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Hands on: Samsung’s Galaxy S4 sets the gold standard for Android

We go hands on with Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, from its new 13-megapixel camera to its mountain of new apps and service. Does Samsung have what it takes to continue its reign? Read on to find out.
Home Theater

Redbox Instant officially opens to the public today after closed beta

Rolling out a new streaming video service up against competitors like Netflix, Redbox and Verizon have lifted the veil off the closed beta of Redbox Instant and are accepting new subscribers.
Cool Tech

Dreambox is a vending machine with a built-in 3D printer

Only limited by the imagination of the user, the Dreambox vending machine allows anyone to upload and create a 3D model without having to spend thousands of dollars on a 3D printer.
Android Army

Galaxy S4 features new S Translate feature, allowing instant local translation in nine languages

The Galaxy S 4 will be launching with new software called S Translate that allows you to convert speech or text between nine different languages.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera adds tons of functionality, megapixels

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced tonight at a show that was quite a spectacle. One of the stars of it was the S4's new 13 megapixel camera and it's accompanying features, including 12 capture modes, an eraser tool, and duel capture…

For Mac users who can’t escape Microsoft’s hold, OS X Boot Camp now supports Win 8

You can now install and boot into Windows 8 on your Mac, thanks to the newest update to Mac OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion. In addition, Apple implements bug fixes and a new iTunes gift card redemption feature.

Donkervoort D8 GTO sports car approved for sale in Europe and Middle East

400 horsepower doesn’t seem like much for a car that will cost just shy of $200,000. But when you learn that it only weighs 1,500 pounds and will most likely be one of the fastest cars in Europe, that price tag becomes a lot more…

‘Dead Space 3 Awakened’ DLC review: Where was this during the game? No, seriously

Visceral Games and EA have released the first of presumably several DLCs for Dead Space 3. First up is ‘Awakened,’ an epilogue to the main game that packs the horror punch missing from the main campaign, and offers a new story twist…
Android Army

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is slimmer, lighter, stronger, and headed for shelves in April

After weeks of build-up, Samsung has revealed its hugely anticipated flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S4 at a packed event in Times Square, New York. Here's what you need to know about one of the year's biggest new releases.

HTC trolls Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event with Pringles and hot cocoa

Samsung has set up the spotlight on itself tonight for the Galaxy S4 launch, but HTC just stepped into it. Check out HTC troll Samsung at its own event by offering people in line free hot chocolate and a look at the HTC One.

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have SmartPause eye tracking, floating touch, and new lock screen

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 rumors suggest the phone will have SmartPause eye tracking, a new lock screen, floating touch, more efficient Web browsing, and a new display. The phone is set to debut later tonight at an event in New York City.

New Audi A3 Sedan set for U.S. launch for second quarter of 2014

Audi sets date for the U.S. launch of the new A3 Sedan for the second quarter of 2014. Carmaker to release more details on vehicle at the New York Auto Show.