make you smile - it's also creating a valuable industry.

Review: Belkin’s Dyle TV Receiver connects your iPad to your local television networks

This tiny antenna makes watching local programming on your iPhone or iPad easy and the Dyle mobile TV service is free. Too good to be true? Yep. There are some serious drawbacks to this device and the Dyle service. Will getting TV on your…

Andy Warhol’s grave now live-streaming around the clock, really

Live-stream specialist EarthCam offers a huge selection of webcam feeds on its website – you've got Times Square, Seattle's Space Needle, Palm Beach, Tokyo, Moscow, Istanbul, Andy Warhol's grave....
Social Media

Here comes the #bride: Is social media the new wedding crasher?

Is Instagram invading the wedding day, or just making it better? While some new technologies are infringing on wedded bliss, others are actually help couples document it ... for free.

‘Stop Phubbing’ campaign launches in bid to end antisocial handset use

Ever been the victim of phubbing, where a friend starts fiddling about with their phone while you're trying to have a conversation with them? If so, you might want to join the recently launched Stop Phubbing campaign.