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Internet vandals didn’t ruin Christmas for gamers, Microsoft and Sony did

As much as nameless mischief-makers are at fault for the service outage that affected PSN and Xbox Live over Christmas, it's Microsoft and Sony's customer service fail that ruined Christmas.

Apple to sell heavily discounted products in another ‘Lucky Bag’ promotion on Jan. 2

On Jan. 2, 8 a.m. local time in Japan, Apple will continue to follow the Japanese tradition of fukubukuro (“lucky bag”), where brick-and-mortar retail stores sell bags filled with unknown items sold at heavy discounts.
Cool Tech

Smart Back Brace will improve your posture by vibrating or sending you nagging alerts

The Smart Back Brace (SBB) is a clavicle support device meant to improve your posture. It comprises two adjustable straps that wrap around your shoulders to pull them back into proper positions.

Destiny’s weekend-only vendor, Xur, extends his stay after PSN/Xbox Live hacks

Xur, Destiny's weekends-only vendor, will now stick around in the Tower until Monday, December 29, to accommodate those players affected by the Christmas Day DDoS attacks on PSN and Xbox Live.
Product Review

Ultimate Ears RM Review

Getting goo injected into your ears is worth it for the best portable sound ever.

Three New Year’s resolutions we’d love to see automakers keep in 2015

Every January first, millions of people make resolutions on how they are going to improve themselves. We think automakers should follow suit and make a few resolutions of their own: adding more backup cameras to standard equipment lists…

Multiferroic memory could slash RAM power consumption – a decade from now

Researchers at Cornell University have discovered how to make memory from a synthetic material called bismuth ferrite which can store data without an electrical current constantly applied.

North Korea blames U.S. for its Internet woes

North Korea has suffered another major bout of Internet downtime, going on record to blame the United States government for the issues as the fallout from the Sony hack continues to rumble on.
Movies & TV

8 new Netflix original series set to premier in the new year

Shows ranging from comedies to dramas and sci-fi thrillers will join Netflix's 2015 lineup of original series.

US Internet launches ‘world’s fastest broadband’ for $399 a month

Minneapolis ISP US Internet has beaten Google and Verizon to the punch by offering a 10 Gbps connection speed to local residents and businesses, as long as they don't mind the cost.

Do bite-sized Windows PCs still leave a bitter taste? We tested 3 new models

Pint-sized computers have been around for years, but they've a reputation for poor performance and connectivity. Is this deserved, or have modern processors made tiny Windows rigs relevant?