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Twitter scolds U.S. government for censoring its transparency reports

Twitter published its transparency reports today, along with a blog post taking a stand against the current U.S. policy on releasing information. Twitter wrote that the government's current restrictions violate the First Amendment

Amazon shows its hand, buys Killer Instinct developer Double Helix

Amazon has purchased Double Helix Games, the studio behind the recent Killer Instinct remake. The financials behind the deal weren’t released, but we know the purchase includes both the talent from the studio and its intellectual…
Home Theater

Amazon follows suit with second batch of original pilots

The Netflix-rival in the online video-streaming world, Amazon diversifies its original content with a new bundle of pilots.

Google reveals $1,000 Asus Chromebox for business videoconferencing

Video conferencing and long distance collaboration can both be a pain. Google just revealed a computer that aims to make both of those tasks much easier to pull off. It doesn't come cheap though.

EA announces 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Electronic Arts has introduced a new soccer game, specific to the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. It will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 15.

Upcoming Wattson app graphs your home energy usage without any additional hardware

Rather than forcing you to dump a bunch of money into smart plugs and other energy tracking solutions, Wattson lets you track your energy consumption with a smartphone app. Read on to learn more here.

SSD sales spiked by over 80 percent in 2013

Though SSDs entered the market as luxury items often passed up for those on a budget, sales are increasing, likely due to both falling prices and increased speeds. Read on to learn more here.
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Bose takes on Beats Pill XL and Big Jambox with SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III

Bose introduced a new, larger portable Bluetooth speaker today, the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III. Priced at $300, the new speaker offers better battery life, promises more bass and appears well-positioned to compete with the likes of the…
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Sony splits off TV division, puts laser focus on 4K

After selling off its Vaio computer division entirely, Sony made another bold move today, announcing it will be splitting off its TV division into a fully owned separate subsidiary. The company will be shifting its focus even more heavily…