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Microsoft pays tribute to Star Wars with limited edition Xbox 360

Play Kinect Star Wars with this R2, C-3PO-themed console.


Google acquires Fridge for Google+, easier Circles on the way?

Google looks to refine the Circles feature in Google+ with its acquisition of Fridge.

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Mac OS X Lion wants to reverse how you scroll – and we don’t like it

Apple's new take on the "right" way to scroll doesn't sit well with our natural navigation instincts.


Nielsen: American online video declining over summer

The number of Americans tuning into online video is declining over the summer - it's almost as if some people have something better to do.


Enter the Wasteland in this new making-of clip for Rage

Id Software and Bethesda Softworks have released a new making of video showing of the Wasteland setting, and talking about the multiplayer.


Comic-book legend Jim Lee talks games, Green Lantern and the Con

DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee knows comics, games, has been helping splice the two together for years. In our exclusive interview, Lee reveals how 3D has helped tell stories, the role of tablets in rejuvenating comics, and why motion comics present such a…


The Lord of the Rings: War in the North highlights a different fellowship in this new trailer

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer titled “Fellowship” at Comic-Con for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.


Intel posts strong results, but braces for Windows 8

Intel posted some $13 billion in revenue for its second quarter of 2011, but is already gearing up for Windows 8 running on ARM processors.


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releases new trailer for Comic-Con

Nintendo has released a new Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer for the upcoming Wii title that is due sometime later this year(ish).


Panasonic announces the Lumix DMC-FZ47 and DMC-LS5

Panasonic covers the gamut with two new Lumix cameras for novice and advanced shooters.


Music organization wants illegal download sites flagged in search results

The Performing Rights Society for Music says that notifying people of illegal download sites in search domains will help curb piracy.


AntiSec hackers claim breach of NATO security

Following the arrests of 21 alleged Anonymous and LulzSec hackers, the AntiSec coalition claims to have accessed the servers of NATO.


Even Windows tablets are outselling RIM’s PlayBook

New figures from Strategy Analytics show RIM's PlayBook not just behind iOS and Android in shipments, but also behind tablets running Windows 7.


Acer buys cloud computing firm iGware

Acer is betting up to $395 million on cloud computing by acquiring U.S.-based IGware.


Saying Goodbye to Google Labs: A look back at our favorite experiments

Google's closing the door and hanging up its lab coat, so here is our personal farewell to just a handful of the products Labs brought us.

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