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Samsung NX2000 Review

Samsung NX2000 review.
Social Media

Are we actually bored of our social networks, or just impossible to please?

The designer behind a recent Facebook concept design has done it again with Twitter. Our constant dissatisfaction with our social networks leaves us wondering whether we really like change at all.

How to share your Google photo spheres with ‘Views’

Add your own Google View, a 360-degree "photo sphere" panorama, to Google Maps from your Android 4.2 device or using a DSLR and stitching software. It's easy, actually, and we'll show you how it's done.

Moto X vs. Droid Ultra: Google’s vision of Motorola versus Verizon’s

Motorola revealed the Moto X, it's Android handset that will be available on all major carriers this summer. We see how it compares to the Verizon Droid lineup announced last week in a spec showdown.

It’s here! Moto X officially debuts with customizable Moto Maker site

Details surrounding the highly anticipated Moto X have finally been released, verifying much of the information we've all been guessing for some time now. The customizable phone will be ready for release late August or early September.
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2 Guns review

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg pair off perfectly in director Baltasar Kormákur's buddy action-comedy '2 Guns', bringing loads of added personality to a talent-packed ensemble cast.
Social Media

Facebook gets on board with embedding, and here’s why the Web is better for it

Yesterday Facebook announced you can embed public posts, and now nearly all the big social players are giving us the tools to create a more interesting Internet. But what are the other implications of the embed army?

Despite the UK’s idiocy, Google Glass could be a godsend for safe driving

The UK Department of Transport has pre-emptively banned Google Glass from use in the car. But why? If anything, Glass may be the safest new invention to ever come to the vehicle.

Update: Panasonic announces GX7 Micro Four-Thirds camera, confirming leaked info

Images of what could be Panasonic's new 16-megapixel Lumix GX7 have surfaced on the Web. The mirrorless Micro Four-Thirds CSC has a built-in tilting electronic viewfinder, and leaked specs indicate it could be higher-end than the current…

Handy Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks

Find out what your Galaxy S4 Active is really capable of as we explore some shortcuts and less obvious features. You can skip the manual and go direct to the handy stuff in this Galaxy S4 Active tips and tricks roundup.

Reporting from Black Hat: When enemies start treating each other like friends, watch your back

When NSA Director General Alexander addresses a room full of hackers, you expect cat calls and you get them. What you don't expect is for him to get them eating out of his hand.

Review: Microsoft Office Mobile brings its $100 price tag to Android phones

Microsoft Office showed up on iPhones last month, and now it's made its way to Android phones. It's a free download but this app is for Office 365 subscribers, a service that costs $100 a year. If you aren't already a Office 365 user, this…