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Indie hit Bastion heads to the PlayStation 4 today

First announced in December of last year, the PlayStation 4 port of Supergiant Games’ indie hit Bastion hits today. The PlayStation Vita version, announced at the same time, is still in the works.

MagBak magnetic iPhone case lets you mount it anywhere

The MagBak magnetic case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter, uses rare earth magnets and an adhesive-backed aluminum strip to mount your phone almost anywhere.

The return of the ‘Dino’? A twin-turbo V6 Ferrari rumored to be coming in 2019

A new rumor has reignited speculation that Ferrari will once again offer an entry-level “dino” model. The rumor states Ferrari is developing a twin-turbo V6 car, set to debut in 2019.

Kobo’s new $130, high-res Glo HD e-reader promises to make your ebooks look amazing

Kobo may have taken its time coming out with a challenger to Amazon's Kindle Voyage, but at $130, the Glo HD appears to be worth the wait. It's set for release in the U.S. on May 1.

If you’re lucky, you could test out the upcoming LG G4 before anyone else

LG is looking for 4,000 people in 15 countries to try out its soon-to-launch G4 smartphone. Part of a marketing push to boost the handset's pre-launch buzz, LG wants those who get the phone to spread the (hopefully positive) word via social…
Car Review

2015 Jeep Renegade Sport Review

Ignore the Pixar styling: The first Italian-built Jeep is no joke.
Cool Tech

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos ready to send new space rocket skyward

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin spaceflight company are making preparations to launch their suborbital spaceship skyward with a newly designed rocket. Test flights will take place this year, though specific launch dates are…

Google project could connect you with local handymen, even if you don’t ask for help

Google could be about to go local in a big way after a report suggested the company wants to help its users connect more easily with nearby home services, such as plumbers and cleaners.

Watch this man propose to his girlfriend with a VR headset

See how this man used a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset to help make an amazing, and very memorable, marriage proposal. The whole event was captured on video, and shared for the world to enjoy.

Uber co-founder gets into carpooling with new ‘Ride’ app

Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar is using his experience at the ride-hailing company to launch a new app aimed at making it easy for commuters to carpool. Called Ride, the app makes it simple for workers to organize ride-sharing schemes along…

Citizen films fatal police shooting with smartphone, officer charged with murder

Thanks to a video recorded on a smartphone by an anonymous citizen, the true account of a fatal police shooting was captured and has led to the arrest of a police officer in Charleston, South Carolina.