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DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaway: Powerbag Business Class Pack

Want a way to keep your devices charged when you're on the go, far away from an outlet? Enter to win the Powerbag Business Class Pack and you'll never be caught with a dead phone again.

Best gaming controllers of 2012

We look back on the year in gaming controllers, and offer our pick of the best of the year.

Grab Episode 1 of The Walking Dead free on iOS

For the next week, if you own an iOS device and have Internet access, you can enjoy the first episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead (our 2012 Game of the Year) for free.

Best Xbox 360 games of 2012

Check out our picks for the best Xbox 360 games of 2012.

Konami: Metal Gear Rising 2 with Platinum a possibility, no Rising Wii U

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance won't be out until February but Kojima Productions is already discussing the possibility of collaborating with Platinum Games on a sequel. Meanwhile, the studio shoots down the possibility of Rising for…

Xbox 360-exclusive Resident Evil 6 DLC adds new multiplayer modes

Bored of Resident Evil 6's online multiplayer modes? A new DLC pack arrived this morning that should add a bit more variety (assuming you own an Xbox 360, that is).

Google Music introduces scan and match for U.S. users

After a long wait, Google's music service is finally bringing a scan and match feature to US users. Now all those previously acquired tracks can have a home inside the storage service.

Microsoft apologizes to Halo 4 players with free DLC then bans them

Let it never be said that the distribution of downloadable content can't cause wacky hijinks. The botched release of the Crimson Map Pack DLC for Halo 4 led Microsoft to give away paid content for free and then to accidentally ban players…

Infiniti to simplify naming structure in 2014

Say goodbye to every Infiniti moniker you’ve ever known – or been confused by. The Japanese automaker is looking to simplify its naming structure across the board, beginning with all its 2014 model year cars.
Social Media

Soon video ads will automatically play in your Facebook News Feed up to three times a day

Facebook is looking to capture television advertising dollars, and is preparing to launch a video advertising unit that will automatically play in your newsfeed reportedly up to three times a day across platforms.

WSJ: Apple in talks to bake Foursquare into Apple Maps

After a rocky start, Apple Maps is reportedly returning to the drawing board - and getting a little help from social app Foursquare.

Star Wars: The Old Republic expands in 2013 with Rise of the Hutt Cartel

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its first birthday with Rise of the Hutt Cartel, the first expansion for the MMO. BioWare is bringing a new planet and a new level cap to the game, but will it be enough to lure back lost players?