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This set-top box streams four OTA channels at a time to TVs, tablets and smartphones

The new 4SeTV (Four Screen Enhanced TV) set top box will let you stream four over-the-air (OTA) HDTV channels at a time to a TV, smartphone or tablet.
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Binge watch Daredevil, Wilfred, and more of our top 5 shows to stream this week

How are you going to get through this week? By pulling up your favorite streaming service and queueing the finest films and TV shows available now. Up this week: Life Itself, Bloodline, Listen Up Philip, and more.
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Vizio takes on Samsung and LG’s best with new Reference Series 4K TVs

Vizio unveils more info about the highly-anticipated Reference Series TVs, which leverage several new technologies, including Dolby Vision, to help the brand compete with the best new 4K UHD TVs on the market.
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Amazon’s X-Ray on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will help you remember that actor’s name

Arguably Amazon Instant Video's best feature, X-Ray, is coming to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. It'll help you pull up actor biographies, soundtracks, trivia, bloopers, and more.

Prefer beverages with bubbles? SodaStream’s Mix carbonates almost anything

SodaStream is working on a new device called the Mix, which will allow you to carbonate everything from fruit juice to alcohol. The product is designed to appeal to mixologists and foodies alike.

Buy an Android smartphone and Moto 360 from Best Buy, get $100 off the total purchase

If you buy any Android smartphone from Best Buy, the retailer will take $100 off the Moto 360. By any Android smartphone, we mean everything from contract smartphones to prepaid handsets.

Unlimited data — Who wants that? says Verizon in totally unconvincing blog post

Verizon's latest blog post rails against unlimited data plans, calling them pointless and bad for customers. The analyst who wrote the post claims that unlimited data would strain networks and drive up costs.