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Cadillac vs. Tesla: the electric luxury fight of the century

Cadillac is looking to compete with Tesla with future models. A fight between one of the car industry's oldest brands and the upstart from Palo Alto could be one for the history books.

4 smartphone cameras that aim to kill point-and-shoots dead

High-end smartphone cameras continue to give point-and-shoots a run for the money. The latest premium models now feature cameras that rival traditional compact cameras in both image quality and ease-of-use.

Apple updates the iMac, adds Haswell processors and 1TB Flash storage (for a price)

Apple has updated its iMac all-in-one PC with new Intel Haswell processors and a number of hardware enhancements, but the look and design remain the same.

Do not use iMessage Chat for Android – it’s not safe [Updated]

This is why we can't have cool things: iMessage Chat for Android available through Google Play has serious security flaws, according to security researchers and developers. Download at your own risk.

Audi considers carbon fiber, other alternative materials for its next-gen Q7

After helping to pioneer aluminum-bodied vehicles 20 years ago with the A8, Audi is now considering using a wider mix of materials for its car chassis, including carbon fiber and other alternative materials.

The gold iPhone 5S is way more expensive than other colors on eBay and Craigslist

The Golden iPhone is here for the masses, and as short stock of the fancy iPhone leaves fans going wild, some are paying top dollar for it on eBay. One auction peaked at $10,000.

Jaguar C-X17 renderings look less wildcat and more fierce kitten

The design elements of the potential production model C-X17 aren't as aggressive as the lines on the Frankfurt concept, which puts you in the mind of the Range Rover Evoque. Frankly, we're underwhelmed.

Does your salad spinner need a turbo engine? Well, this one’s got it

Turbo anything might not sound like something that belongs in the kitchen, but if the idea tickles your fancy, perhaps you'll adore this Turboline salad spinner that promises to boost rotational speed by 50 percent.

Distracted driving: New York to introduce ‘Text Stops’ along state highways

Do you check your handset for messages while driving? Would a road sign telling you to wait till the next 'Texting Zone' to read your messages be enough to persuade you to keep your eyes on the road instead? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo…

More details on the Archos Gamepad 2 leaked, now with quad-core chip and HD screen

Following its no-show at IFA earlier this month, despite Archos' pre-announcement, a selection of details regarding the Gamepad 2 have been leaked, showing it should get a much-needed spec boost.

BlackBerry says launch of BBM app for Android and iOS delayed by at least a week

BlackBerry's BBM messaging app for Android and iOS is on its way! Trouble is, no one knows exactly when it'll arrive. It was supposed to launch last weekend, but it all went horribly wrong. Now the company says it won't be here for at least…

Rumor: Samsung may be planning a special edition Galaxy Note 3 with a flexible screen

According to a new rumor, Samsung may be planning to release a special limited edition of the Galaxy Note 3, but this won't just be one in a different color, but potentially sporting a flexible screen.