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The 6C Cuore Sportivo Concept: Another amazing Alfa Romeo the US may never see

Hold your breath, close your eyes, and imagine the most beautiful car in the world. Now open your eyes because Alfa Romeo probably built it already, and you can’t buy one in the US.

Tecmo Koei reveals release date for Vita’s Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus

The third (and presumably final) iteration of Ninja Gaiden 2 will debut on Sony's Vita handheld toward the end of February.
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Custom Movie Action Figures delight parents, embarrass their children

Wait, is that Indy in G.I. Joe packaging? Yes it is!

Google discontinues a bunch of calendar services, including Sync

Google has revealed a list of apps and services that will not make it to 2013.

DT’s ‘Better Than Socks’ Holiday Giveaway: Hitman Absolution Professional Edition for PS3

Give the gift of stealth this holiday season, with a copy of Hitman Absolution Professional Edition for the PlayStation 3.
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Google gives the gift of 24 new features for Google+

Google announced 24 new features to its Android and iOS apps, Google Events, and Hangouts, just in time before the holidays. Here is a rundown of the biggest updates.

ArenaNet cracks down on Guild Wars 2 cheaters, bans 34,000 accounts

Guild Wars 2 publisher ArenaNet is very serious about stamping out cheating in its fan-favorite MMORPG, and alongside a huge rash of player bans the company has decided to outline its anti-cheating gameplan.

Audi expands its family of RS performance models

Audi recently unveiled the RS5 Cabriolet, but it's not stopping there. The Lords of the Rings are launching three more RS performance models in 2013.
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Marshall Hanwell Review

Marshall Hanwell Review.

Hooray! The UN didn’t take over the Internet after all

After Google, Congress, and everyone else worried about the future of the Internet got us all freaked out about an impending United Nations "takeover," it turns out that the whole thing was mostly a big waste of time.

Dead Or Alive 5+ officially coming to the Vita next year

Tecmo Koei developer Team Ninja has officially revealed the Vita-exclusive Dead or Alive 5+ alongside a release date, screenshots and not much else.

Dismantled Wii Mini reveals antiquated hardware design

Are you sad that Nintendo's Wii Mini is exclusive to Canada? Don't be. The slightly smaller iteration of the Wii isn't all it's cracked up to be.