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Nvidia releases GeForce 340.43 driver beta, adds extra SLI, 3D compatibility mode profiles

Nvidia just outed a fresh set of graphics card drivers, though they're in beta form at the moment.
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Qplay ditches set-top box, hitches wagon to Chromecast

The short-form video aggregation service designed by the creators of TiVo brings its app to the Chromecast, leaving its $50 streaming device in the dust for a deeper focus on software, user experience, and social media.

Audi’s baby Q1 Crossover to get 295 horsepower RS treatment

Audi is planning a hot, RS version of their upcoming sport compact, the Q1. The 295-horsepower Q1 will only be 12.4 feet long, and compete with other compact utility vehicles like BMW X4 and Mercedes ML Coupe.
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HDtracks and Sprint team up to bring high-resolution audio to smartphones

The collaboration kicks off with a free high-res music sampler offering from HDtracks, featuring tracks from Marvin Gaye, Tori Amos and The Grateful Dead, to customers who have either of two HD audio-capable smartphones: the HTC One (M8)…
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active review.

Kanye West’s not-so Instagram wedding photo took 4 days to make

Kanye West, during the Cannes Lions creative festival, said that the famous wedding photo of him and Kim Kardashian, took four days to produce. The reason? Because Annie Leibovitz decided not to shoot it.

New wearable Spire reduces stress by reminding you to breathe properly

A new wearable called Spire tells you to take a deep breath when you need it. The gadget tracks respiration, body position, and the intensity of exercise, too. Unlike most wearables, this one won't require a gym membership.

This smart e-cigarette will help curb your smoking habits

Looking for a smarter way to curb your smoking habit? The Kosmo e-cigarette may be your solution. The smart vaporizer is looking to secure funding via IndieGoGo to make its smartphone-connected e-cigarette a reality.

Bungie shares Destiny’s PlayStation-exclusive content

Now that the E3 hubbub has died down a bit, Sony's PlayStation Blog has finally shared some particulars of the exclusive content for PS3 and PS4 owners coming with Bungie's shooter Destiny.

Apple and Samsung may have reached a patent deal

According to a recent report, Apple and Samsung might finally be headed to a ceasefire. While we've heard such a thing before, it seems more realistic than ever before.

Hey guys, wait up! Nissan wants in on BMW-Tesla electric-car talks

Shortly after Tesla announced it would share its patents with competitors, news of a BMW-Tesla summit surfaced. Now Nissan, which has sold more electric cars than any other company, wants in.

John Oliver challenges the FCC chairman to sincerely prove he’s not a dingo

An unintentionally hilarious denial from Tom Wheeler has set off a new line of questioning from comedian John Oliver, who had his doubts about the FCC chairman's biological makeup.