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Social Media

YouTube’s first music awards show to bring together big acts and Internet stars

YouTube has announced its first ever music awards show. The November 3 event in New York is set to include established artists as well as acts that made their name via the video-sharing site.
Cool Tech

First brain-controlled bionic leg could help millions of amputees

Researchers at the Center for Bionic Medicine have published an update detailing their work on the development of a thought-controlled bionic leg that could one day transform the lives of millions of amputees.
Cool Tech

John McAfee says he can NSA-proof your communications for $100

Tech wild man John McAfee is creating a device called D-Central that will allow us to communicate and share files anonymously. Will this be our best chance at restoring our online privacy?
Health & Fitness

We don’t care why Nike made these shoes, we just want them

Nike creates shoes for various kinds of runners, but their latest, the Hyperfeel, look like they were created for people who just like really cool-looking shoes.
Home Theater

That old thing leaning against the wall? It’s just my amazing TV

Respectably spec'ed, Philips Designline is notable less for its performance and more for it's remarkable re-imagination of the television form factor.

The future of wearable tech rests with Ethiopian lambs

Touchscreen gloves are not new; touchscreen gloves that look as good as Muijo's black leather offering are a revelation.

The Leica D-Lux wants to get into your jeans (and you should let it)

What do you get when an iconic camera company partners with a purveyor of really tight pants? We're not sure, but whatever it is, it looks and works great.

Surface 2 off to flying start as Delta equips 11,000 pilots with Microsoft’s new tablet

Delta Airlines said Monday it plans to equip its 11,000 pilots with Surface 2 tablets to replace heavy, paper-based flight bags. The move should save the airline $13 million per year in fuel and associated costs.
Android Army

Google launches Android game vending machines in Tokyo

Google has launched three Google Play vending machines in Tokyo where owners of Android smartphones can download games. However, given that each machine is staffed by several Google employees, we don' expect to see them rolled out…
Home Theater

UE’s Bluetooth speaker darling sheds some weight, keeps the boom

Ultimate Ears announced its popular UE Boom Bluetooth speaker gained a baby brother today, unveiling the all new UE Mini Boom. Offered in an array of colors, the tiny speaker offers an extended Bluetooth range, as well as the ability to…
DT Daily

DT Daily: Buy bling with cash in GTA Online, new app measures up, Steve Ballmer’s emotional exit 2:35

Today on DT Daily: Grand Theft Auto Online lets you buy virtual bling for real cash, a new smartphone app measures just about anything and Steve Ballmer tears up on his last day at Microsoft.