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Star Trek cast to team up with DC superheroes in comic-book crossover

Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew will join The Legion of Superheroes for a six-issue comic book series.

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Google’s HTML5 tribute to American artist Alexander Calder

Google's newest doodle shows off the dynamic rendering capabilities of HTML5.


Man builds Iron Man-style palm-mounted laser weapon

When it comes to homemade lasers, few can beat the Iron Man-inspired Laser Glove MK III.

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Apple rumored to be making a bid for Hulu

Apple's sitting on $76 billion in cash, and with the Hulu auction upcoming, the company may be pondering a bid.


Google looking to acquire wireless patent firm

Google, after missing out on the Nortel patent smorgasbord, is looking to pick up another firm's patent portfolio to strengthen its position with Android.


Hit or miss: Why buying an Android tablet is still a gamble

We’re ready to embrace a tablet that isn’t the iPad, but Google’s not making it easy. Rob Enderle explains what’s been keeping the current batch of Android tablets dead in the water.

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Profits up at Microsoft, helped by sales of Office and Xbox

Computer giant Microsoft posted healthy financial results on Thursday, helped by strong sales of its Office software and Xbox game console. Windows revenue, however, dropped.


Facebook announces video and photo previews within comments

Facebook commenting just got more exciting for Web users. Facebook rolled out updates to the commenting system that include video and photo previews within comments.

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20th Century Fox bringing movie downloads to Android in October

Android is getting some new movie watching features with Fox bringing legal movie downloads to the OS in October.

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More than 800 Android apps are leaking personal data

Malware is becoming increasingly problematic for smartphone owners using the Android operating system. A security firm released unsettling information on growth of mobile malware.

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Nearly 1 in 5 people drop their smartphone in the toilet

Apparently, it's a popular practice to break out the smartphone around the toilet. A new study from Plaxo details how people damage their phones and the cost in replacing data.


Google+ hits 20 million users in less than a month

Google+ continues to go from strength to strength, with 20 million people visiting the site in less than a month - and all this despite it currently being an invite-only service.

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Google and Facebook splurge on lobbying in Q2

Internet companies such as Google and Facebook are splurging on their presence in Washington according to Q2 lobbying expenditure reports.


AV Rant #241: Put a Glove On

Sorry about last week. Tom did try. This week we hear about Tom’s adventure in lamp exchange, Liz and Tom weigh in on Google+, and a primer (of sorts) on Spotify. Netflix has changed their pricing, Tom has a new review in the works (Olive 4HD), and a bit…


200 Blockbuster stores to close

Blockbuster owner Dish Network said on Thursday that 200 Blockbuster stores would have to close, while 1,500 will remain in business.

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